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    I think all corps should just stay quiet about their 2017 shows until they are unveiled in June.
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    Have to say it's nice to hear some drum corps. :) Hope they can pick up where they left off last year.
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    Could be that their admin decided that all members of the corps need to be legal adults. Might have a large impact on supervision needs and contractual requirements with the member..
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    I like opening my presents in late June. I have zero problem with the lack of winter cell phone videos ... but that's just me.
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    Keep hyping man. Gotta counteract the ice bucket brigade!
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    The Reading Buccaneers family is thrilled to share the announcement below about the 2017 Pagoda Award honoring the corps for 60 years of Excellence in the Arts! Please join us on April 3 for the award ceremony and a special performance by the great Al Chez and The Brothers of Funk Big Band! Details in the announcement. BERKS ARTS COUNCIL ANNOUNCES THE READING BUCCANEERS AS RECIPIENT OF THE 2017 PAGODA AWARD Pagoda Award and special concert by Al Chez and the Brothers of Funk Big Band to be held Monday, April 3, 2017, at DoubleTree by Hilton Reading as part of the 27th annual Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. Reading - Berks Arts Council will honor Berks County’s championship drum and bugle corps, the Reading Buccaneers, with the 2017 Pagoda Award for Excellence in the Arts for 60 years of unparalleled performance excellence at 7:00 p.m., Monday, April 3, at DoubleTree by Hilton Reading. The Pagoda Award coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Reading Buccaneers and the 30th anniversary of the Buccaneer Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps. Berks Arts Council Board President Lee Olsen stated: “I am proud to announce that Berks Arts Council chose to commemorate the Reading Buccaneers. We are thrilled to recognize the Bucs 60 years of exceptional work.” Reading Buccaneers director Lou Tierno said: "On behalf of six decades of Buccaneers, I thank the Berks Arts Council for this incredible honor. We are proud to have represented the Greater Reading area for the past 60 years, and we have valued our long association with the Berks Arts Council. To receive this recognition from the local arts community is particularly gratifying.” Pagoda Award Chairperson Kevin Barnhardt added: “I have spent a lot of time with the Buccaneers over the past year, and I am inspired by the energy and commitment to Artistic Excellence that this corps has shown.” The Awards Ceremony will include a special Berks Jazz Fest performance to honor the “Bucs” with Buccaneers alumnus Al Chez performing with his band -- The Brothers of Funk Big Band. Karen Haver, Berks Arts Council Executive Director, shared: “With the long history of production support from the Reading Buccaneers for the Berks Jazz Fest, we felt that the fest was the ideal time to honor the Bucs. Including the concert and awards in the fest allows us to really create a special celebration.” Chez has a long and storied career with multiple ensembles in Drum Corps Associates and Drum Corps International, including the Buccaneers. He is best known for his 25-year stint on trumpet and flugelhorn playing on Late Night with David Letterman and the Late Show with David Lettermen. In 1979, Chez joined forces with Jon Bon Jovi to create the band the Atlantic City Expressway, playing in clubs on the Jersey Shore. Chez went on to play with Tower of Power, Robert Cray Band, Spyro Gyra, Sting, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi, Cee-Lo Greene, Snoop Dog, James Brown and many others before joining Paul Shaffer and the Late Night Orchestra. Al Chez and The Brothers of Funk Big Band are not your typical big band. In 2008 Chez met up with musicians Jimmy Steele and Jarred Streiff and the result was Al Chez and The Brothers of Funk Big Band, which has reinvented the big band sound by changing up classic rock, soul, jazz and standard music to a unique and powerful sound. Along with its unique musical arrangements of rock-soul -- jazz-blues standards and original tunes, Chez's stratospheric trumpet playing and soulful vocals make for a magical and memorable show. Chez started his musical career at the age of 9 when he joined his local drum corps. Chez still donates his time to drum corps activity, working with many corps and bands. The Pagoda Awards and special concert will be presented on Monday, April 3 at DoubleTree by Hilton Reading. For more information visit PagodaAwards.com. Tickets for the Award Ceremony and concert are $25 and are available through PagodaAwards.com, BerksJazzFest.com, Santander Arena Box Office, or by calling ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000, or Ticketmaster outlets. For more information, please contact the Berks Arts Council at 610-898-1930. The first Pagoda Award was presented to the late Gertrude Sternbergh in 1993 in recognition of her valuable contribution to the arts in Berks County. Over the past 20 years, the awards were expanded to include multiple recipients celebrating contributions to the arts through excellence, patronage, and leadership. Over 30 individuals have been presented since the award’s inception
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    I just came back from the camp site and I realized a mistake was made, they have one 15 year old, a vets who I was staying with gave me the wrong info last night. To be honest, I was actually excited to hear the Scouts having some younger kids because I see no reason why they should be rejected based on their age if they're capable, something I experienced back in the day. But one thing I will say is, their opener is a home run and the ballad is unbelievably emotionally driven! The opener is really intense and the shaping of the balled reminded me a lot of 91/95 BD's ballad! This is show in my opinion, have a deep Madison root within. Their brass caption head is pretty awesome and was doing a great job running the rehearsal, over all very efficient and effective. I think you guys will be in for a surprise!!! Also they have a new group of marching staff with plenty of experience from another world group and they have been working the kids hard to clean up their feet. From what I have seen, you'll guys will be in for a treat! I have always wondered about the rehearsal schedule of the Mid West and East Coast groups during winter. West Coast groups are some what spoiled with the nice weather they have. And eye opening experience.
