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    This sounds really cool. Wonder if they'll play Moonlight Sonata backwards? Haha. Need to catch up on some of the music, Gorgon is an absolutely sinister and nasty piece in the best of ways. Really excited about this.
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    It's interesting that two groups are performing Pat Metheny songs this summer.... ;)
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    I agree with most of the posters comments above. There are so many factors determining what helps a corps move up in the rankings. There is so much competition to get the top talent and designers, which makes it much easier for corps that have been established. It also doesn't help if some of the best talent in these corps leaves in the following years to march a higher placing corps in hopes of improving or winning a medal. On the flip side, sometimes higher placement isn't always better. Sometimes in the quest to move up in the rankings, we have lost corps who spent too much money trying to make finals, only to fold the next year, or within the next 5 years. I would personally much rather see corps placing in the 19-25 place range with great entertaining shows, than to see them push too fast, and end up folding. Some corps also have been very smart and shortened their season so they don't overspend. In the last decade several corps have had their move ins later, and have not performed in competition until July, when sometimes the first competition of the season was around June 16-20th. I think this shows that placement isn't quite as important to the organizations as stability, and the ability to take care of their members and staff not only this season, but in the distant future as well. As cool as it would be to see Mandarins, Crest, Academy, or Pioneer break into the top 12, I would much rather they place 19-25 and be able to keep performing for the next 50 years. In the last decade, I have seen more public support for the lower placing corps. At prelims and semi-finals, some of the lower placing corps have really wowed the audiences. Crowds have gone wild for Colts, Surf, Mandarins, Academy, Oregon and Crest with thunderous applause for great shows, even if they didn't place top 12. So instead of judging a show off of the judges scores, what is wrong with just enjoying all these amazing corps shows for what they are? Too many people are watching scores during the summer, and then when it comes to prelims and semis, they don't go watch the lower placing corps because they think because a show is scoring a 70, it isn't very good. Which brings me to a major point. If you want to see corps placing in the 19-25th group do better, do more to help support them. Buy from their souvie booths, donate to their gas fund. volunteer for them during the camps or summer tour.
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    I agree with your GE and placement choices. BK has a very interesting show that is put together well. Everything makes sense and is put where it is perfectly, and it's a continuation of the last two shows. I could go on and on about their program, but that's for a different thread. Gonna be an awesome year for BK, along with many others!!
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    Final Placements before the start of the season 1. Crown 2. BD 3. BK 4. Cadets 5. Bluecoats 6. SCV 7. BAC 8. Phantom 9. Madison 10. Bluestars 11. Cavaliers 12. Troopers Crown will win Brass and Guard BD will win Visual BK will win General Effect Save your laughter for later, I've heard everyone in the top 6 so far except for the Bluecoats
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    The Great Event transitions into Moonlight Sonata perfectly as it is. As a matter of fact, you can really sense the potential pace of the show with the source music. This is not very often the case, but the pacing through the originals is very good. It is all there for the taking. Looking forward to it.
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    Forgot to add ... this source music is dope.
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    i'm so excited for this, i can't stand the wait.
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    Conclusion of the series. The moment before you die, the reason you're alive, and finally the Human Condition
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    Just to add, they'll only be playing the first movement of Gorgon
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    And for those of you wondering, I have heard that there will be an alteration to the current uniform
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    This show is a musical interpretation of "the great event" by Leonard Cohen. The opener is Rouse's "Gorgon" acting as the event and the rest of the show is the aftermath of said event. Dark, powerful, beautiful.
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    Perhaps I'm misinterpreting the point too, but my guess is that OP is cleverly poking fun at some of the old honks on here who complain about how overly complex show themes are nowadays. Many people complain that they shouldn't have to go online and do research for a modern drum corps show, but OP is showing that the same kind of complexity existed before this millennium too.
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    Blue Knights 2016: "The Great Event" http://ascendperformingarts.org/blue-knights-announce-2016-show-the-great-event/ http://youtu.be/sJjV8hFHCXE?a
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    Ah, I DIDN'T guess the show title. But I was right next to the obvious choice. (Trying to be too clever.)
