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    Good luck with #1 Since I was so publically a supporter (for many years) I felt is was appropriate to announce publically I was no longer supportive of the approach and direction things were being taken in. Many others have done the same.
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    You are correct, my post is too long, the result of a sleepless night due to a car alarm that went off for about two hours. "BAC homerism?" Yes, I am a Boston Crusaders fan, I am thrilled we still have one WC corps in the Boston area, and respect those who have kept the corps alive. That being said, I never marched with BAC, I never instructed the corps, and most of those closely associated with the corps today know me through friends of friends and in two cases, through my professional life. I am hardly a Boston Crusader insider, just a long time fan. If that makes me a "BAC homer," that's fine. I do know that there are hard feelings between some associated with BAC, Crown, and Cadets, but any time a Boston Crusaders fan critiques Cadets it is not bullying. I can't remember Cadets not getting a warm reception in the Boston area shows, and I have never sat on my hands after a Cadets performance, including this past year. Most years I enjoy Cadets shows and respect their artistry. Judging from what I see at Boston area shows, Cadets have a huge fan base with people who also love the Boston Crusaders and root for them.
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    if allowed. However unlike many, shane will walk if he's being bossed around.
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    wow. I take a few days off from DCP because...well life.....and wow. never EVER expected to see this.
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    Agreed, although the way the activity and schools are going, commercialism is everywhere. Check the vending machines, who pays for the coaches' meetings, and uniforms. My Dad was an athletic director (Ph.D.) who ultimately ordered the equipment and uniforms for the school athletic programs. Way back in the 1950's I remember each Christmas Santa delivered a package with tee shirts, ties, hooded sweat shirts, etc. all with the name of the uniform company in the size range of all of us kids. The equipment company would also ask Santa to deliver mini-gloves, bats, and other athletic equipment for us kids. Oddly the packages would come not down the chimney but by the postman who my Mom explained was an honorary elf evidently My Dad would always explain that by law he had to research 3 bids and the bottom line would determine which company got the school district's order. We lamented that Santa never delivered any extra sets of skills, a few more inches in height, and some swift agility. He did deliver my parents love always. Thanks for prompting some nice memories.
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    Tells you everything you need to know. And what do they have to be arrogant about? One championship since 2005 and only 2 in the past 17 seasons. Not exactly "BD east" these days.
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    I am predicting a BD silver medal finish. So then they can come out in 2019 and go undefeated and win gold #19! Even when BD loses they win. Do it up Devils!
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    Cavaliers staff just posted that "big things are coming soon for 2018 for Cavaliers Brass". Expect an announcement soon.
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    Have you read Jeff's latest postings in this thread. He seems to think that we few hacks, again very few, here on DCP certainly are important enough to really effect the bottom line of Flo. While that is likely the funniest posting to date, Flo has already designated him to be on the panel (their criteria not mine), so he cannot be the Lone Wolf.
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    Eh just seems like another scapegoat to fire when the cadets start to suffer competitively next season. I would so love to believe hell be given control over design but Hopkins has shown through his actions time after time what he envisons will be on the field.
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    bringing in Shane is a step in the going way out of the comfort zone direction. One can not view MCM and say their productions are mainstream
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    Bringing in an outsider to be design director is the best move Cadets have made in over half a decade. Who knows how successful the move will turn out to be, but it certainly is better than Hopkins calling all the shots
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    It's really not much of a differentiator. I loved the choir last year. They were beautiful. But, they are not the sole answer to the plethora of problems in Allentown. I would not chalk up 2017 as a success by any measure. I quite liked the show - it had some beautiful moments. But from a competitive and design stance, it was absolutely not a success. it was way over designed, way too literal, and the design wasn't really that good (musically or visually, except for the brilliant integration of the choir - I will give them that). If you look at what the top 5 were doing last year, the 2017 Cadets weren't even remotely in that league. Of the top 12 last year, I would probably put Regiment as the only corps that didn't have a show design better than the Cadets. It was too been there, done that. In the 80s, 90s, and 00s, the Cadets were the leaders of the activity. Other corps followed them. That is not the case anymore. I think it's time the Cadets start following, until they can get back into that leadership role. They need to forget nearly everything they know and do something completely fresh, if not inventive, while not losing their identity. Stay away from Copland and Bernstein, bring us something new. Something we haven't seen from you, or anybody, before.
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    I apologize if anyone, no matter who they are, hurt you while they supposedly represented the Cadets. That's not the Holy Name way. Ever since the corps office was kidnapped to Pennsylvania by a Pennsylvanian, I have always thought the toxicity that appeared had something to do with the nearby steel industry run-offs getting into the drinking water.there in Allentown. No one has proven me wrong on that.
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    If you change nothing nothing’s going to change.
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    Trust me it’s allot easier than you think.
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    That's in my initial post for this thread. LOVE it. The way it builds reminds me a bit of "The Canyon" by Glass.
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    Just to make it official, I'm no longer donating or rooting for the Cadets. Hopefully some season down the road that will change I'm highly unimpressed by the decisions being made. I'll take my support and cheers elsewhere until Hopkins is replaced. Obviously I hope the members have a great season - but I just won't be around to support it either online or via donations. Many others feel the same, Cadets are being destroyed by one individual with (in my view) a God complex. George.
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    YES PLEASE. That soundtrack is excellent, but that piece in particular is really fantastic.
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    Goodbye, On the Waterfront. Hello, Candide.
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    I thought they should have been in Semis.
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    Yes, they're announcing that their talents there are worth applauding.
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    So more choir to sing the difficult parts that in 1983-86 were covered by the incredible brass lines. Ugh.
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