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  1. The 1992 BD drum majors had 10 letters between their two names...Al Go and Dan Ray. That has to be a record. Z
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  2. Finally. Some ACTUAL Cadets' show music! SOOO much better to hear.
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  3. From talking to a number of Cadets 2016 members and staff, the show is painting a pretty accurate picture of the corps. isn't that what everyone was hoping for?
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  4. I know some here are getting very little out of this show. I am one of those as well. However, my daughter is enjoying it a little bit. She recently turned 14 and is interested in DC guard in the future. She just joined her HS Band color guard and is doing OK for having zero experience. The Clash is giving her a little insight to DC summer life she otherwise would have no knowledge of. So far nothing has scared her off, but neither Cadets or BD is grabbing her interest. She has always liked Phantom and Boston. So who knows where she'll go with this. For me, I can't put my finger on what's mi
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  5. Nothing sticks out to me for that, but 2nd vs 1st is not all that big a drop, except for BD.
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  7. Some alumni might even pay you to take them!
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