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    I predict very large crowd's! Don't wait to buy your tickets, just saying. Peace
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    Awesome. Finally some activity here, I was starting to wonder if the rumors were true. Let's hope not. We are planning on being there the whole weekend, for what DCA decides on letting us do is still in there arena. Things change weekly and I will try to keep you up to date with my cryptic posts. Thanks for asking and showing some excitement. Peace
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    Yes, you've noticed. That's the point. The meaning of "making finals" has downsides. If the objective is to create conditions that make it more possible for 19-25 corps to become upwardly mobile, then eliminating the finals-night cutoff makes sense. Because a 12-corps-only Saturday nurtures a "finals or die" culture that incentivizes members to abandon lower-placing corps. Diminish that incentive, and you create conditions that make it more likely that at least some veterans will stay with their original corps, improving their competitive capability. "Finals or die" has the effect of concentrating talent at the top, which creates dazzling top-level corps to be sure, but also contributes to the sclerosis of the competitive rankings. "Finals or die" = nothing changes. There is a nostalgia and gauzy romance around the idea of "making finals." There is a chest-thumping satisfaction to it. But it serves no practical purpose. The 12-corps limit to finals does not encourage greater number of kids to try out for corps. The 12-corps limit on Saturday does not increase revenues to DCI. The 12-corps-only rule does not broaden the appeal of the activity. It does not sell more DVDs. At no other (non-ToC) DCI contest is an arbitrary limit placed on the number of corps competing. The "Top 12" has no reason to exist other than conceit. Do the members of BD care if they beat a field of 11 or a field of 24? I don't think so. Whether they are the 12th or 25th corps of the day to perform, they step off at the same time. The crowd is just as amped up. The stakes are just as high. I don't think Saturday is any more special to them either way. They're out there on Saturday to be No. 1, period. The number of corps behind them is immaterial. Only 2-4 corps go into Saturday with ambitions of winning the championship. All others go into Saturday to finish on top of the grouping of corps in their competitive neighborhood. Expanding the field to 25 on Saturday would not undermine that dynamic; in fact, it would enhance it, giving all corps one "finals" shot at coming out on top of their grouping. Seems to me that makes finals more exciting, not less. The only corps that have a direct stake in "making finals" are the 12th- and 13th-place corps. For all others it is an abstraction. I hear you saying, "Abstraction? It is a point of pride for marching member to be able to claim they march for a 'finalist corps.' Striving for finals is one of the things that promotes excellence in the activity." And that is exactly why it contributes to the "finals or bust" culture. I don't know why a member would have any less pride in the claim that they march for a corps that ranks among the top 5, or top 10, or top 15, or why they would be any less dedicated to excellence, because the objective remains to win a championship -- first among all comers, not merely first among 12. Hey, I don't think this idea has even a snowball's chance. But the OP asked what could help move the 19-25 corps into a more competitive position. Eliminating the arbitrary 12-corps limit to finals would help.
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    so the answer is to let EVERYONE play on saturday? gross. you've just taken the meaning of "making finals" and tossed that out the window.
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    I'll reprise an idea I have expressed elsewhere: Thursday, Prelims: All corps competing for WC championship Friday, Semis: 25 top corps from prelims. Just like it is now. Saturday, Finals: The same 25 corps, in reverse order of Semis placement; defending champion has option to perform last You just put 25 corps on the field on Friday; there's no reason you can't put 25 corps on the field Saturday. Yes, Saturday programming would be longer than it is now. It's 8 hours of drum corps. Doesn't matter. Friday was 8 hours of drum corps, too. Luckily, Saturday is allocated 24 hours of earth rotation, just like Friday. The Saturday event ends at the same time at night as it does under the current 12-corps setup. Maybe the crowd trickles in and only really fills the stands as the top 15 or so begin to compete. Doesn't matter; that's what happens on Friday anyway. You still end up with your champion; you still get the finals-night battle among the top 3-4 corps for that crucial 0.05-point difference. You still get a brass champion, etc. Over the years, you gradually do away with the artificial chasm between 12th and 13th place. The cluster of corps on either side of the 12-13 dividing line can compete naturally on Saturday to see who is the best among their tier. From No.1 thru No. 25, corps compete more organically within their competitive clusters. In that way, you end up with one official champion and several unofficial "champions" within their competitive neighborhoods. Longer term, by diminishing the "finals or bust" mindset, you reduce incentive for members to jump to higher-placing corps. You don't eliminate it, but you reduce it. This is where you increase the potential for 19-25 corps to place higher. More fluidity in the standings. Vinyl LPs, and TV broadcasts, which in the 1970s helped to enforce and ultimately cement into the DCI psyche a 12-corps finals night, no longer are relevant. Everything is streaming and digital. There are no more artificial reasons for a "Top 12," unless there is some law that says the show can begin no earlier than 7 p.m. You sell more hot dogs, more T-shirts You don't sell more tickets, but you can charge more for them on Saturday than you did on Friday -- which happens already. 13 corps get one more payday All age-outs get their finals-night opportunity You probably get more and better post-finals parties Yes, it means the end -- or a significant modification -- of the one and only full-corps retreat of the season. I would miss it. But the gains would far outweigh the losses.
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    They did have the "mojo" so to speak on finals night in '08.
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