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    I understand both sides and agree with some aspects of both. So you know where I'm coming from -- Cadets of the 90s is my high-bar, it's what I compare everything to (esp. 1992, 1993, 1997-1998). In my opinion, what the design team produces has become more inconsistent as we've moved away from 2000 -- we have high-water marks like 2005 and 2011, disappointing years like 2004, 2008, 2010, and good-but-not-great like 2003, 2009, 2013. I recognize that all corps shows have become more theme-driven in the last 10-15 years, so to some extent it's apples and oranges to compare what went on in the 90s to what goes on today. Still, marching and playing/spinning is still marching and playing/spinning. I do try to remember that 2005 and 2011 were brilliant shows, and that they indeed hit the home run only 3 years ago, and won music last year. I recognize that NO corps stays completely away from familiar music or familiar concepts, at least not for very long. And I do recognize that most corps would kill for the level of consistency that The Cadets achieves. At the same time, I (and many here) hold The Cadets to higher standards than nearly any other corps. And that's what it comes down to. We expect the nearly impossible, because we've seen them do it and it's what many of us grew to love about them. It is only May, and we've barely heard any hornline recordings, heard virtually nothing about the visual design or guard uniforms, etc. We'll all be able to make real judgments soon. And I do know that time can soften our opinions, so I keep in mind that my panties often become unbunched (or less bunched) as time goes on. :)
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    Might I remind you, as has been said many times before, Regiment won it all by themselves with no ties doing a repeat in 2008. Spartacus was done twice in the 80s by Regiment and pulled off a silver before they won it all in 2008. Regiment does what Regiment does and they do it very well.
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    Ok; we can respect your opinion. However, to be ‘consistent’ with your reasoning on this tilted issue, again to be 'consistent' you have to also contend that Marching Snare Drums should never ever be played with Traditional Grip. Never. Ever.... Leave the Traditional Grip for Fife & Drum bands playing 1776 era beats. If that is not your position on Trad Grip your reasoning for dogging on the tilted snares goes right down the commode.
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    psssssssst: it's tipped this way from the 70s with 27th lancers, PR, Bridgemen, Star,, they all had great music programs but knew visually what had to be done. I remember wayyyyyy back when as a horn player , I was told by a very wise visual icon in the activity, " visual is where it's going" get the experience now and run with it. I dropped my horn after several years and never looked back. Not, saying that was for everyone but ceratinly worked for me. Thank You George Zingali
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    On the flip side, it's my understanding that the financial aspect involved with Finals in Indy are FAR more beneficial than cosmetic or acoustic detriments. Saying Indy is "boring to visit" is sort of irrelevant: most people would say Madison = DCI epitome of awesome, but there's not a lot (if anything) to do in Madison outside of going to DCI Finals & drinking
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    I absolutely know what you're saying and I agree somewhat with what you're saying. I have a very difficult time differentiating between the different styles today too because the activity is just so homogenized. I don't want to get too off track of the intent of the thread, but I think it's not what corps are playing, it's how they're arranged. It's how they're scored. But you have to concede that there are different styles being played the last few years too. You want British and Scottish music? Blue Knights did that in 2011. ...and I'll tell you that I heard Jim Prime Jr's old school arranging style in the first part of the show, and I heard Bocook's style too. You want broadway? SCV did that last year. You want Jazz? Spirit did that a bit, and they even had Boerma arrange the music. Some of the older Scout's sound was present there. Other corps are doing jazz a bit, but they're not as many corps doing it. Certainly BD isn't doing the same kind of jazz, but they still do compose some very complex shows with jazz-esque chords. You want Spanish? Well so do I, but it's not popular anymore. I think that ship sailed by the mid 90s. Madison had a bit in their 2012 show with Malaga and Malaguena. Crown's interpretation of Puck was a bit Spanish sounding in 2009. Maybe I should say, Latin(o) sounding... They even played a Rock show. No, it wasn't the rock "opera" Tommy ala Blue Devils, but it was a rock show ( and they did borrow Piano Concerto No. 2 from BD)... So while I hear what you're saying, corps are trying to play more than symphonic music. I really feel it's the popular arranging style which gets in the way from our enjoyment. Honestly, people are jumping all over themselves over BD's rep announcement. I'm not sold on everything, but they're playing something that was freakin' composed for them by Gordan Goodman. Go check him out. Jazz..... Like, legit jazz............ Madison's playing freaking Stan Kenton and Don Ellis. Yea, the trombones are a bummer. They could be playing on some tromboniums, but it's freakin' big band jazz, cat. Bluecoats are playing some freaky stuff that's certainly not "symphonic" music. Boston's doing something with Animal Farm in the show title... Crossmen are playing some Eastern Europe Gypsy music... No, it's not Spanish, or even Latin, but it's a different style. Troopers are playing "Trooper music" SCV is playing Scheherazade Cavies are playing something that will probably be classical and dark. Colts are playing Pink Floyd, Radio Head, and The Wizard of Oz. Phantom is playing "Swan Lake". I could go on.... Point is there is variety in the repertoire, but now the arrangers need to step up and make sure it doesn't all sound the same and I have hope that many of these arrangers will be successful. No, BD is going to sound like BD. SCV is going to sound like Phan, er SCV. Phantom is going to sound like Glass... er Phantom... et cetera.... But there certainly is a chance for variety this year that wasn't there some years in the past. People are going to eat up Radio Head. They're going to love what the Bluecoats do, and apparently BD has a winning thing going this year with the posters here on DCP. My only worry is not the "what" (variety) it's the how (homogenized arrangements, and chop-n-bop, too much synth and pit).
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    I have been away from this site for a while and part of me is sad that I came back ! I wish that some alums. would just remember what it was like when they marched. I know when I marched some of the alums. said the same things some are saying today. " Your ruining drum corps .... grounding bells and ..... low mark time ..... !" Really no differant today, " Your ruining drum corps.... vocals .... sysnth .......trombones ! To my younger Brothers,I have been back with the corps sence 2007 when my son marched . I can tell you that 99.9 % of alumi are behind you guys all the way ! As for the other .1% , you will just have to look the other way and remember that all families have "Black Sheep " in them . You Will Never Walk Alone Bill Leslie
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    So I was thinking about who's going to be good in the percussion caption this year, any thoughts? Keeping my eyes on: Blue Devils - I felt like if last year there were just a few less notes, they would have been higher in drums, maybe won? Honestly they can either be alright like 2008 and 2010 or hit the nail on the head like 2009 and 2012. Best front ensemble year in year out in my opinion, they're incredible. The Cadets - Defending their drum title, so they're going to be good again, read somewhere though that there's not a lot of vets? Regardless, still a great staff and they'll be up there. Santa Clara Vanguard - They get a little farther every year, but always get overtaken a week or so before finals, will they finally overcome that? Going to be really hard to be compared on a consistent basis with the 04 line and front ensemble, which you can't do IMO to enjoy it, and is something you can't do because the two staffs are polar opposites in style IMO. Love them though, great books year in year out lately. Bluecoats - Will this be their year? They have my favorite book and line every year since I've started following, Rarick and Thrower just know how to write some amazing stuff and integrate it into the brass book. Madison Scouts - Beddis and Sparling are doing wonders there, 5th in drums last year was well deserved in my opinion. Nice to see what was a major weakness in 2010 - 2012 is now turning into a major strong point. Cavaliers - Solid in 2012 and 2013, if the momentum gets going for the rest of the corps maybe a fire can be lit here, they've certainly got the talent in staff. Blue Stars - Best line in the bottom 6 last year in my opinion, I would have had them up around Crown and Madison personally, I guess going first in finals can hurt you there though. Not very many age outs last year is the word, and after that, I think these guys are going to tear it up. Front ensemble was especially strong, drums no slouch either. Please keep this staff, they're amazing. If they can score higher as a corps and start performing later, I could see this being a top 7 line. Phantom Regiment - Kuhn certainly has the credentials, this looks very promising. Hope it turns out well. Pacific Crest - Was a huge fan of them last year, a nice solid line that was certainly an asset for the corps. They were up around 13th in most of the regionals in drums, I think they have a promising future. Oregon Crusaders - Favorite non finalist line last year, thought they were underscored. Was a big surprise, wasn't expecting the drums to be my favorite part of this corps. I'm watching them. Mandarins - The best drumline in the 17 - 22 corps by miles, they always impress me.
