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    Hi all, I don't mean to be self-righteous about this...but I have been given some free DCI tickets to Finals in Indianapolis (I already have my own set)...at least Finals, possibly Semi-Finals too... I was wondering if anyone knew of someone ... a kid and his or her parent who might not be able to otherwise go to Finals who would love to go if they were given a free ticket? Like maybe someone from the inner city or just a family who doesn't have the money and won't go unless given the opportunity. Please reply with your PRIVATE email if you know of someone and I'll email you back privately. Chris
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    What is this "rumps" you speak of? Guess you'll just have to come to a show or follow us on facebook or stop by a practice to find out. All kidding aside it's the perfect show for a Caballeros fan and the reason why this year is because all our designers Andy Yozviak, Duane Dewire, Marc Garside, Bobbey Biddle and Matt Hurley all grew up as great fans of the corps so they were excited to design a show that as fans themselves, they would enjoy. I know everyone says this about their corps but I promise you that you will love the Caballeros this year.
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    Anyone have anything they're willing to share from the show and tell yesterday?
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    Or best offer. Shipping included to the lower 48.
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    Welcome to DCP (and drum corps, for that matter)! I've been involved with two corps -- within DCI and DCA, respectively -- for about 13 years. No matter what advice you end up getting in this thread, one major caveat to keep in mind is this: every corps is different. Some groups are intense and teach everything in a step-by-step manner. Other groups are more laid-back and sometimes teach things super fast before moving on to the next task. A lot of groups fall in the middle. Culturally speaking: some organizations strive to be as welcoming and friendly to new people as possible, whereas others can come off as rather cold to new members. I know a bunch of people who had bad experiences with one group, but moved on to another group and had a blast. That being said, I don't know anyone currently involved with Alliance or if it's the same staff running it from years past, but everything that I've seen from them has been positive. They've always been a competitive group with some really cool shows under their belt. Anyway, here's a few random bullet points of things to expect (at least from my experience): - Even if you're shy, try to hang out with a vet or staff member at some point early in the season. Try to tag-along for a lunch or two. Ask them about expectations and experiences from previous years. You'll pick up way more useful info within your own corps. - You'll get pushed outside your comfort zone, no matter what. Every rookie in every group goes through this at some point. The best way to mitigate that is to A) stay in reasonably good shape* ... and B) practice at home as if you're at rehearsal** *You'll be asked to move around and breathe in a controlled manner for up to 12 minutes. Even doing something as basic as taking a 20-minute walk every day will help. **Always practice your horn while standing (with good posture, relaxed shoulders, horn at 10 degree height, etc). USE A METRONOME (cannot stress that enough). If you want an honest assessment of yourself, record snippets of your practice on a smart phone > listen to it > repeat. - Stuff that seems really hard in May/June can become second nature by August. The first full run of the year can seem like an absolute train-wreck, but if you work hard on your show and committing everything to memory, you'll start having fun with it in the late season. - If you maintain a good attitude throughout the season, people will like you. If you're good, people will like you even more. TL;DR - Bust your ### in the winter/spring so that you can have fun in August/September. Maintain a positive attitude, be open to critique, and have fun.
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    "Earth Song" actually comes out of a piece for wind band by Frank Ticheli called "Sanctuary," which was written for his friend H. Robert Reynolds. I could be wrong, but I believe "Earth Song" was commissioned after the 2007 Virginia Tech mass shooting. "Sanctuary" also includes some key changes not found in the choral version, and you can hear Vanguard do so at around 01:58:10 of the birthday dinner video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag5HkuojW_g EDIT: I'm pretty convinced now that Vanguard is playing "Sanctuary" and not "Earth Song."
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    My last day of Feb predicitions: 1) Crown 2) Bluecoats 3) SCV 4) Blue Devils 5) Cadets 6) BK 7) Cavies 8) Madison 9) Phantom 10) Boston 11) BStars 12) Troopers Just my gut and nothing more WP
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    Not only that, but a Box 5 scores vs a slightly higher Box 5 score is often the same type of commentary (especially on Finals night)
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    Hello drum corps family! My name is Kayla Cavano and I'm a Junior Music Education/French horn performance major at Miami University in OH. I have recently been contracted to march with The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps and am looking for sponsors. With paying for school, rent, and many other expenses a typical college student has to pay, an additional $3,400 plus about $1,000 in flights to CA is too great an expense to bear alone. Marching with The Blue Devils has been my dream ever since I saw my first drum corps show in 2008. However, I can't do it by myself so I'm asking for your help. After just completing our February camp, it's safe to say that this summer is going to be incredible. Being a music education major, there is nothing more valuable than marching drum corps and working with some of the best staff not only in DCI, but in the instrumental music activity. I can't wait to learn from this staff and become a better musician, athlete and educator. Marching with The Blue Devils will give me the tools to change my future students' lives. We all remember the first drum corps show we saw. For me, it was 2008 Phantom Regiment that made me fall in love with the activity. I fell even deeper in love when I saw 2009 Blue Devils. I can't wait to have that effect on someone this year. If you are willing and able, please consider making a donation to help me march this summer. My GoFundMe page is attached below, but if you would like a letter sent in the mail, send me your address and I will send one out. Thank you so much for your consideration and for helping me make my dreams become reality! https://www.gofundme.com/dmk3u9y4
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    Every district has them. I can show some of the outlying areas where some of the Greyhounds aren't quite as affluent as many featured areas of that fine suburb.
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    Some DCPers would probably want it "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" as compared reading it as Mar-see-ah. Then again, I guess for DCI it would have to be "Marcha, Marcha, Marcha." Happy Leap Day. Use it well.
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    I recognize Ticheli's earth song
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    Vanguards Performance starts at 1:50:00 if anyone wants to try to figure out the other peices https://youtu.be/8Kd4gsM6Uag?t=6620
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    Prediction to get us back on track............Cascades continue to rise. Two great years after restructuring and cleaning house, some incredibly clever programming and really fun shows the last two years, the "Black Hole Sun" "Jupiter" mashup ballad last year was genius. It wouldn't surprise me to see them jump up another spot or two. Have been singing their praises for two years, hope it continues.
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    Nothing to share except my excitement for what Crown may bring to the field this summer. I'll leave the communication to the corps for what they want to share with the public. I'm truly am very optimistic for CC. it's a wonderful drum corps. We couldn't be happier, or more proud, of them.
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    Don't let him bother you. If it means anything, I always like your Cadet posts. They're always spot on as are mine..😉
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    Maybe you find this amusing, I do not. Obviously not the same people, zero personal or professional relationship. And the Koolaid comment is just you being insulting
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    Just got home from the South Brunswick regional. Emanon: Thrilling Black Watch:Beautiful Les Eclipses: See Black Watch remark (Hey, it's late, OK ?) Pleasant surprises: Brookfield Independent, Amp
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    I wish corps were rewarded for what THEY do and not encouraged to follow the "trend in design". Eventually they will all look the same.
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    I disagree with this statement. The educators at those lower levels like Pioneer in your example IMO are a hellava lot more skilled than you think. They are dealing with a bunch of "greenies"...less experienced and talented members. At the Blue Devils level the educators are handed a bunch of seasoned and very experienced veterans allowing for more refinement...
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    I stopped by the camp today, there were 50+ snare players in attendance. It was very cool.
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    I wish I had a camera with when that happened!
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