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    What in the hell is going on with this thread
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    It's kinda funny ... I have been reading this thread for the last several pages and didn't realize I was on the Cadets' thread. I could have sworn I was on Boston's thread. DCP is so fluid sometimes... So how about that Mass?
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    I wonder if we'll get some vintage SCV follow the leader drill for any stretches in this show. You know...very serpent-like but a nod to their past. For example the end of The Canyon in the '99 show.
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    I hear your logic but I just don't see it happening (which in the end is probably a good thing).
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    there will be some discussion about which version of "The Triumph of Time" is better, BD's or SCV's.
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    1. (tie) BD and SCV, even though this could never happen due to that stupid GE rule 2. Cadets 3. Cavies 4. Crown 5. Bloo 6. BAC 7. BK 8. Madison 9. Colts 10. Blue Stars 11. Crossmen 12. PR
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    It will be interesting to watch how things develop. They certainly should be able to move up in 2016 based on design alone. Despite the BAC homers here on DCP being in full denial, there are some very high expectations from some staff who've moved over from other corps. And certainly at least one segment of performers has heard very clearly some of those expectations while they were "encouraged" to sign on with a new corps. Will those expectation be met? How will things play out? Only time will tell.
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    shh.. you're ruining the narrative. (and your "read" is quite accurate). i'm not surprised the BAC gang tried to twist it into something far more evil. but that's how they roll -- they see G7's in every corner and have an overwhelming urge to vanquish them to the nether regions (kind of like their show last year!) . probably fits quite well with this year's product was well:
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    Costumes not uniforms. Being debuted to the public on June 24 Cream and Maroon is the basic color scheme I would expect a more "indoor look" for the Cadets this season
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    It's 90% about the writing a good book and the ability to clean. Not the talent. If cadets have a radically improved and more varied /interesting written book their guard will be competitive. If not, it does not matter how talented the guard is ......
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    99 was my favorite outcome. I was beside myself with joy. I love these two drum corps.
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    lol -- not expand on the hop comment. i thought that was self-evident i meant why you're predicting 5 to 8 for Boston.
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    I love love love what Markworth did for Crossmen last year.
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    That is a good point that I haven't considered! I have no idea what the MMs are thinking about this. Also, I don't know the specific circumstances that caused these moves to unfold, so that why I'm taking a more macro view of the situation. I'm sure you know more about the specifics than I could hope to know.
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    Spirit of Atlanta show announcement is scheduled for 3 p.m. Thursday, May 18.
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    I don't know. It's been pretty gray here the past few days.
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    In 100 days time we will be crossing the pond to the United States of America for our 4th tour! Previously we have travelled over in 2010, 2012 and 2015 which created many special memories that we treasure dearly. This summer we will be once again competing on the Drum Corps Associates circuit which will include performing at a show in Reading, PA before heading up to Rochester, NY for the DCA World Championships. We look forward to seeing everyone out in the States and we hope you enjoy our 2017 production entitled Montagues & Capulets!
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    Absolutely. Its amazing what that practice site has produced for the Blue Devils all these years there. Its a veritable " Field of Dreams".
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    i can assure you they are there. increase your altitude!
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    Only if his honey do list is done.
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    I posted this on the SCV thread yesterday when someone there raised the issue of both NoCal corps playing the same source music. "DCi directors know what each other's corps will be playing or so has been the practice at a winter discussion meeting for years now. There is a favorite story about Royer, and others arguing about the same picks well back in the '80's. As a result Vanguard changed their program mid winter. With the current licensing requirements and monies involved for that I would presume the close door, no disclosure discussion still takes place" That's my experience and I'm sticking with it..
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    Keen competition on the field, with potentially more Corps involved is a welcome " change ", imo. We say how much we like to see " change ", well perhaps we'll get some competition change like we have not seen in some time.. up and down the ladder of DCI too. Thats something to celebrate and embrace, imo... and my sense is that most fans in Drum Corps think so too, Tobias.
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    The problem with music composed for drum corps (with some notable exceptions) is simply that music with only one purpose is not as high quality or as thoughtful as music meant to be heard and performed in multiple contexts. It's usually composed in a much more rushed timeframe, less of it is composed (only enough to fit the show), and is written under severe constraints in order to fit the visual program. In fact, much drum corps original music comes across as "sound effects" that serve as a background to whatever drill move or body movement is being performed.
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    One of the main recruiting tools for a lot of DCA corps is exactly that . They get a few really good kids that way. "Would you like to be in an organization where you're with people who want to be there and their Mom and Dad don't make them as well as compete?"
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    More Cadets Brass to Crown than anywhere else. (4). BD got (2). Very few followed Gino to Boston. Most vets just sitting out and I suspect you may get a few jumping back to Cadets if spots open due to injury. No offense but if they were leaving Cadets, it was going to be for a top corps. BAC will be strong IMO this season, but not top 3. I think we see BAC become a threat to top 5 in 2018. Certainly laying the foundation to become a powerhouse.
