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    Congratulations to the Cadets for an amazing season. It may not have shown up in the form of a medal, but this show was a real winner in my opinion. I am a Cadets veteran who marched in the 1980s, and do consider myself 'old-school' - so I typically don't like vocals and amplifiaction, etc. But I have to say that this Cadets show was groundbreaking in how it seamlessly (and successfully) brought so many elements together in a production that really blew me away. I will admit that early in the season, I was underwhelmed by the show. But the growth that happened both creatively and from a membership standpoint (I understand there were a LOT of rookies) was incredible. This turned into one of my favorite shows this season - and one my favorite Cadets shows ever. Normally I wouldn't have posted this. But Cadets members are likely seeing a lot positive and negative comments about the show on this forum, and I thought they should be congratulated for an amazing job pulling off a classic show. I am not a fan of vocals or changes to the Cadets uniform. And I am also not religious. And STILL I loved this show!!!! Well done 2017 Cadets!!!
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    I really hope Crown goes back to the storytelling type of shows that they have done so well in the past. Other than the Bach, this year's show was a total miss for me.
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    Nope. Bernstein has plenty of material to pull from. Cadets need to put something new on the field. I know... crazy thought.
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    There have pretty much always been a dozen or so top level corps at the top of the competitive pyramid similar to the top level of today's top corps. The difference going way back was the base of that pyramid. In my ancient era it was the hundreds of smaller corps that fed the top....today it is the thousands of competitive bands. Hence the need for auditions. There are MORE kids marching and competing today than ever, only the majority are in competing bands (and BOA is the tiniest fraction of those). In a way, drum corps of the 70's was a victim of its own success. Many corps members became music educators, and those then spread out to the HS band world and started the corps-style competitive band movement that led to where we are today. That happened at a time in the economy where corps were failing right and left, not due to DCI, but due to financial aspects out of their control. Few corps of the hundreds of competitive corps in the early/mid 70's had much to do with DCI; they had their own local circuits. As the CYO/VFW/AL pulled away (which had actually started before DCI) in greater numbers, at the same time as the country experienced the gas crisis, huge inflation and an overall changing culture away from the urban areas to the suburbs, many of those small corps failed right and left. I marched in a Garden State corps in 68/69, and taught them in 76. I also taught a second GSC corps in 76 that merged with another GSC corps to form one corps in 77...it lasted another year or two and folded. It became too costly to operate smaller corps, and kids got their competitive experience in HS bands at ever-growing rates. Those "marching junkies" who wanted the summer top-level experience did drum corps. I judged in the GSC from 76-80, and saw the folding of many corps through that time. Corps would merge together in an effort to survive, but on the whole that just staved off folding for a couple of years (with notable exceptions like the Crossmen).
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    Run contrary to what the activity is doing now, go back to your look from 2010 and present a show similar to "Into the Light." Flame me for what I'm about to say if you'd like, but it's time to scrap the whole Phantomette thing. It been great, but time to move on. While so many other corps are coming out in onesies, the Phantom look, especially the light colored uniforms are classy and iconic. Stand out by returning to what this corps used to be. What's old is new again. Phantom is the one corps that could pull this off.
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    Wouldn't it be funny that after all these years of comments about BD pushing those boundaries too far that now a good old fashion blow the house down moment becomes the trend again. BD brought it back full-circle with this show. Perhaps not trend setting but definitely brilliant programming. I think we can thank the Coats for this and their ballad in '16. BD took it a step further this year. I expect to see more of this next year and it's a win for the fans. On a side note, being in the stadium last night for BD's performance was electric. To the critics, they owned that audience last night with multiple standing ovations throughout. Seriously a full standing O as soon as that last push began was just wow! This was the best audience response I've seen for a BD corps since semis in 2002.
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    My hope is the tenured creative staff from BD retire after a Anniversary Year Championship win to allow for a fresh change to their show designs
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    Good! Let's see it. They were pretty wonderful at it in the 1994-2004 period. 2007 and 2008 were pretty good, too. And hey, 2005 wasn't that bad musically, either. My issues with the sheets in relation to BD's style aren't usually that they play to the sheets and should change the sheets so they don't win...but drum corps is a spectator sport. I'd much prefer the sheets be tweaked to reward things that are more entertaining, and have BD max out on those. Which, to be fair, they've done quite well on the being-more-generally-entertaining thing since the new sheets went into effect. I'm not saying everything has to be least-common-denominator pablum. But...well, the Blue Devils in 2010 performed Stan Kenton's City of Glass live more times than Kenton's band ever did. There's a reason for that. (And the fact that I have to go back 7 years to think of that example is a good thing.) In general, I'd like to see more simultaneous demand rewarded, and I'd prefer it to be stuff that's easily read on high cam (so, not of the bug-squishing variety, necessarily). Keep stopped down for things when necessary (I'm not expecting anyone to play Flight of the Bumblebee while marching), but play more on the move, too. And that's true of everyone, really. I think Bluecoats have this figured out the best of anyone currently, and I'm not sure they're even that great at it. Santa Clara marched a lot (which was wonderful to see), but didn't play as much on the move as they have in years past (they played a fair amount on the move in 2013 and 2014, from what I recall). But they also got rewarded for it this year, so...who knows.