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    Love the original post! Even though I hammered them last year, I'm rooting for Crown's percussion this season. If they can play at the same level as that brass section then watch out! My favorite line to bust a move this year will be the Bluecoats. They're due. As always, I love the Cadets and Blue Devils. My dark horse is the Blue Stars. I adore their battery! I love their writing! I love their passion!
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    Time for some "Children of Sanchez"! Great narration potential for those who love them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_IOkvBgxIU
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    Hmm.. 2014's 1st place , 2nd, and 3rd place couldn't have been more different in their approaches to arranging. Yep -- everyone sounds the same.
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    Percussion to watch in 2014? All of it.
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    no not at all. Just saying memories are great and no changes or whether the activity moves forward for the better or worse NO ONE can take those memories that we cherish away. Although I am very current in the activity ( I like to think anyway..lol ) There are many things I would love to see revert back BUT there are many things in life in general I would like to revert back to. will it? no, do I think many today in many aspects of life are missing something. YES I do. For me anyway I just move forward and try to inject some of what I have experienced, even some of the old past so that some of these kids today might experience a fraction of what I did. With that said , for me, I have also learned and continually like to think I am learning still to this day which may be a reason I have had such longevity in the activity, summer and winter programs. I by no means are telling you how to feel or what you should or should not accept, that's a personal choice. Nor am I telling you , there's the door, that's also not for anyone to decide but you. Hopefully you choose not to. The activity does needs the support of all.
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    I remember taking one of my kids to a show in the Milwaukee area, maybe 2001? Anyway as the Scouts went on the skies opened up in one of those Midwest summer downpours. The Scouts performed their show in the downpour (no lightning) and the entire crowd was standing and going crazy the whole time. Heck, it was raining so hard the sound was muffled (weird) so, what the heck, can't really hear it, getting drenched, might as well get up and scream. What a memory! So, yeah, give me my drum corps outdoors. Hot, cold, beautiful, rainy, I don't care.
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    Not gonna work. It doesn't even let me copy/paste your suggestion. Think IT has it under control, ever since I downloaded Debby Does Dallas.
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    Over the years I have tried it both ways with the lines I teach. It mainly boils down to what you and the kids like better. As far as visually, it is much easier to get all the drums aligned when they are flat as compared to tilted. That can be a headache in and of itself when trying to satisfy your OCD tendencies.
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    1. Carolina Crown- incredible brass-line will earn crown another victory 2. Blue Devils- another upset 3. Santa Clara Vanguard 4. Cadets 5. Phantom Regiment 6. Boston Crusaders- would not be too suprised to see this corps in the top 6 7. Bluecoats 8. Madison Scouts 9. Cavaliers 10. Blue Knights 11. Crossmen 12. Troopers 13. Spirit of Atlanta- major upset for not finishing in finals 14. Blue Stars 15. Colts- 2014 show will be a crowd pleaser 16. Oregon Crusaders- kind of unpredictable. sort of the dark horse of World Class right now. 17. Pacific Crest 18. The Academy- visual improvement over last years show will help 19. Mandarins 20. Jersey Surf 21. Cascades- better recruiting would be a huge leap forward 22. Pioneer
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    Julius Generarius and Pepus Notarius??? Thanks for the lunch time laugh... But after seeing "Fractured Fairy Tales" I'll be hearing June Foray (still with us at 96) in my head the rest of the afternoon.
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    It's not a problem with Windows 7 ... it's a problem with IE 11 PITA isn't it ...
