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    Stop feeding the troll.
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    Judging by the snippets I've heard, It appears to me that OC is taking on more of a persona this year - i.e. fielding an even more theatrical show under the creative leadership of a bolstered design staff. I look forward to OC growing their brand in 2016.
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    Bluecoats 2006: Connexus This was the first finals I ever went to even though I've followed the activity since 1987, and I absolutely adored this show. It was powerful, heartfelt, and jazzy. It seems like it was the precursor to current Blooo shows, or maybe the second precursor after their 2005 Caravan show. Connexus was their highest ever finish, at 4th, but I still feel like this show was under-rated, as it's not spoken about in the same sentence as the three shows that finished above it that year (BD: Godfather Part Blue, PR: Faust, Cavaliers: Machine).
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    Really? You're more proficient at the English language than Shakespeare?
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    I can tell you for a fact, after working for a group that purchased a design from a visual designer from a top 3 World Class corps... We got the short end of the stick. Because we weren't #1 on their list. We got a piece of garbage that had to be rewritten (by someone else) 5 weeks in because they couldn't be troubled to worry about the little corps or the lack of effectiveness of their design. They just phoned it in, and called in done. So yes, the did give us a way less creative design turd to attempt to glitter and paint.
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    Sounds like a red Haring to me,
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    So we know BK has the most well put together show, that must mean you have seen everyone else's right? Look, they have a fantastic announcement, upward trend, but I always hate those naive, baseless, blanket statements when we have no idea what anyone else is doing. Sometimes a corps with a fantastic announcement and source material falls incredibly flat, and sometimes a corps who seems pretty basic, vague, and boring comes out and shocks us. So yes, they seem to have a great show and are probably going to keep trending upward, but it's way early to be making those kinds of statements. If they jump Vanguard, Bluecoats, AND Cadets, I will quit this site and eat my own two feet. I think they have a shot at Vanguard comparing the two on face value, but until they seriously ramp up visual design and cleanliness and become a caption contender somewhere and not 6th or so across the board, it's going to take more than one or two good seasons to break into that upper echelon. That's also assuming no one behind them improves drastically. Have absolutely loved BK the past two years, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.......
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    This sounds really cool. Wonder if they'll play Moonlight Sonata backwards? Haha. Need to catch up on some of the music, Gorgon is an absolutely sinister and nasty piece in the best of ways. Really excited about this.
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    It's interesting that two groups are performing Pat Metheny songs this summer.... ;)
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    Yes....unlike earlier days, it was a small component of a total show, and it got a lot of disdain on RAMD back then. Loved the "Ragtime" opener.
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    Was just about to post this one.............haha. It's probably absolute blasphemy to say I prefer this over Crown 2015 in terms of presentation of similar themes. I think had the hornline not been rebuilding with a staff change that year and were at the level they are now that show could have pushed much higher than it was. The improvement they made from day one in 2011 is nothing short of astounding, I remember hearing them in the theater and wondering if they were going to make the top 10. Still some brass issues end of season, but they didn't sound like a corps struggling to make finals. 2011 and 2010 are both probably my favorite drill offerings by Pete Weber, that's the definition of organic drill. All sorts of crazy stuff in there, and some pretty clever symbolism in it. That's the first Rennick year, but it sure didn't sound like it. Guard was pretty aggressive and portrayed the themes of that show to a T. The ballad "Eternal Knot" is emotionally stunning, still one I listen to a lot.
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    That one and 98 both IMO, they get completely overshadowed by 1999. 1999 is actually my least favorite of their 1996 - 2004 era, it's still a great show, but I found 1997 and 1998 to be absolutely as entertaining, well designed, and INCREDIBLY difficult. The opening and closing of "Fog City Sketches" are some of my favorite minutes of drum corps, the last two minutes of that show are absolutely gorgeous. That's definitely an all time favorite, can say a lot of similar things about 1998.
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    1997 SCV Yes they got 3rd, but the crowd reaction at the Citrus Bowl both live and on recordings simply do not do that show justice.
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    I too would enjoy hearing new songs played such as these. I'm not that familiar with them as you are, but I tend to like new things never played before, rather than a redo of the classics, so these you cite seem intriguing to me. That said, Corps today do lots of redo of themes ( or like kind themes ) and do rewrite arrangements of song classics. From a quick glance of the 2016 musical programming list with the Corps and their selections, some have been played before. Some songs, with this season's playing, will have now been played as much as a dozen or more times before by Drum Corps. However, they all were rewrites, and all were thus fresh from that standpoint anyway when heard in these previous seasons and with all the previous Corps that played the song, or did the theme again. But yes, I do agree with you that there is lots of untapped music out there, from lots of composers, that DCI Corps, for one reason or another, ( copyrights ? ) has endeavored to not pursue thus far.
