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    Huntington Beach, CA — So Cal Dream, southern California’s longest running all-age corps, remembers its rich history and celebrates its exciting future with their 2014 production entitled “RESET” an emotional remembrance of performances of the past. The show will begin with the exciting “Los Hermanos de Bop by Mark Taylor. Next up, the corps will stir your soul with the romantic ballad “Like a Lover” by Sergio Mendes. The corps’ production number, or as we used to call it “back in the day” the “concert” number will be the Blood, Sweat and Tears immortal “God Bless the Child by Arthur Herzog, Jr. And finally, the haunting yet exciting sounds of the classic “Autumn Leaves” by Joseph Kosma will fill the stadium. So Cal Dream is about entertainment–and they want fans to leave a show humming their music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cJP8nh-jAjY SoCal Dream is really looking forward in competing in Drum Corps International Pacific Region for the 2014 season, and are in the process of launching their “Help us Get Back to Drum Corps Associates 2014 Championships” Campaign. Interested in Marching with SoCal Dream? Open House / Workshop Sunday, December 15, 2013 – 12:00-4:00 pm – Golden West College: 15774 Goldenwest St. Huntington Beach, CA 92647. Contact us at membership@socaldream.org or sign up at http://socaldream.org/join-dream/
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    The V-Krewe Brass Ensemble will be performing at 7Pm on the main stage at the Denton Holiday Lighting Festival. This will be our 4th year at this event and we look forward to another great crowd and performance. http://dentonholidaylighting.com/event-info/ The V-Krewe Brass is sponsored by the Vigilantes Performing Arts Association. The group performs around the Dallas - Fort Worth metro area year round. The group is open to those who are interested in a performance option to the community bands and playing a variety of music for small and large brass groups.
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    Wow - what a great show that would be "Coupon Code." I hope at one point during the show they form a giant coupon. Better yet, they could form a QR Code and everyone in the audience could point their cell phones at it to win a prize!
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    Prelude/Segment 1 Arabian Dances â Brian Balmages Segment 2 Jezebel â Wayne Shanklin The Story of the Kalendar Prince from Scheherazade â Rimsky-Korsakov Segment 3 The Young Prince and the Young Princess from Scheherazade â Rimsky-Korsakov Nights in White Satin â The Moody Blues/Jay Dawson Segment 4 The Festival at Baghdad from Scheherazade â Rimsky-Korsakov [...] ... Read the rest of the article here - http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/2013/12/white-sabers-announce-2014-program/
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    Dynasty soprano and mellophone for sale. Sop last used by the Air Force Academy, mellophone by the Kingsmen Alumni Corps. $500 shipping not included.
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    Make sure you get one of the "Large Print" cards... Jimmy isn't as young as he used to be... In fact he isn't as young as most Redwoods used to be... (or as tall)
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    Agree that Chaos is jumping to a conclusion. Not so sure the conclusion is wrong. The theme certainly suggests yet another story of beauty and tragedy (ie death). I find myself agreeing with Chaos (cue 'world coming to an end' music) -- bring back the Regiment who put "ferocious classical music on the field without any nonsense". (BTW that's a GREAT description of PR's identity! Well done Chaos). IMO "Look at us -- we're so pretty" is getting really, really tiresome.
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    I must borrow UK producer Matthew Bourne's words regarding Phantom Regiment's Swan Lake: See it. Or Regret it.
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    As much as I respect anyone who has supported any drum corps for 30 years, the conflicts in your feelings are obvious. Stop doing throwbacks and do things like the 90's? Not sure I follow what you mean here. To me, the 90's kind of became an era when everyone started looking and sounding the same. The "creative genius" program coordinator Cesario has encouraged and promoted DCI corps sticking to there own style and identity from his DCI position for the last couple years. He gushes when describing PR as the story tellers. If he was program coordinator, would that make Swan Lake ok? After all that you have been saying since last year, it seems to me that your waning support has to do with a personal issue you have with upper management. While this may be justified, DCP is hardly the place to fight that battle. As far as you speaking for the current marching members feelings, that seems to be the thing that I don't see. Nobody is forcing them to go to PR. You make it sound like they are going there hoping for the corps to do something differently than they have for the past few years, and I really think that is not the case. In fact, it is more likely that most made their choice based on recent programming rather than some VHS tape they saw from 95. Crown could do much worse than having you for a solid supporter, so if funked up uniforms, flute samples, and narration/voice paired with tasty horn licks is what you want from drum corps, start a 2014 Crown thread and woop it up! As far as the 2 words posted on facebook for this year, seems a little early to make too much of that. I can't wait to see what they do with it.
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    There could have been people who marched in the first Swan Lake show that have kids marching in this one. Talk about coming full-circle.
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    Bubye! I'm sure that lack of a tshirt sale will be the end of Phantom. Personally I can't wait to see what they do.
