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    There is a video "out there" with a 3 second shot of my son right after he finished his last competitive performance. The range of emotions, from absolute joy to the realization that 7 years of marching drum corps was over... That's one of the moments I'll never forget from 2017.
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    Yeah, I know. Not enough batter to finish The Wall. h/t Imgur comment
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    I hope and pray the activity can embrace or at least support everything from Bernstein to Mad Max. The difficult thing is, if you do Bernstein, imho you have to trust your design and the audience, and embrace subtlety and nuance. Not exactly strong points for GH. But even though my favorite corps and recent shows are Bluecoats, I refuse to give up on classical concepts. They just need to be done in a way that is respectful to the medium.
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    Thank you all for the responses! I will definitely look into all of those. I'm open to open and world class; I know each group has its own unique experience available and I'd be blessed to be a part of any one of them! Thanks to all of you again!
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    There seems to be a feeling that woodwinds are inevitable in drum corps...As a fan of drum corps this would be the proverbial straw that would break this camel's back...I enjoy drum corps but the more it morphs, losing it's uniqueness, leaves me less passionate about the activity...All brass please!!!You have synth's that reproduce everything else so why consider woodwinds..Drum corps for me is a steak from Peter Luger's..add woodwinds and it becomes a Nathan's hot dog.JMO
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    Looks like Govies right now in Class A but wouldn't know where Cinn ,Tradistion falls in till prelmni;s Sunrisers ,Hurricanes ,and Skyliners all in same show tomorrow night,Should be good show down there .Bucs seem to have a good lead ,but will face most corps tomorrow night .And i'm sure everyone will do there best to get the seed there looking for .And Carolina Gold in Reading should show where they fall in line ,So safe travels to all corps tomorrow bring it on.
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    Aiming for some that haven't been mentioned: Troopers opening trumpet solo. Vanguard's synchronized flags in the closer. Madison's quickly disappearing fleur; look for it on high cam view. Cavies massive rifle toss in the closer.
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    Crossmen, Genesis, and Guardian favorite
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    There was one point at the end of SCV where they roll the props with the ensemble in them and JP was in a FULL OUT SPRINT to avoid getting run over by one of those wheels.
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    If Cadets have permission to use Leonard Bernstein's music for next year and donot take advantage of using it during the centennial celebration of his birth, it would be a missed opportunity.
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    I also liked watching Jeff Prosperie judge on-field percussion on Finals night. I was close enough that at times I could lip read what he was saying. I like the fact that the dude, while being likely the best percussion judge in the activity, also just enjoys what the kids are doing in the moment. Seeing him say stuff like, "WOW!!!" "That was AMAZING!!!" or just having a huge grin on his face as if saying, "Yeah, that was cool!" There were also plenty of times where he was moving around quickly, and down in what looked like a basketball defensive stance, as if he was trying to stop LeBron James from getting to the basket.
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    Only if one wants every corps to mimic Bloo does Bernstein become a restriction. And proposed changes from the next Rules Congress in January may restrict A&E to give emphasis back to the performers rather than the designers and sound board adult. No where has it been publicly said that Cadets have to do a Bernstein show; it is presumed because they have permission. It is presumed because as of now they are going to do concerts with the New York Philharmonic in Central Park in June. But few of these aspects are irretrievably written in stone. Let the season develop before announcing the patient is dead. Cadets in the early 90's did various songs from Bernstein which generated lots of audience and young folk appeal. Why be the nay sayer? They could do a few whole shows of Bernstein music yet to hit a marching field. Be surprised.
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    Blue Devils ballad. Can't ever get enough of it. Bluecoats first whole corps swag on the stage at the beginning, the giant rotating circle before the ballad, and the ending. In fact, maybe my favorite part of the season was seeing the kids grinning and cheering after the show ended. SCV opening, center ripple drill, and the ending. Blue Knights snare solo and their trademark rotating box drill. Also loved the use of gymnastics on the drum major stands during the open. Cadets uniforms. Yeah, I know. edit: Boston Wicked Game ballad, uniforms, and the subtle way they moved your visual attention around the field. There were things I liked in almost all of the shows, but these stick out for me.
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    I've begun packing today. I'm bringing a rain poncho and umbrella so that guarantees no rain.
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    IMO - As with vocals and voice, I see no value to adding wood winds. Other than something else to distract from the uniqueness that has made drum corps special. Sometimes you have to ask what makes this activity special? If there's nothing that separates drum corps from marching band except for fees, auditions and touring, why would anyone pay to be apart of it when it cost practically nothing to be in the local high school or university marching band? There are already plenty of successful band circuits.
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    Often overlooked because it followed the god-like ballad, but BD's blob form where everyone rocked back and forth with one single member staring up at the audience during the intro to the drum break was awesome.
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    The Wife LOVED BD's entry onto the field. They performed it VERY well.
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    I'm confident every corps will try to move ahead positions and finish as high as possible.
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    Which is slightly more popular than the title, "Covfefe: Music to heel the savage beest."
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    I will be completely honest with you guys, after listening to this hornline in spring training, I wasn't sure that they would win the Ott. But these kids worked their butts off and turned this into one of the best lines Crown has had ever. Just an absolutely amazing story!
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    http://www.dci.org/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=33500&ATCLID=211662597 Thought I'd post this nice little montage for memories sake. Plus the picture they put at the top of the article is really nice. What a good looking Corps they picked for the picture!
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    I was nervous about strong coming in. He did well with the attitude... but now these guys gotta perform. I really hope the longhorns surprise me this season
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    And you are oversimplifying it. The sound board operator is another actor that needs to be monitored. The A&E compliance judge would split time between the synth and the sound board. I understand the difficulties with enforcement. It is logistically imperfect (like any other judging position), and an additional cost to DCI. If that is too much to bear, there is another alternative - do away with A&E if it is too much trouble. Pandora can take her box back to where she came from.
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    Should show in GE and performance (and should've shown enough to drop Crown to 4th on finals night).
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    One more song suggestion I have for for Phantom, if they can get the rights to it (the composer's estate has not allowed his music to be arranged for the marching arts, although the rise of Tresona may change this): "O Magnum Mysterium" by Morten Lauridsen.
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