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    i'm biased...i've only known Rich, oh, all my life LOL. and i've seen him pull rabbits out of his ### on many occasions. Cabs 03 anyone?
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    Bingo. It was agreed to by the Corps Directors before the season started, and mentioned earlier on here by " SuperSaderFan" in his post from last nite.
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    Right? If you've got info say something, or don't, but don't play 'i know something you dont know'.
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    Most here may never have heard of John Sasso, but if you watched last night's DCI Finals, you witnessed his legacy. John taught the great Wayne Downey in the late '60s, and his DNA is all over countless drum corps today. His students went on to teach the Cadets, St. Lucy's, The Queensmen, Anaheim Kingsmen, Skyliners, Hurricanes, Bridgemen, Crossmen, Bushwackers, Sunrisers, Wanderers, Carver, Bluecoats, Santa Clara, Blue Devils, 27th Lancers, Westshoremen, Madison, Cavaliers, Freelancers, Reading Buccaneers, Hawthorne Caballeros, Colts, LI Kingsmen, Boston Crusaders, Mandarins,... and countless others. John may be the only instructor to win 2 National Championships on the same day, when the Sunrisers and St. Lucy's Cadets took home first place in the Senior and Junior divisions in New Orleans in 1968. He was the first to bring truly "professional" standards to drum corps brass playing when he studied with Joe Singer, Principal Horn of the NY Philharmonic in the '60s, applying those techniques directly to the horn lines he was instructing, long before anyone else had those insights. It's no co-incidence that today's finest brass instructors emulate that approach. Many of them were either taught by John or played his music. Still more received instruction from his students. Virtually all of them were touched by his talents in some way. When Isaac Newton was praised for his great accomplishments, he said, "I stood on the shoulders of giants." John Sasso was a giant and, even if you didn't know him, you owe him great respect.
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    staff changes happen every season, but if the rumor is right, a 1000 pages could be reached very quickly
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    Pull out the 1978 brass and percussion score, rewrite it for Bb/F horns, and call it some 40 year anniversary of something or other. Pair it with a modern drill and watch Phantom move into the top 6.
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    The Bluecoats were classy and capable defending champions all season. They proved why the 2016 gold was well deserved.
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    Dang. And after this season was to begin the five-year refresh to the 990's thread. And GBass is correct - payout matters. The financial documents have both revenue and expenses. The one that threw me all those years ago was that DCI paid out something like $4million or so (IIRC) to produce shows. Many of us, myself included, couldn't figure out what they were spending it on until we figured out that the number included (and was primarily comprised of) payouts to the corps themselves. I'll enjoy looking at the numbers again in the spring after most of the 2016 990's will have been filed.
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    here's some facts: DCi didnt have accurate paid attendance numbers until 1997. Pre 1997, anyone going in the stadium....paid, wristband, VIP...was counted. Since they started counting paid only, only Pasadena at around 24,500 paid topped Indy this year. Prelims and finals set paid attendance records for Indy this year, and that isnt counting the streams and theater tickets...those numbers arent in yet. Everyone likes to crow about 81 in Montreal. Here's some fact....30-40 of the corps that attended were school groups from Quebec and Ontario that only did those two years. So while Montreal in 81 had 98 groups, the average before that was 60-70 a year. hence the boost up to 36k. And many of those groups only performed the two years in Montreal. so attendance started dropping after that...long before the changes you so hate were implemented....and has started going back up in the last 7 years, after the changes you hate were put into place.
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    Tell that to Crown, BD, SCV, Coats etc. Musical aptitude.????????????????? THis years Crown, BD, and SCV may have been the greatest horn lines ever. Your point is mute. Crowns line was at an unprecendted level, Only matched by the BD of this year, I have heard horn lines for almost 40 years. This year you got 3 of the top ever. And Bobby, if you want to know my opinion on the greatest horn line ever.................. 85 SCV. So as you may like dispute my point of current corps. I give you that. Even if they were in underoos as you say current corps are.