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    I love SCVC every year......best of luck to your son. I'm just as excited to see what the Cadets are doing as their big brother.
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    Yes, both Corps will be playing " The Triumph of Time ", Terri, but fortunately for both, they'll not be playing it at the same time, and thats a triumph of sorts.
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    All the works I mentioned above are original music, composed expressly for drumcorps shows. So it's composed music, not arranged from another composer. The first two examples are whole shows of original music composed for the field.
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    Absolutely. I agree. Not all music by every composer is a hit.
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    I am being mean, sorry Tekk! Here's some normal colorguard stuff from waaaay back! I now see that it's not a mop. ...and I've managed to get BD stuff posted on Crown's thread. Sorry!
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    Corps do compose music for themselves here and there, but it's easier to go with proven works that are known to be effective on the field. A Florida Suite & Related Excerpts - Robert Smith et al. ( Suncoast Sound -'85 - '89, Madison Scouts -2011) Four Corners, Spin Cycle, Frameworks, Parts of Niagra Falls - Saucedo et al. ( Cavaliers early 2k) Images Diabolique - Tom Grant ( Cavaliers '89) The Blue Stars - Saucedo, George Ryan ( 2012, 2014, 2015) Boston Crusaders - George, Ryan; Hampton Ellis (2015) Madison Scouts - O2, Hope & Despair ( Boerma, Pourcho, Sparling) Pouland for SCV C BD B and Meehan ...there's a ton of original music; too much to list.
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    Is the first bit of this show "Interplay for Piano Four Hands and Orchestra", David Gillingham?
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    guard should get a good book. eric b. back , mike zablocki super talented.
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    just checked in to the "crown brass to boston" story -- one kid did go there. he was an alternate for 2 years at crown / never saw the field. also had someone text me " one perc followed colin from cadets to boston". so...yeah. you hear crazy stuff from all sorts on here.
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    I'm excited. It feels like they're ready to really go for it, and if that means a new and HEAVEN FORBID *modern* uniform, bring it on.
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    Based on the Cali corps program announcements, it seems that the lessons learned from the last few years are - - Visually, Bluecoats showed you can move to dance/athletic wear and the audience and judges seem ok with it. - Musically, Crown has proven everyone must put a British brass band piece in their program now? Mike
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    parse away it's context dependent is all i'm saying. i think if we put away our pride for just a moment, it's clear that there's no real difference between using costume and uniform in the context of dci. you have snarky people like me who use costume as a pejorative for what we're seeing the corps proper with most orgs today, but of course it's a uniform as well. i'm just a language geek. as for the cop thing, put nyc cops into blooo's "uniforms" from last year, and exactly nobody would say "ooooh, the NYC Police department changed their uniforms," they would say "why are NYC Police all wearing costumes?" as I said, context-dependent. again, i'm just a language geek, and i fully understand how absurd this is. it's friday, and i'm bored.
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    I like the concept Guards and indoor groups figured this out years ago. Show based uniforms help tell a story, and if done right, help with the final score. As the Coats said in 2010 "the future is now" and the flood gates have opened.
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    Ummm ... we saw Bluecoats costumes from last year WITH context, and they still sucked,
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    If FloMarching covers anything this summer nice Drummantx will go bye bye super fast.
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    The kids that do Drum Corps are pretty special in every way, imo.
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    What do I look forward to? Watching my daughter and her friends soak up the Allentown DCI experience. It makes me shiver to think what effect this activity has on young folks. High school marching band gets them started (and they did pretty good last year at MetLife) and DCI just brings it all to another level. Not a lot of them can pull off a DCI Corps summer, but there are a couple with contracts this year. (Note: none of them will give me ANY Cadets info.) Kudos and admiration to anyone who gets to experience the MM life. It's wonderful how these kids grow and develop their skills...not just musical and physical ones but the mental and emotional ones as well. For the next five years, my high school kids will keep me in the Pit Crew, pulling speakers, fixing props and giving/getting high fives from them and their fellow band members, no matter how well they do at a given show. And nowhere have I heard more "thank yous" than at the end of the night, when they get off the bus to see that the Pit guys have already gotten the drums out of the trailer and put them away for them. Makes me realize that maybe, just maybe, these youngsters are gonna be pretty good grownups. My $0.02
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    No no. I was warning everyone about that insidious fiend, DrumManTx. Never trust anyone that nice! lol
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    Marching with my second family at Southwind :)
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    Baby No. 2 is arriving end of June! So that's pretty cool. If we're talking drum corps related, because a new baby means no drum corps shows this summer, we hooked up the main server computer at the house to the big screen with the good sound system so I can watch every live broadcast in style. Also probably going to upgrade the TV from the 55" to the 65". Altogether, should make for a nice compromise until I can pack up the whole family and take them to a show in 2018.
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