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    The amount of stupid hurts and it all starts with super-secret drum corps shows days before the season starts. Seriously, step back and wallow in the idiocy and what you folks are saying to each other All this stupid just cost Blue Devils a placement, they will not be this years’ DCI Champions now who is sorry? Nope, too late the cow has mooed
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    That is both stupid and awesome.
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    Current marchers are out of touch with anything relating to anything that is not Miley Cyrus or updating their Tumblrs Former marchers are out of touch with anything that is not unison rifle tosses while wearing absurd boots and/or playing valve/rotor horns FFF with bad tone Meanwhile, BD just wins DCI championships
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    I was not the poster suggesting that BAC's 75th would garner them any extra credit. I don't believe that is the case. I WAS responding to someone who suggested that current members do not care about nor feel bound by any sense of history and thus would not relate to the 75th. That is simply not true. Naturally, every member brings their own backgrounds and personalities with them when they arrive at move in and begin the touring process. My experience with Boston, which reaches back nearly 40 years, has shown me time and again that BAC has a certain historical thread weaving through its organization at the membership level. Do current members obsess about the corps' history or perform primarily for Crusaders of the past? Certainly not. Having said that, it is true that there is a thick, ever present institutional memory which the current members absorb. I would suspect that there are probably similar feelings at Madison and Cavies, and perhaps Cadets as well. In an era where many members of the "millennial generation" seem to not want anything to do with prior generations, I frankly feel that a reverence for the past and "how we persevered to survive" is a good thing.
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    I'm not a smart man, Jen-nay... but in regards to the secret performance on June 15th that Hop alluded to: Edit: Looks to be Troopers and Madison for that webcast. Maybe Cadets will pop in?
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    I feel the opposite. Can't stand them and loved the old ones. :/
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    He's better than a serial baiter. I'd say he's a master. Yeah, I'm about 15.
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    Having spent time with the actual members of BAC (two weeks ago), I will tell you that they ARE highly motivated, and the 75th Anniversary IS in fact a big deal to them. With respect to last year, I don't think anyone can objectively watch that performance on video and not see how highly motivated those members were then as well. As I have stated on here several times before, I have no problems with the numbers from last August. Boston put on a great show at finals, but context is everything, and the 2014 Championships also included three drum corps (BK, BS, Cavies) who also happened to have their best seasons in years. The fact that these three corps hit it out of the park does not for a second diminish BAC's product. As for my own prediction...for the third year in a row, I'm going to predict 4th-9th.
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    I imagine that like me, Fannetwork had many overseas viewers which makes it impossible to watch live events' live'. If they have the on demand (i.e. watch the next day) function on this new platform, I will subscribe, if they don't, there is no point and I suspect they will lose many other viewers that cannot watch events live (unless they are nocturnal!)
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    Oh, got ya. Maybe I should finally cave and become one of the army of twits.
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    what was i thinking the jackets before werent blue. o wait... The new one is one color head to toe with just white trim. It doesnt pop and doesnt flash, Blue top black pants does 1000x more than blue top blue pants.
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    It should be renamed Drum Corps Potpourri!!
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    1) Blue Devils I know,... its really going out on a limb here with this pick.
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    A lot of people have, from what I understand.
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    I said it the last time with other posters in other threads..anyone see a pattern here or a common factor?
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    Lord, what thread is this?
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    The ballad and Waltz is more staging as opposed to the first part of the show which is intense drill. It's a nice balance, IMO
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    Some DCI FN FAQ PDQ would be nice. TY
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    I still think they have the best look in DCI with those unis.
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    DrumScorps started out on Windows Phone about a year ago so I have bit of bias to the platform. Any future releases will continue to be made across all 3 platforms and the Windows Phone version will always be on par with the others. Thanks for downloading!
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    On the move they look ok. Standing still, they look like something out of the wizard of oz.
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    Running great on my Galaxy S4! Have you considered adding in the DCP forums? It would be great to access these off of an app.
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    Haha so either my cockles will be warm or I'll be having a heart attack. Either way, hey, Scouts in 6th! A good day.
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    A DCI Hall of Famer once told us that if you think an anniversary year or finals location at home gives you special motivation, you're probably an immature performer.
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    . It's the corps membership themselves that complained.
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    They are definitely the most fit Cadets corps I've seen in a long time. I remember 2009 when they did their unveiling to alumni in NNJ in mid June. The brass sounded so winded by mid show and the closer sounded like half the kids weren't playing. The vids I've seen from ST 2015, these kids are fit and playing and projecting very impressively at this stage. I think the ballad and Waltz being slower will allow the higher tempos to be achieved in the closer.
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    If this has been posted, my bad, must've missed it. This is the repertoire according to corpsreps.com: "NYC" from Annie "Gotta Dance" from Singing in the Rain "Good Morning" from Singing in the Rain "I Got Rhythm" from An American in Paris "Moses Supposes" from Singing in the Rain "The Boy Next Door" from Meet me in St. Louis Traffic Jammin' from New York Cityscape for Wind Ensemble by Jeff Tyzik "Get Happy" from Summer Stock Happy Days are Here Again A lot of music. Some fun stuff in there, I'll always remember watching "Singing in the Rain" while I was younger with my mom, those'll be fun pieces. Should be a fun show!
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    ... or worst of all ... ... ... finishing 3rd/lower *audible gasps*.
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    So secret videos, that someone posted for a select few who knew, were no longer secret.
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    The app just went live in the App Store so it could still be propagating across all of Apple's servers. Keep checkin...
