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    If a corps was to do "Hamilton" on a beach setting, that would be "Hamilton Beach"....It would make for a nice "blend" of music.
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    I hate to say it, but this sounds like a step back from the last two seasons. To add to what another poster mentioned, they have recently been straying away from their Irish roots with the 2015 and 2016 shows and I commend them for that. Now, not only are they doing music that has been done too many times in the marching arts, but they're adding an Irish flavor to it, which doesn't really make any sense. Stating that Valjean was rumored to be part Irish (rather than actually being part Irish) doesn't exactly help the theme. I could very well be wrong, but I don't see this kind of show working out in their favor.
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    And, for the opposing viewpoint, we present Stephen F Austin. Don't need no stinkin' pedal carts here! One of the most beautifully designed guards-without-flags I've ever seen, that's for sure. They just jump off the field. And the winds and drums - oooh-la-la - tasty!
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    I mean, 2005 was about a bunch of guys fighting over women. By the end, every female character on the field had died, leaving only the men the survive. That's pretty macho.....
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    Cute, incapable of answering simple questions with actual answers, and then following it with an attempt at calling me childish and/or young. Almost as adorable as when you critique the wording and punctuation of some posters, but only yourself to those same standards when it's convenient. Maybe I should pull one from your playbook though and claim cyber bullying on your post. No, I'll just see if you have the information that backs up your assumptions about Madison show themes and their foundations.
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    This is exactly why we can't have nice things.
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    yes, for the short while her daughter was there; her stints at Avant Garde and L.I. Kingsmen preceded that. We once joked with her how many zillions of band-aids and etc. she distributed during "her" DCI career. She was named DCI's Volunteer of the Year one season; well deserved. P.S. I forgot to credit Mrs. Laurie Van Doren who was the nurse for Carolina Crown the years Evan and Carrie marched. Mrs. DVD had much to do with starting the DCI Medical Committee.
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    .....and let's not forget the tremendous job Gino did with the Syracuse Brigadiers. Thank you, again, Gino.
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    I'm back for a short while 'cause I'm short. If I fall, I'm close to the ground. No worries. I scanned this in 2009, did auto correct and posted today. I like this 1970's photo. Hope you do too.
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    The Blue Devils have a Health and Wellness Team that includes physical therapists, paramedics, nurses, and doctors (many of whom are alumni).
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    Because Blue Devils didn't win. They can't ALWAYS be on the cover! ;-)
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    I just hate everything about that video, from the go-carts to what's being taught to the kids to the reinforcement that marching performance must be a circus to be enjoyed or score well. Arms race, indeed.
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    now, we just need to combine the two......RAMPS + GO CARTS!!!!! Evil Kenevil meets TILT?
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    Also, I think they should begin exploring new applications for traditional instruments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b76ao2j49w
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    Here we go Long story short. In the last century, I was involved with drum corps 1968 - 1979 (in Ontario and Alberta), watched DCI finals in Birmingham, Denver and Miami and started to reminisce about drum corps in 2006 with the help of a wonderful reunion and the internet. Throughout the past 10 years, there were many web sites started to celebrate our drum corps. I managed to keep a copy of a few photos before this web site became inactive. (Also trying to make sure my photobucket account is active (too many popups imo lol)) LaSalle Cadets 1968
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