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    BK 2012: Avian To me, this show was the beginning of the BK surge. It had it all...great, well-written music, emotional ups and downs, suspense, majesty, well-integrated guard, pit, drumline and brassline. Michael Cesario, that year, called BK's show ahead of it's time and I believe he was correct. It had two defects...1) people didn't understand it and 2) while Sully is a legend, his somewhat outdated show design just wasn't the best for the show and the theme. BK corrected those two deficiencies in the next 3 years...and here they are.
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    The complaints about BD's show title are about as silly as the complaints about Cadets' originally calling their show Stoned. I honestly don't understand the huge fuss
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    Yep being open minded to a given selection that is orchestrated differently sure opens the mind up for inherent enjoyment and pleasure; like this spice here which is certainly a variety in life!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GudkGuBb1ng
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    Old School, but look at Garfield 1977. Absolutely ROCKED!
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    Southwind 2000. Holst, Horner, and Lizt. They had really great arrangements that year and wicked talent in the corps. Shame they were one spot out of finals. The Liszt piece Totentanz was a great closer.
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    Crossmen 1993, Songs for the Planet Earth Part II: A Celebration of Humanity. It gets overlooked in comparison to the prior year, but it serves as an almost perfect sequel show, literally opening right where the original show left off. How could you not make like that guy in the recording and shout "Woooo-hoo-hoo!" as they begin with the strains of Fanfare for the Common Man? The first movement straight up jams, the ballad Koto Song is beautifully haunting, River Music is anthemic and I could whistle Freda for the rest of my life. The remainder of the show summarizes the music from the year before before capping off the show itself. The "question" posed at the end of 1992 is answered in 1993, and then some. https://twitter.com/DrumCorpsClips/status/699518263986774016
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    wow "Sleeping at Last" as a finale... This show is gonna bring people to tears
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    You as a staff are ALWAYS concerned about where your corps and captions place. You don't want the membership to have that idea though. Because there's a lot of it that's out of their control. I would say that very few corps stress placement to the members. It does you no good. However, you do want to design the best possible package to set your membership up for success.
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    Here's my baseless and pointless prediction, just for fun: 1. Blue Devils 2. Bluecoats (don't even know what the show is, but that design team of theirs is awesome and they're becoming the "cool" destination corps for a lot of talent much like the Cavies were in the early to mid 2000's) 3. Carolina Crown 4. Santa Clara Vanguard 5. Cadets (sorry Cadets, it's an even year) 6. Blue Knights 7. Phantom Regiment 8. Blue Stars 9. Cavaliers 10. Boston Crusaders 11. Madison Scouts 12. Troopers
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    I spent time yesterday contemplating the OP's question. For some reason [maybe because of my love for WI & DCM back in the day] I selected one corps' scoring history the previous 25 years. I saw this corps play in exhibition at Navy Pier Chicago many summers ago [2005 I think], I think it was late June. I told my wife: "this corps has resurgence written all over it!" Sure enough, they went Div 1 & 14th in semis in '06, 14th in semis in '07, and 8th in finals in '08. I remember seeing them for the first time in Whitewater in 1978, and I've always enjoyed what they do. Blue Stars.
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    Sign up for TSA PreCheck ... its $85 but so worth it.
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    I am basing this off of what I have seen and heard and right now, I am more impressed by what BK is doing than I am with SCV or the Cadets
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    This show and BD have me the most excited so far! Source music for this one seems amazing
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    "BK has the most well pit together show this year" Seriously?
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    I agree with your GE and placement choices. BK has a very interesting show that is put together well. Everything makes sense and is put where it is perfectly, and it's a continuation of the last two shows. I could go on and on about their program, but that's for a different thread. Gonna be an awesome year for BK, along with many others!!
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    Final Placements before the start of the season 1. Crown 2. BD 3. BK 4. Cadets 5. Bluecoats 6. SCV 7. BAC 8. Phantom 9. Madison 10. Bluestars 11. Cavaliers 12. Troopers Crown will win Brass and Guard BD will win Visual BK will win General Effect Save your laughter for later, I've heard everyone in the top 6 so far except for the Bluecoats
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    The Great Event transitions into Moonlight Sonata perfectly as it is. As a matter of fact, you can really sense the potential pace of the show with the source music. This is not very often the case, but the pacing through the originals is very good. It is all there for the taking. Looking forward to it.
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    Forgot to add ... this source music is dope.