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    This is pretty #### good.
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    I don't want to hear any music or see what the uniforms look like until the theater broadcast. HOWEVER, I'd totally be intrigued if a few subtle hints were dropped over the next few months
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    It's just nice to hear something! :) Obviously nothing to base anything off of. I'm hyping a little (if that's okay) because I've been really excited to hear what they're doing. They made me fall in love with drum corps in 2010 and that design team is back together so I couldn't be more ecstatic to see what they come up with.
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    From Twitter: Our recent live video was "Away" by Jay Bocook -- dedicated to our long time volunteer Del who passed during the weekend. We love you, Del.
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    This sentiment of yours does not surprise me at all...I've read it on here in one form or another for the last decade...every year without fail...the demise of both BK and BAC...perhaps a little less about BK recently as they've moved up the food chain in recent years and more about Boston as they have trended downward...although still an 18 year straight DCI finalist which only 5 active other corps of all-time can claim btw... I find it just a bit comical that you are complaining about what video coverage DCI desires to showcase as a reason to dislike a particular corps...this is very common practice for DCI to showcase certain elements in a corps show from year to year...I didn't bother with watching multi-cam...so I didn't even see that excessive coverage this past season that you are complaining about...You should just watch the coverage of a past 2013 TOC buffalo show a few years back...that had poor audio quality and just awful and embarrassing video closeups...that show was not covered by Tom Blair who does DCI finals etc...It was only after that show that I realized that I took for granted how wonderful the coverage by his team truly was for drum corps... I see that you have since revised your opinion/reasoning to be that you feel Madison was slighted in a victory...it was a razor-thin margin btw...perhaps if this was decades past for me I might feel the same way towards certain corps that I was competing against...definitely not Madison though as I have fond memories mingling with members of Madsion when I marched with Boston...so in essence we were really all great friends...
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    Tom Blair and company are in charge of what shots they take.
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    It's up to Cadets. If they design a great show, they'll do well. Percussion will be outstanding, guard should improve nicely since they got back some previous designers that are very strong and Cadets alumni, and brass should be fine. It's all design.
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    I think "like challenged" is better.
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    The name sounds familiar. I think he's a Russian .
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    Hard to tell, in context with your other comments in this thread. Your humor is noted.
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    I am not a fan of the NEW BK. The last show I liked of theirs was "That One Second", it had some really cool parts that I enjoyed. Neither "Because..." or "The Great Event" were anywhere near as good. The new BK...all of the brass chords are weird nothing really makes much sense to me , I think it just an acquired taste. Plus, I really liked the old BK. I have a MUCH dumber reason for disliking BAC. It is mainly, because of the PPP girl. At first it was cool she was that into it like most pit members are. I got really upset though that DCI would pan to the PPP girl throughout the entire show at semis. I mean BAC had a good run, but so did Madison. I thought Madison would be in finals. I thought it was wrong whenever BAC made finals. Note: I dont actually dislike these corps, but I dont want to see them in finals next year.
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    Probably the best in the buisness, prefferably Sacktigainestevebrubakergali.
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    I highly doubt he is gonna get involved with DCI and just do/suggest another one of his BOA type shows. Maybe some elements but it'll be elevated on a MUCH higher level if there are some things he uses in both. They have been incredibly dull visually as of late, I'm hoping he can be a big influence there cause he knows how to make a show have a "look". I say be bold and go for it on a show. Don't play it safe! 4 years of safe hasn't done much of anything.
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    Just like with most things "WHO" decides what is " Cadets" because I can remember way back to the 70s former Cadets saying " It wasn't Cadets anymore ( show wise ) Some have mentioned what they thought Cadets were known for BUT I ask , Is it what someone is known for or those of a certain time comfortable with. I think corps will decide who and what they are today and moving forward , if they choose to reference back to their history,( as they should ) that's great but they decide and there are many , imo more important ways to do this like teaching their history ( which they do ) a respect of others ( which they do ) discipline ( which they have) I can go on and on. The rest of it , or colors, is not who a corps is imo just what they pick for a show or wear.
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    I know the Cadets are in the shako of silence, but I've started hoping for Russian hackers to leak some tidbits of info. I'm so weak!
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    Well said. (And the eight ball might be more accurate than some posters here!!) It seems that some folks are just throwing buckets of cold water everywhere! If a poster wants to make an argument from facts, they are free to do so. If a poster wants to just hype a corps, they are ALSO free to so.. I personally feel PR may indeed improve this season. My reasons : Cartwright+Moreno+Pitts.
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    Bluecoats: unplugged Boston Crusaders: A love letter to George Hopkins
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    So I'm adding some icing to the cake....Their opener is from Bartok with some interesting Advant-Garde jazz. I like what I'm hearing so far. For those who remembers the end of their 1997 show with that glorious 45 second FFFFFFFF hold, with the drum major picking up his camera and took bunch of photos of the audience jizzing all over themselves in the stadium??? I told them it's time to bring that back!!!!
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