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    Check out a new video from Janina Gavankar, performing a cover of the EDM tune "Don't Look Down" with 50 members of Surf. Way to go guys! #JustAddDrumCorps http://youtu.be/AETjNfRPhPI
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    This is the best rendition of the SSB I've heard in a LONG time. Major kudos to all involved! The eagle was a nice touch, too.
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    I was told that the Blue Devils and a bunch of guys from Madison Wisconsin would be at Lucas oil Stadium in Indianapolis tonight. However she. I turned in except for some trumpets starting the night off. It did not appear to be a corps oriented night. I guess there are folks beside the scouts in Madison. The Blue Devils there are not exactly Felini-esque
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    I for one am looking forward to spring training. I'm having a difficult time seeing how this is going to come together so I'll need to see it on the field. I'm kind of hoping some of the rumors I've heard aren't true. This is Crown's first dark show in over a decade. I really want them to get it right and it not be cheesy.
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    I think it's gonna be incredible. Totally different than their previous shows but I think they're a serious contender for gold again.
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    ( 2005) " those that are saying that someday trombones, violins, saxophones, rock guitars, etc and other conventional band instruments will find their way into DCI Drum Corps Field Competiition are acting ridiculous, and just being negative and causing unwanted, unneeded concern. These band instruments will be confined to just the I & E competition only, and we can take that to the bank."
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    I'm wondering if this year's show will be better than 2014, and the same vibe as it did in 2013. I know it's still a mystery but I've noticed a few people thinking that they'll be a real contender to take the gold....thoughts?
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    SHIVAKAMINI SOMAKANDARKRAM!!!! --- Someone had to.
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    And the eagle landed perfectly on the downbeat! Heh, I know some drummers who can't do that!
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    Also of note: At least one DCP member in the video.
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    No. Her marching experience as a performer ended when she graduated from Joliet West High School. I was the music arranger/visual caption head at the time. Great person that just loved the activity.
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    Special BBCode button, upper left, third one over. Choose "media" from drop down. Paste entire Youtube URL
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    Thanks Andy. Man, Butch had some resume.
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    Regiment.org is reporting that the US Army trumpeters were led and conducted by a Phantom Regiment alum, Treg Ancelet, one of the many Regiment alums now professional musicians in the U.S. military. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jrB9a_fE6w&feature=youtu.be Back-up band of trumpeters who squared the playing court were from three of the Indiana college bands of Bloomington, Ball State, and Purdue U. DM for Purdue this year was Sean Hadley, former Madison Scouts DM. Both Bloomie and Ball have many DCI members in their football bands too.
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    Have we ever had a vote for most unreadable post on DCP?
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    And she did! Centerville has never been the same.
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    ... Ray, nice to see you back. Are you sure about the Butch connection? I thought that connection was a corps with Men that spanned two States? Glenn, Butch was with the I-Men prior to moving to the M-Men with Dom Delray ... Butch was their DM in 67 and 68 ... then moved onto Syracuse for the 69 season and then Sky in 70 ... :-)
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    Ray, nice to see you back. Are you sure about the Butch connection? I thought that connection was a corps with Men that spanned two States?
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    Hmmm ... another off year for Carolina? (Of course, this August they will do MUCH better.)
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    I thought the Blue Devils should have been second but clearly they were slotted to win.
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    " The Blue Devils don't recruit... they select".
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    That, along with not checking autocorrect makes for misery.
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    Good lord, the attempts at humor on DCP... Anyway, go Wisconsin.
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    It was an extraordinary gathering, honoring an extraordinary man. I'm sure it would have pleased him immensely to know that a scholarship to help his students has been established in his name.
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    You're not saying anyone can understand BD, are you?
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    two of the finest people in our activity and proud to call them friends
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    As an added bonus, here's BDB in 1999 with some much needed uniform changes: And here's BDC the same year: And as another bonus, here's SCVC from 1999:
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    Eureka! I've found one. This is BDB in 1998. I think this safely qualifies as a miss: As for the hit, I think they struck oil and gold with the look the've been sporting since 2012. It's very reminiscent of the design that the A corps started wearing in 1994, and kept wearing through 2003. Next up (I saw somebody nominate them earlier and I thought it was a good idea), the DCE powerhouse, THE COMPANY.
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    I thought these were amazing uniforms and completely appropriate for the program.
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    I loved the CrossChaChos I Loved the Grey Devils I loved the over ripe Bridgemen I loved all the White Phantom unis I love when the Cadets switched to poly/cotton blend (sorry Trama hasn't worn off) I love SCV always! I love the Blue Coats
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