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    Congrats SCV! 2015 WGI Independent World Champions!
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    The indoor guard, drumline, and (for the first time) winds season has almost come to an end with the completion of WGI Championships this past weekend. Some of the members of those performing units barely get to catch their breath, however, as spring training for the many drum corps who will perform and compete this summer is about to begin! http://wp.me/pHgBd-E2
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    Agreed. They were stellar. Their staging was awful because of that big stage. They should have gotten them up there.
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    Because of the stage and the staging of the battery in 2014, some of their finest and most intricate execution was not sampled by the field judge. Ironic, because IMHO, this section was comparable in quality and consistency to the Sanford winning 2013 section.
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    Both Carmel H.S. of Indiana and SCV World put decisive point difference between themselves and other medalists. However, World Class indies didn't see a clean sweep across the captions. Aimachi took some and evidently the hearts of many. http://recaps.competitionsuite.com/9532ad93-c52a-4b51-8e8c-341a71590bdc.htm While guard members hurry home to change suitcases, sponsor sheets and head off to corps auditions, I wonder how much of 2015 summer field shows will mimic what was seen in different aspects of the indoor season. Many good shows to steal from...
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    The Cadets' percussion was cleaner than any other except maybe SCV in 2014. The main reason they placed 4th was the stage used in the show, which muffled a lot of the drumline's sound and prevented the drumline from being featured very prominently.
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    Personally, I think you all should just go to bed. That's what I think. But then again, I think Magenta is a food.
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    Yes repetition can be boring, but that doesn't mean the principle applies to the current situation. Sequential guard tosses and other sequential moves are common and often work well. BD's sequential rifle toss in 07 was amazing, regardless of what a dissertation may say about it. The screaming audience attested to it. I'd hate to think there are judges saying, "More than three, I know the rule ..."
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    Honestly, 2014 was great overall with only a few misses. For me, the idea is to be critical of things during the season, then enjoy it afterwards. Now that THAT season is over with, I have to say that I enjoyed more corps than usual last year.
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    THANK YOU for saying something about this. Axciom is what all the members hyped pre-season, they didn't even know about the existance of a pitch bend until mid-move ins. Hopefully more people can look back on the ballad in the future rather than just looking at the closer.
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    I loved the pitch bend. It was a great idea, and a novel use of electronics. I felt it was slightly overdone come Finals - too much of a good thing - but it was still awesomely done. And of course it let them add "tilt" to the music. BK... I'm one of the few who didn't fall for the show at all. I thought the music was great, but the script didn't match the emotion. Mike
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    Crown...Blue Devils...Bluecoats...yeah, they were all pretty good. But did they make people cry? Did ANY corps make people cry? Yes...Blue Knights, because of the amazing combination of brass, percussion, guard, visual and narration, made people cry.
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    BAC during the late 70 's.
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    I find this point very interesting! One thing I'd like to ask is, What's wrong with being a spectacle as long as your organization brings joy to audiences and amazing life experiences for your members? After their America show, which I'm sure was emotionally and creatively taxing for the staff, then what's wrong with sacrificing some of their aesthetic sensibilities for a year? After all, the debate over whether drum corps is a sport or an art keeps coming up. Regardless of the answer, there's a blurred line there.... and sports have no concern with aesthetics. So I'd say drum corps have a choice between spectacle and aesthetics each year, and based on our opinions and our own aesthetic values, we can decide whether we enjoy the show or not.
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    Garfield, it pains me to point out that Aristotle was a Greek, and marched in the fourth century BC. The Greeks were basically G7 until about the first or second century AD, long after Aristotle aged out. They then dropped to open class for the next couple millennia. Now, the Romans were medaling until about 400AD, before going inactive due to poor management and Huns.
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