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    Actually I thought their whole show was impressively close to the source material. After seeing them in the cinecast from Akron, I listened to all the original pieces on youtube and each one was "yeah, that sounds just like what they played". I have to imagine all the composers were pretty pleased with the treatment of their works. And I totally agree with you about Bluecoats and electronics. Since 2005, they've done more than any other group to convince me that electronics should be legal in DCI. They almost always manage to use them in musically interesting ways that augment and enhance the traditional drum corps sound.
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    Have a great time and may the weather be favorable.
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    We are marching as the Madison Scouts - Corps of Brothers. The Corps is comprised of about 350 Alums and about 90 2014 members! I can't wait for this exciting event. We are officially the "Santa Band" and get to perform on the carpet as the last group in the parade, introducing Santa Claus. :)
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    Hey I think from top to bottom the whole activity has just improved wonderfully as far as brass sounds. I never thought there would be anything else but G bugles but I think the B flat sounds much better. I'll take tone over volume any day! (it's like comparing a pair of Cerwin Vega to a pair of AR)
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    I saw Ghost Riders at this years mini corps show. They are not an alumni styled, "blowing the high notes" type of corps. Far from it. They have an established identity and a solid ensemble sound. The entertainment factor is solidly in place, as well. There are plenty of alumni corps around nowadays. But that won't last forever. I think it's the nature of the beast. We (old guys) aren't getting any younger, but DCA sure is. Isn't that how it should be?
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    'Coats have had the BEST use of amplification and electronics since they were approved...no one else comes close...not overbearing at all (looking at YOU, Cadets) Probably one of the most true-to-the-original pieces we've heard from ANYONE in a loooong time. There were some relatively minor changes for impact (the mello hold going into the loud hit -- "Now we possess you" in the original lyrics), as well as the hold at the end of that sequence, but they elected to not mess with the sublime original. That will be a classic for the ages.
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    Zingali grew up in Revere which is a seaside town, so waves were probably one inspiration. I remember him explaining to the Garfield membership that he also was in trance watching the flocks of birds appear and disappear in the sky as the winds and clouds mottled their migrations from Canada and New England south for the winter and back for the Spring. Clouds and nature were much of George's inspiration from what he shared.
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    LOL, welcome to madisonscoutsplanet.com , PC.
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    Meh...they could redo the 86 show note for note with lots of modern drill and they'd still get slammed for winning...
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    LOVE that quote. Pure greatness! I am now going to put it as part of my signature and give you credit for it.
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