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    Here's my deal with cd's vs. dvd's... I listen to drum corps 1000x more than I watch it. I listen in the car, at work, while I'm doing yard work, etc... I've always been more about the music than the visuals. I really just want cd's of the music now and I'll wait months or years before I care about watching the shows.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    Earlier in this discussion, it was suggested that high school bands have more artistic freedom than drum corps, because there is less need to appeal to a mass audience (to make money). I would posit that this is only partly or sometimes true. Last year in correspondence with a band director, I was told how he felt somewhat hamstrung by the need to write shows that would both score with the judges and not turn off the rural, football-crazy audience that dominated his school.
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    DCI has missed SOA's swagger the last 2 seasons. Here's hoping a return to their niche and mojo in 2016.
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    They're doing the right thing, making choices that will have lasting benefits for them. I think it speaks volumes that their founder (Freddy Martin, founded the corps 40 years ago) who, in recent years, has been quoted as saying that he never wanted to return because Spirit was 'spiraling downward', has chosen to return to them again - the staff they have in place and the plan they have is astonishingly stable relative to the time they've had to put it together for this anniversary season. I'd say look out for them. This year, the hype just might be real. They're my dark horse for this summer, for sure.
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    I think DCi and its member corps would be shocked over and over again at what the private market could do if they released their iron grip on promoting and running this activity and its annual tour. They squander lots of passion and desire in the halls of DCI, They just don't recognize that they do. DrumScores is an excellent example of that passion. If DCI, as an organization, were as much interested in promoting the activity as they are protecting their territory I'm convinced that significant cracks in the activity's foundation would be permanently patched. "Institutionalism" is the bane of a non-profit but DCI apparently doesn't see it. In my opinion, of course.
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    George's OP reflected his view that Broken Arrow's show is better designed that half of the Top-12 of DCI. And he contends that, therefor, it's clear that "Top Designers" are avoiding DCI in favor of the MB circuit. I think it's pretty clear that designers are not fleeing to design OMEA shows, in any case. And while I'm not sure of the comparable pay scales for writing shows in the two idioms, I am very certain that the reputational benefits of designing a DCI show far eclipse that of designing any marching band show, regardless of the circuit or association.
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    The Kilties will be performing in a variety of events for the 2016 season; including both DCI and DCA competitions, parades, concerts and special events. The Kilties season kicks off with their annual membership/first rehearsal weekend on December 5th and 6th, being held at Gilmore Middle School in Racine, WI. The Kilties pride themselves in […] ... Read the rest of the article here - http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/2015/11/kilties-release-2016-schedule/
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    They have enough trouble trying to name their hometown: Derby, Shelton, Seymour, Ansonia, Bridgeport...
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    The NOAA/NHC has very sound reasoning for naming tropical storms. They carefully observe and track the disturbance well before they are ever named. TWC is only interested in ratings. They arbitrarily assign a name whenever they feel like it and do it soley to drive $$ to their network. Winter storms are generally far more localized and shorter in duration. It's all about ratings not any sort of public service. Do you see these silly winter names in any NWS forecasts and warnings? Please google the issue. Lots and lots professionals in the field have commented very publicly on the matter.
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