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    87 was one of my favorite PR shows. I was Bham for DCI South that year, and when they came out in the solid white unis the entire crown just went, "whooooaaaaaa". Great show from beginning to end. And who cares of they tell a story, so long as they tell it well? Think of the crowd response if at the end of the show, Spartacus runs across the field and kills the Mouse King. ;)
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    So Cal Dream, southern California’s longest running all-age corps, remembers its rich history and celebrates its exciting future with their 2014 production entitled “RESET” an emotional remembrance of performances of the past. The show will begin with the exciting âLos Hermanos de Bop by Mark Taylor. Next up, the corps will stir your soul with [...] ... Read the rest of the article here - http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/2013/12/socal-dream-announces-2014-program/
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    Last time they played Swan Lake was 1987. None of the current members were even alive. ...and I think that Cesario said that show theme was "Songs for the Winter Palace"... Frankly, I think they could take that classic music and make it fresh and new for the current generation... Also, we have no idea what a post that says "Swan Lake" really means... It's just a teaser. I'm not ready to write them off just yet, and they're not even my corps.
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    After nearly 30 years of following Regiment, it is. They're boring, predictable and stale. Create a more modern version of the corps. Stop doing constant throwbacks. They make it look like the corps is out of ideas. Even the kids who have/are marching the corps are tired of the same old storyline. What happened to doing things like the non-story years of the 90's? Oh yeah, Cesario (a true creative genius) was program coordinator.
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    Well that's just a shame now isn't it??? Can't say I'm really surprised after reading all that came from you last season. Enjoy your new corps.
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    Dig the idea of the Glassmen getting the help they need, but maybe rethink the thread's title a bit?
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    Yeah, I normally wouldn't Twit, but I run the Dallas Fort Worth station for JetBlue and we have a lot of customer feedback on Twitter - have to be able to respond, hence, dinosaur on Twitter. I should have a new Unsociable Media site called something like "Blunder" where you just type and mistype anything that comes to mind..."you didn't like our service? Go #### yourself!" stuff like that. Hook it in to my new Fast food place "Assburgers" When you pull up to the microphone on the drive through they swear at you... Etc.
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    Growing up Pageantry .... How do you explain it to people? How do you describe a summer on a football field or a winter in a gym? The people. The travel. The victory. The defeat. The sweat. The tears. The performance. The scores. Is it a sport or is it an art? What is it about the passion that captures our imagination and takes hold of our hearts? This blog is a look at the passion of the pageantry arts and the generations of memories it has created. .......and it's finally time for the start of the indoor color guard season!! Here's a direct link to this week's Blog posting from Paradigm! http://paradigmwinterguard.blogspot.com/2013/11/ode-to-end-of-marching-band.html
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    Sitting and watching that by myself would be akin to sitting and reading Goodnight Moon for 10 minutes. Goodnight Moon is great for what it is intended to be ... a children's book. Not exactly drawing in an experienced, high-volume adult reader is it? I don't see many people mocking. It's a different product, plain an simple. Almost entirely. The goals are entirely different. The constant comparison around these parts is unnecessary. To your final point, if Jersey Surf executed similarly to BD, and at the same level of demand as BD, I am certain that they would be top 3. It would be great to see a stalwart medalist corps with the guts to develop a entirely crowd-focused show, while retaining their demand and excellence. But make no mistake, there are people that are in it for the excellence. They won't be interested in swapping Saturday finals night for what we see/hear above either. Ramp up the demand, really ramp up the execution. The design would need more depth as well. I believe you could maintain "fun" and still put more layers and depth into the "fun" product. What level of general public attention did it get before? Would you say that drum corps was, at one time, a national mainstream activity?
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    How are auditions coming?? What's the scoop?
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    Hey everyone, I'm writing an article on the best apps for marching bands, drum corps and guards. I'm taking a poll and need your help--what are the best ones YOU use? What do you recommend? Or what would you like to see in the future? Thanks. "GM" Email: GMKuzmaAuthor@aol.com
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    Check out this promo video for the 2014 Penn State Eclipse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc1O1tBzLvA It was filmed for a contest to be featured on the Jumbotron at homecoming. You can vote for it here: http://www.collegian.psu.edu/contests/article_b2460e5a-2d32-11e3-8051-0019bb30f31a.htm Thanks for your support!!
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    You got that right! Last time I did this, it was in Madison in 1992 with the original midwest alumni corps..The Kilties!
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    I've been wanting to get some stuff for my guard, and Algy has the only flags I see that I think would go with our show, and I've never ordered from Algy before and I'm unsure of their quality of craftsmanship. I usually order from Bandshoppe, and I love their quality and quickness. I just wanted to make sure, before ordering, what Algy team is like! Thank you!! Nick
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