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    My daughter's band, Ronald Reagan High School (from San Antonio) is traveling to Indy this week-- they don't have any go-carts, but they DO have a front stage. :) It's actually going to be a hectic week for them. They have the first round of state UIL tomorrow, then hopefully Finals the next day, then a flight out to Indy on Thursday. (Lots of planning and packing going on in this household right now...) This has been an interesting thread for me. I've been out of the marching band scene for a LONG time and have always just assumed that the creative flow was a trickle down from drum corps to the high school level but is that still the case? Or was it ever? Interesting.
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    Would anyone object if I threw George Parks into the discussion? I know DCA but a real legend.
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    And that is probably an accurate feeling that not only D&BC fans/alumni are thinking, but those who have no clue of D&BC stopped watching weeks ago. The sponsors must really be disappointed.
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    HIGHLY doubtful. Same brass staff (unless something changed that I don't know about), and they have one of the best drill writers in the activity in Jeff Sacktig.
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    Well, I marched Cavaliers in the mid-1970s. :) Mike (fame over fortune)
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