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    Genesis 7 total age outs. They should be returning a ton of vets next year.
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    I think whether OC corps get performance fees depends on who hosts the contest. I believe some corps pay all corps performing. Shows that include only OC corps do not usually give performance fees.
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    I appreciate your optimism and I agree. But, like so many other topics, a death certificate is not likely to spare this horse continued beatings.
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    Their show has been known to go on into the wee hours of the morning.
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    Heh... why pay to play music in a drum corps when you can be paid to play music. LOL
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    It's been done too much. Many folks are tired of it. There are Bernstein works that Cadets have never done. Slava!, Chichester Psalms, Peter Pan (believe it or not), On The Town (Cadets did a little of this, but there is a lot of material there), On The Waterfront (they did in 1986), Fancy Free Ballet, A Quiet Place, Divertimento, Candide (the Cadets have done the overture and Make our Garden Grow, but there is a lot of music in Candide). Wonderful Town, Fascimile, and more. I copied some others from Wiki and posted below. Symphony No. 2, The Age of Anxiety, for piano and orchestra, 1949 (revised in 1965) Serenade after Plato's "Symposium" for solo violin, strings, harp and percussion, 1954 Prelude, Fugue, and Riffs for solo clarinet and jazz ensemble, 1949 Symphonic Suite from "On the Waterfront", 1955 Symphonic Dances from "West Side Story", 1961 Symphony No. 3, Kaddish, for orchestra, mixed chorus, boys' choir, speaker and soprano solo, 1963 (revised in 1977) Dybbuk, Suites No. 1 and 2 for Orchestra, concert premieres 1975
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    Drum corps is just a hard sell in Tennessee. At least Nashville has some pretty good feeder schools.
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    I'm gonna be blunt: I hope George Hopkins gets thrown out of drum corps. He's ruined The Cadets organization. #notsorry
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    For those who were wondering about my Academy comment, I was quoting someone who said they could hear gunshots at the shooting range near the Southeastern Regional stadium. Oh, and no SCV jokes? :(
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    Rumors are one thing, official announcements are another.
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    True. Like I said, designers will look at BD's show; but the best designers know who they are working with. The music that BD plays (and Crown, and in the past Cadets) is often beyond most other corps. Bluecoats and SCV have come a long way, and Blooo in particular can handle some pretty amazing and demanding music. Even the great BD brass line had to make a choice when playing Bumblebee. You can't do such a tune to whiplash drill. What I think other corps might borrow from BD are the staging ideas, how they time events and how they re-stage to introduce new events. You may possibly see a little more park and bark. Honestly I have no problem with that if done well. I was always a fan of the concert number back in the day. I am not advocating that the concert feature reappear, but on the flip side how hard do these shows really need to be? Demand is fun to watch and hear, but it doesn't always make a show better. More demand does not always equate to effect. I think a lot of drum corps need to look at their music books and the construction of those books and find moments where the visual gives way to the music -- a place where the music can really shine without any visual or limited visual. Having said that, I do think Bluecoats style of the last 4 years will continue to be one of the models for many corps. It may only be in a tiny way, but even this year's show introduced some excellent concepts and some staging ideas that I do believe will get another look, perhaps by Blooo themselves and certainly by others.
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    Welcome to the "Cadets (any year)" thread.
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    Someone dives deeper into the LED lights.
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    Fantasy camps seem to be the rage. Mom and Dad pony up $50 so that Missy piccolo gets a T-shirt, hot dog, cheap seat and a chance to play a few bars with the All-Stars.
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    Sorry I don't do spread sheets or anything but I think it is not fair that someone could come into FINALS and have a perfect show but their caption is already 66% decided when FINALS is the one that really counts.