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    Tempo of the closer they're starting to learn drill to.
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    DCI doesn't break down their demographics, unfortunately, so it's hard to say for sure. But I'm fairly certain they have a large flying squirrel fan base based off of my own personal anecdotes I will only vaguely mention
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    You sir are incorrect, the design team is completely new this year. As for the rest of the captions: Percussion, the caption head and the co-caption head and two of the techs are the same. The brass caption staff is completely new, NONE returning from 2014. The visual caption head was a consultant last year and only one of the tech is returning. You are correct the Guard caption has been elevated from last year. DesignMyron Rosander: Visual Consultant Will Pitts: Brass Arranger Andrew Solomonson: Drill Designer Brian Giddens: Visual Coordinator BrassJason Rinehart: Caption Head brass@spiritdrumcorps.org Brian Kackley: Trumpet technician Beth Fabrizio: Mellophone technician Jeremy Hackworth: Baritone/Euphonium technician Andrew Lee: Baritone/Euphonium technician Patrick Wade: Tuba technician Mason Coats: Tuba technician Jay Sconyers III: High Brass technician John Bratton: Low Brass technician Luke Cramer: Baritone Intern Percussion Ben Pyles: Caption Head/Battery Arranger percussion@spiritdrumcorps.org Greg Tsalikis: Co-Caption Head/Front Ensemble Coordinator/Arranger Andrew Barlow: Battery Coordinator Kent Lineberry: Battery Consultant Lance Kindl: Snare Taha Ahmed: Snare Aaron Tucker: Tenors Joshua Mandel Montgomery: Tenors Henry Williams III: Bass Zach Turner: Bass Nick T. Brakeman: Cymbals Dani Cunning: Cymbals Steven Michael Hand: Front Ensemble Jake Lyons: Front Ensemble Color GuardJen Barton: Caption Head colorguard@spiritdrumcorps.org David Crook Ricardo Robinson Jordan Gentry Sammie Dobson Jose Morales Narrissa Sneed Trent Williams Brandon Almand Jed Garvey VisualMichael Zerbini: Caption Head Sean McDermott: Visual Ensemble Coordinator Pablo Coppola Matt Matthews Arwen Hernandez Samantha Dobson Adam Steltenpohl Greg Mea Joe Perez
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    There ya go!! I didn't think it would be so hard to figure out!
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    Phantom will unveil their uniform sometime today
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    DCI + half-solutions and "coming soon" answers = sadly par for the course. They're as passive a bunch of people when dealing with business as I've seen. I at least hope they deal with the member corps better than this. Mike
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    Nowadays, that would get one arrested in 49 of the 50 states.
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    Your Dot Book! A book I guarantee you will remember by summers end! (I Hope)
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    Taken directly from the June 2015 Edition of Drum Corps World ( gosh, I still remember waiting for scores in DCW paper edition BITD) and quoting David Simon from BAC... Sounds like a pretty broad story-line to work with IMO...I can't wait to see it!
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    It was also a remake of a Hong Kong film called Infernal Affairs (which has an even higher reputation among some viewers than the much-acclaimed Scorsese film).
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    I just signed up on the website but here's my corps: Corps Name: Aurora Sound Director: Cappybara Division: World Class Hometown: Reston, VA Show Theme: TBA
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    So, hello, I'm an alto sax player in marching band. My band is rather small and has very little funding from the school (enough to pay for buses to transport us and our instruments to games and such). We only have 2 low brass players, the first being a trombone and the second being (not a brass though) a baritone saxophone. I've been fond of low brass since I discovered DCI on youtube and since our band is lacking in that area I decided to take on switching from alto sax to either euphonium, baritone, or tuba. Problem is we don't have any marching euphoniums, baritones or tubas. We do, however, have 2 concert model tubas, 2 concert model euphoniums, and from what I know, 0 baritones. We do have 2 flugelbones and a couple of mellophones, but those aren't brass. My goal is to play tuba if I am able to learn over the summer, in time for band camp. My first question is, should I learn to play euphonium then go to tuba, or go straight to tuba ? I was thinking to transition to tuba rather than jump right to it since I'd have to adjust to the brass embouchure first. Then again I'd still have to adjust to play tuba if I jump anyways, then my obstacle would be the air input adjustment. I have little time to decide since I can only get into our band room tomorrow then Tuesday (graduation day). Should I take home both the euphonium and the tuba or just one ? My second question is, is it possible to have a technician convert a tuba from strictly concert to marching tuba/euphonium ? Would that process be expensive ? I'm not yet old enough to work (I'm 15) I can cut grass but I'm not that great on reaching out to people who would want me to cut their grass. I'd ask my parents to help pay but they already have enough money bs problems to deal with and I don't want to feel bad for asking. Sorry if this post was tl;dr I always talk too much, probably because I hold it all in at school
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    This sounds lousy if they don't include the archival footage too. I like to watch stuff like the 79 Guardsmen or Northstar which the latter is no longer on there. I do like that you can watch finals but what if you had to work that day? Could you come home and watch a delayed version of it? I was going to ask them if there was a way to just watch finals and didn't want the DVD. My computer won't accept them half the time anyway and you never know when that is to happen.
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    <from FB> The Academy 2015 presents: A Step in Time We look forward to sharing this musical journey on stage with our guests at the Tempe Center for the Arts Friday and Saturday.
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    I think they will probably turn some heads this year.
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    Corps name: Mystre Director: Cloudhype Division: World Class Hometown: Las Vegas, NV Home show venue request: Las Vegas, NV
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