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    What I do know I can not say. I will not disrespect the org or embarrass my son. Trust me when I say this hornline is off the hook!
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    Great talk with the staff tonight. No specific show details but lots of information. Drew says they are going with a larger tuba and baritone section. Will be marching euphoniums as well
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    A nice look back at the past 11 years of DCI Southeastern Championships at Atlanta's Georgia Dome. Seems like just yesterday that my wife and I picked Dan Acheson and a couple of other DCI folks up at the airport and took them to their first meeting with the Dome administration to discuss the possibility of hosting a drum corps show. https://spark.adobe.com/page/LAbKv4wTtX1lD/?DB_OEM_ID=33500
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    Highland Regiment is getting evaluated this weekend.
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    Going for that deeper bass sound after years of trumpet and Mello dominated brass lines.
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    I don't mind them doing a costume. I mind that costume being just a thin layer of patterned spandex...
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    Academic Festival Overture Southwind did it in '01, as did the Royal Grenediers decades before, but it screams for a Cadets, Crown, or PHANTOM REGIMENT production. The whole piece is just over 11 minutes, has a brooding opener, and a glorious full-blown closer, with tons of fun stuff in the middle. I've been waiting, literally, forever for a top-12 corps to do a full-blown production of it. (Oh, and SCV may do it justice as well because they're so good at "full-blown productions".)
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    Symphonie Fantastique. Enough said.
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    Southern Knights passed evaluation,................any word on Centurians, Highland Regiment, Solaris, Legacy or CMCC Warriors for this season?
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    Congrads to the Southern Knights ,welcome to DCA
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    OT a bit, but a quick, hopefully humorous story (I'm never quite sure....LOL) about the "marching while home on leave" thing... 1970, my older brother Lenny was with the Manville, NJ, Sacred Heart Crusaders junior corps.... my dad, myself, and Lenny's twin brother Marty went to see them at the World Open in Lynn, MA. Marty was with the Air Force and was home on leave. Lenny and Marty were identical twins. Really identical. Unless you were immediate family, you could not tell them apart back then. Long story shorter... at a nighttime rehearsal up there in MA, Marty snuck into the drill in Lenny's spot... of course, Marty had absolutely no idea what the drill was.... and for a period of time drove the corps' director and drill guy crazy, until the switchup was revealed. LOL.
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    "Military Marchers, the 1960's": I remember seeing corps armed forces members home on leave, marching in their military uniforms back in the Viet Nam war era. There was a picture of Skyliner Sol Anthony marching with his corps in his Army tans in DCN, and Frank Dorritte marching with Sunrisers in his. Elphaba
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    The name sort of reminds me of the Univ Michigan's College Basketball's " FAB 5 " from back in the 1990's.(haha) If this clip above is what BD will draw upon as source material, its got lots of musical promise for BD this season, imo. These Russian " FAB 5 " Classical Composers composed some recognizable classics, imo.
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    Yes we are Larry. We passed evaluation. Rochester will get to see the Southern Knights this year!
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    If ever piece cried out for Crown....
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    two words Belshazzar's Feast
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    It was in the original production of Phantom.
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