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    Blue Stars look to have a done a good job this off-season. New percussion arrangers, but guys who have been with the corps for awhile. Bring back the brass arranger from what was probably their best run of shows, 2008-2010. Put a design team together that has a history of working together. Maintained their day in, day out technical staff. Looking for good things out of the corps next season.
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    i'v been out of it for awhile just found out sacktig is with crown not bad. not bad at all
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    I was a Zombie in "Dance of the Dead" (indie movie). Apparently heavy metal soothes zombies. Front ensembles with guitars may be safe after all. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0926063/
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    Behind the scenes clip: Which section survives the Zombie Apocalypse? http://www.fuse.tv/videos/2016/10/clash-of-the-corps-zombie-apocalypse My vote: Color Guard -- they are the only ones with weapons.
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    As per http://corpsreps.com/ - August 20, 1981 DCI World Championships Class A and All-Girl Finals ALL GIRL Les Chatelaines Lavel, QUE Arbella Salem, MA St. Ignatius Hicksville NY Ventures Kitchener, ONT St. John's Brantford, ONT CLASS A Southernairs Wilmington, NC Fantasia III Little Falls, NJ Pioneer Milwaukee, WI Dutch Boy Kitchener, ONT Les Etoiles Dorion Vaudreuil L'Acadie, QUE DCI finals? - check. Top 12? - check. 2 corps from same city? - check. Kitchener Ontario - this city is one of the winners of this quiz! Honorable mention? I googled distance between laval and L'Acadie and the search returned 25 KM. I also googled distance between Kitchener and Brantford and the search returned 47 KM. 47 KM is approx. 29 miles and 25 KM is approx. 15 miles and across a big river. The runner up is Les Chatelaines and Les Etoiles Dorion Vaudreuil. Congratulations to all!
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    And in 1984 and '85, the DCI champion (Garfield Cadets) and DCA champ (Hawthorne Caballeros) were from towns that are barely 10 miles apart.
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    Kind of like in Bullet when Steve McQueen burns out on Mullins drive in Bernal Heights and then is zooming down near North Beach.
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    Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima by Penderecki
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