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    From Hop: "New shipment today"
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    Just got mine today! Ordered it Saturday night too, slowest shipping option!
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    The mark of a good lawyer.
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    I think Hop mentioned it being a work in progress in the last update video but I can't imagine it having any drastic changes.
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    The most important thing is to coordinate with the visual staff to incorporate as many pliés as possible.
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    One stadium not in the bracket this year is InfoCision Stadium in Akron. InfoCision usually is an early season show for the Bluecoats. This year, due to scheduling conflicts, the show has been moved to Massillon. You can't find a better stadium for the acoustic value that in Akron. I'll miss this venue this year.
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    You ask and you shall receive. CLICK HERE
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    Yeah, 1986 Spirit of Atlanta was that loud. The assault on the ears was...deafening. Somehow, BD is the master at playing fortissiissimo while holding onto tone quality and intonation. BAD, SCV. BAD! (It's no secret I loathe that show. I still believe that one is the DCI definition of "ironic." That's why they scored as highly as they did.)
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