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    i'm so excited for this, i can't stand the wait.
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    Conclusion of the series. The moment before you die, the reason you're alive, and finally the Human Condition
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    Just to add, they'll only be playing the first movement of Gorgon
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    And for those of you wondering, I have heard that there will be an alteration to the current uniform
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    Perhaps I'm misinterpreting the point too, but my guess is that OP is cleverly poking fun at some of the old honks on here who complain about how overly complex show themes are nowadays. Many people complain that they shouldn't have to go online and do research for a modern drum corps show, but OP is showing that the same kind of complexity existed before this millennium too.
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    How about after Atlanta, no scores are released. At finals on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday would scores and rankings be announced. To me the intrigue and back and conversation (not to mention trash talk) would be priceless. Attendance would increase because of the mystery. I'm sure this has been brought up before. Just curious from those in the know, what would be the detriment of something like this?
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    Blue Knights 2016: "The Great Event" http://ascendperformingarts.org/blue-knights-announce-2016-show-the-great-event/ http://youtu.be/sJjV8hFHCXE?a
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    I predict very large crowd's! Don't wait to buy your tickets, just saying. Peace
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    so the answer is to let EVERYONE play on saturday? gross. you've just taken the meaning of "making finals" and tossed that out the window.
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    I'll reprise an idea I have expressed elsewhere: Thursday, Prelims: All corps competing for WC championship Friday, Semis: 25 top corps from prelims. Just like it is now. Saturday, Finals: The same 25 corps, in reverse order of Semis placement; defending champion has option to perform last You just put 25 corps on the field on Friday; there's no reason you can't put 25 corps on the field Saturday. Yes, Saturday programming would be longer than it is now. It's 8 hours of drum corps. Doesn't matter. Friday was 8 hours of drum corps, too. Luckily, Saturday is allocated 24 hours of earth rotation, just like Friday. The Saturday event ends at the same time at night as it does under the current 12-corps setup. Maybe the crowd trickles in and only really fills the stands as the top 15 or so begin to compete. Doesn't matter; that's what happens on Friday anyway. You still end up with your champion; you still get the finals-night battle among the top 3-4 corps for that crucial 0.05-point difference. You still get a brass champion, etc. Over the years, you gradually do away with the artificial chasm between 12th and 13th place. The cluster of corps on either side of the 12-13 dividing line can compete naturally on Saturday to see who is the best among their tier. From No.1 thru No. 25, corps compete more organically within their competitive clusters. In that way, you end up with one official champion and several unofficial "champions" within their competitive neighborhoods. Longer term, by diminishing the "finals or bust" mindset, you reduce incentive for members to jump to higher-placing corps. You don't eliminate it, but you reduce it. This is where you increase the potential for 19-25 corps to place higher. More fluidity in the standings. Vinyl LPs, and TV broadcasts, which in the 1970s helped to enforce and ultimately cement into the DCI psyche a 12-corps finals night, no longer are relevant. Everything is streaming and digital. There are no more artificial reasons for a "Top 12," unless there is some law that says the show can begin no earlier than 7 p.m. You sell more hot dogs, more T-shirts You don't sell more tickets, but you can charge more for them on Saturday than you did on Friday -- which happens already. 13 corps get one more payday All age-outs get their finals-night opportunity You probably get more and better post-finals parties Yes, it means the end -- or a significant modification -- of the one and only full-corps retreat of the season. I would miss it. But the gains would far outweigh the losses.
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    My Predictions for the 2016 Season Top 3 in any particular order: Carolina Crown - Relentless Blue Devils - As Dreams Are Made On The Cadets - Stoned 4 - 6 in any particular order: Bluecoats - TBA Santa Clara Vanguard - Force of Nature Blue Knights - The Great Event 7 - 9 in any particular order: Madison Scouts - Judas Phantom Regiment - TBA Boston Crusaders - Quixotic 10 - 12 in any particular order: The Cavaliers - Propaganda Crossmen - Continuum Blue Stars - Le Reve 13 - 15 in any particular order: Troopers - Hero The Academy - Drum Corps Bride Oregon Crusaders - Hunted 16 - 18 in any particular order: Spirit of Atlanta - Georgia Pacific Crest - Union Pacific Colts - Nachtmusik 19 - 22 in any particular order: Madarins - TBA Jersey Surf - Ebb & Flow Cascades - O Pioneer - St. Joan of Arc
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    OC jumped up a couple spots last year. It's pretty difficult to move up two years in a row. However, recruiting has been super solid this year--way ahead of last year. The staff is stable, with a couple good additions. This should be a positive year, regardless of placement.
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