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    Always right on the money Bill! When we started working on the 1997 show, Pirates of Lake Mendota, I heard alums thinking that the idea of doing some pirate/symphonic/some jazz/some etc. show wouldn't work, especially after the latin trilogy, and yeah, it worked out pretty well for us and the audience.
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    So is Hop the one projectile vomiting all over the place...?
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    Blue Knights show is Titled "That one Second" The repertoire includes A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics-James Horner Breif Eternity-Bobby McFerrin, Roger Treece, Don Rosler Hand of Fate part 1(from Signs OST)-James Newton Howard To Build a Home-Swinscoe, France, Page, Watson, Smith Official Show announcement from website http://bknights.org/news/default.asp?id=490
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    In a word, No, on both counts. The contract represents what the "market" will bear. Unfortunately there's not much of a "market" against which one can relate DCI's cost to host. The measurement is, obviously, the number of shows v. the number of corps, and it's a delicate balance. More corps = more shows. Corps need stops on tour, and doing a show is just another "run through" in uniform. Traversing the country between 4 shows total would be an expense that the vast majority of corps - even most of the G7 - could not afford. DCI will stop increasing TEP fees when shows start dropping off the schedule - that's the only metric against which they can relate contract increases. I'm pretty confident that DCI measures show and fan attendance against their mandate (and vocal insistence) of returning the maximum possible to corps from tour revenue. As a TEP, we pass costs on to fans. When the fans stop coming and paying for the contract, we'll be able to update DCI on the impact of their contract increase.
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    It's not too comfortable to play from the instructor's side...
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    Wow, things have changed since the Frankfort, Illinois show a few years back.
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    Life certainly can be unfair at times. Understatement of a lifetime!!
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    It should be noted here that narration is not the same thing as vocal effects. Best example is Crown 2013: The first half of the show used vocal effects (harmonic chanting, counting). While I was ambivalent about it upon first hearing, I eventually decided that these effects really did enhance and deepen the minimalist music of Glass, and the frenetic visual production. Kudos to Crown for being this daring, and pulling it off. The second half of their show, however, is just straight-on narration, and worse, narration of a sappy and generic love story. All turgid prose and Hallmark sentiment, no poetry. After repeated hearings, I still find this narration intrusive and unmusical, lacking any artistic merit. Worse, it distracts from the gorgeous sounds of that amazing horn line. If I were the narration judge that night, I would have spanked Crown for this section. I am guessing that Crown felt they had to add some vocals to the second half of the show, to balance it with the first half, which incorporated vocals so thoroughly. So, moral of story: vocal effects = good, narration = bad. Thoughts?
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    It's fascinating how DCI fans are some of the most unprogressive and hypocritical fans around. As far as BDs current direction in shows being labeled as "esoteric", how can a piece that is a 100 years old be called esoteric? Just because YOU haven't heard of it, doesn't mean it's esoteric. Which is why I'm calling these people unprogressive. A show of hands, how many people here dislike pop music? Who here hates whats played on the radio? Who here tries to get there non musician friends to listen to "better" music or musicians? But when it comes to drum corps, all everyone wants to here is Malaguena and Phantom Of The Opera. Which is why I'm calling these people hypocrites. Since 2008 BD has been wasting great shows on DCI.
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    I think I'm one of the few that kind of digs the direction they've been headed in the past few years. It was a nice change from some of the predictable stuff going on in the rest of the top 12.
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    You are coming out of left field with your conjectures I'm just letting you know, incase you don't you. Or maybe I should say right field........
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    What is it about PR that makes them unwilling or unable to take the musical and visual risks that Cadets, Crown, BD etc. take?
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    Time to find another corps to root for. Tired of the same old stuff. BD and Crown are winning me over these days. Goodbye, Regiment.
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    I like! Returning as a volunteer in 2014...a lot thinner than my last tour in 2007...with more vigor! (2007 I wore a 52" waist, today I am at a 36" waist!
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