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    I was gonna post this earlier but it just grew into what ended up being what I used as my review for 2017........ So. In my infancy as a fan of the activity I was definitely off put by the Blue Devils. Their shows were too confusing their shows were too easy blah blah. I went through a ton of my time as a fan over almost the last decade annoyed when they would come out and go undefeated. They were beating corps and shows I loved and it didn't seem like anyone else was being given a fair chance. 2014 I still felt the same way but they blew me away regardless. 2015 on finals night I loved a lot of other shows more but defended their win. In 2016 I LOVED my Bluecoats riding high but began to really enjoy what Blue Devils had to offer, their ballad remains one of the moments I consider utter perfection in portrayal of a theme and visual staging. Then this year happened. I saw this show twice San Antonio week in Broken Arrow and San Antonio. I was so close minded and had convinced myself that I was gonna hate it and low and behold.......I didn't enjoy it. Then they started adding things. The voice overs. Stuff started cleaning up. Atlanta weekend.........they had me in tears at the end of their performance. What this show transformed into..........it was an INCREDIBLY emotional, beautiful, and amazing tribute to where this corps came from, their roots and incredible legacy full of amazing references to their storied past. It was an amazing display of who they are now with incredibly challenging staging and depth for me as an audience member to sort through. And it was an AMAZING peak into the window of what this corps future could hold. The thread of time throughout this show and how they paid tribute to their whole history is just...........incredible. And I have no ties to the organization. I can't imagine what this must be like for alums or MMs of this organization. As a future educator the level they perform at in everything is staggering.......the clarity, professionalism, and expertise they do everything with blows my mind. But when it's all said and done, when they hit that ballad tonight with that AMAZING flag feature, the INCREDIBLE music and soloists, and just overall marriage of that moment.........it left me speechless and weak. 2017 made me a Blue Devils fan. Any hate and distaste I had is gone. I have nothing but respect, admiration, and gratitude for what they did this year. I'm just sad it took me this long to get here. Congrats on #18 Blue Devils. What a journey this was for me, I'm dying to see what 2018 has to offer and no more taking a whole season or years to come around to shows. I'm a fan from the get go from now on.
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    The Couchmen are reportedly looking for a new Interior Designer.
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    If that ending were the entire show, they would have won.
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    Beautiful show by Blue Knights. This show deserves much recogntion. Well done, BK!
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    Blue Knights posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Objectively this is false. DCI tracks and publishes total season attendance, movie theater attendance, regionals attendance, championship attendance, live stream viewership. All are improved over the late '00s, and much improved over the mid 90s, and are trending up. Maybe they aren't as good as 1985 or 1975 - let's assume for the sake of argument they're not - they are still pretty good and improving. Can I ask - why are you concerned that DCI markets itself successfully to band kids? This would seem like a success - where else are you going to get future participants and fans? - but you've raised it as a point of concern in several of your posts.
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    Totally off topic but I'm looking forward to being much more active this offseason. In part for watching topics like this. Was pretty out of the loop until December or so last year.
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    You'd hope that if corps "a" is struggling but still viable, a merger with corps "b" under similar circumstances could conceivably work. Unfortunately, so many failures have come about due to prolonged issues related to finances. When that occurs, it's going to be difficult to put 2 stuggling corps such as this together to equal one good one. Hey Michael, speaking of mergers, do you remember the "Thing" merger back in the 70's? What 2 corps merged, and whatever happened to them?
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    I understand the spirit of the spending cap idea. I think there would be some inherent challenges to it though. There would be some expense categories that are going to vary widely by corps. Travel expenses for one would be different for some corps based solely on where they're from. I suppose you could limit some expense categories, but overall this could be difficult to achieve. What may be more achievable is in drawing a direct correlation from the P&L's bottom line of the corps to the budget for the next year or so. As such, a financial review would be required of each corps every year (not sure if this happening now). So, if the corps is covering their expenses, then they would be able to continue with a similar budget for the following year. If not, then the corps would be required to reduce expenses or demonstrate that any projected deficits could be made up to cover the difference. In this case, perhaps a more limited show schedule would be required or something similar to avoid catastrophic failure. An added challenge here is that this type of scenario could be difficult to do every year. We wouldn't want members to find out late that show schedule for their current year is going to be limited.
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    How the heck do you come up with this stuff? I love it!
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    I recently came across a DCP post that referenced the name of Sandra Opie, brass arranger and instructor with the mighty Argonne Rebels of the 60's and 70's. Although I was not familiar with her by name, I remember with fond recollection the horn lines and music of the Argonne Rebels. Although I began my drum corps experience at the tail end of their reign, the impact of their performances are not forgotten. As I did a little reading about Mrs. Opie (she is a member of the DCI Hall of Fame), I found that she is the only female HOF member for brass or percussion. Of the 105 members of the DCI Hall of Fame, 5 are women. Besides Mrs. Opie as brass arranger/instructor, the others are: - Shirley Stratton Dorritie, color guard, Blue Devils/Vanguard - Peggy Twiggs, color guard, 27th Lancers, Cadets - Stephanie Lynde, dance, Blue Devils - Mary Pesceone, DCI admin Still, she remains the only female arranger/instructor in the DCI HOF. Are there any contempories that may, someday, add to the class?
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