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    Well, now you've crossed the line. You, sir, are the one who has been full of it all along. Period. I'm going to dissect everything. At first I thought you were someone wanting to reach out. I've concluded you were looking for folks who just want to sit and shout at the rain for making them wet. That ain't the way it rolls here. People here do what they can to keep this activity alive instead of grouse that it's not exactly the way they'd like it to be. Corps of every decade have been "so real". Define what you mean. Be specific. Can you do it? Maybe I can. Do you mean provide a great 'experience' for their members? Do you mean to provide chances to perform for enthusiastic audiences? Do you, heaven forbid, mean that learning and personal growth takes place on multiple levels for the membership? If so, Corps post 1972 are "real". Quite, quite real. I've also been offended by your rotten and nasty attitude towards any of us who participated in the activity that ended up getting Music Education degrees. Heavily offended and totally insulted. Has it occurred to your thick skull that maybe my experiences with the Westshoremen were a heavy influence on me to become a Music Educator? Then again-- according to your thinking, I never marched in a "real corps" since I was with a corps that had mallet percussion, tympani and later on- much later on I used a 2 valve bugle. The real legacy of the corps I marched with wasn't the 1996 Championship. It's the fact many of us went on and taught local High School bands and passed on our knowledge and enabled them to be insanely successful. Many of us also went on and became adjudicators, again, passing on our knowledge to others and helping to keep the marching activity alive and vibrant. I was an "everyday kid" in my era. How dare you assume otherwise. I was fortunate to have grown up with very supportive parents who made sure I got away from some difficult and painful family situations by traveling with Westshore and doing somehting I loved and believed I was good at. A place where I could compete against any DCA corps extant at the time and have a shot at beating them- and over the six years I was there- we did just that. I never received any college credit during my six seasons for my performing with Westshore. No one did. And, may I ask, what would have been so wrong with that!? Explain, if you can why that would be so bad. I dare you to try. You're gonna come up empty. I've been on record here as saying I felt my experiences from a fantastic instructional staff should ###### well have been worth at least 6 credits a season in terms of Phys Ed, Music Performance, and Music Theory given I did less and learned less in most of my college performance courses in terms of work and preparation for those earned credits. So, please explain what that would be a negative. Hmm? Do it! I know you can't. It strikes me you have some kind of serious envy for any of us lucky enough to attend college. I humped hard to get scholarships to afford it and take financial burden off my parents. I happened to have learned a lot about working pretty hard in corps and it gave me an edge over those who did not. Wow! You shouldn't have the jealousy you do towards anyone with college credits. Society's evolved, too. One needs post- high school education of some sort today unless they want to flip burgers, toss boxes, or do the checkout at Wal-Mart. Whether you like it or not, Corps is not dead, and if you can get it through your thick skull, and I unfortunately doubt you can- it evolved to survive serious threats to its existence as a whole. Otherwise, it would be nothing more than some amusing curiosity in a few towns that would come out and stumble around for Christmas and Memorial Day, sound awful, and be embarrassing next to the local High School Band. Finally: Let me tell you, pal, I played my freakin' heart out every time I went on the field with the Westshoremen or on stage with the Westshoremen Alumni. I compete. Hard. There are those who know me here that will back that statement. I find it incredibly offensive you would think otherwise about me, or frankly, ANY individual marching in DCA or DCI right now- or in your perspective, since 1972. You can tell me I can't play worth a wick, I can handle that. I'll practice harder and prove you wrong. You might tell me I can't march for s##t- and you might be right on that, I heard that a lot as a kid. I got better at it. But don't ever dare insinuate that I didn't go out there and throw down hard every freakin' time I set foot on a field for a number. With your lame attitude, I could still prolly compete against you on any field, any time. Name your poison in terms of a low brass bugle- G-D, Piston-Slide, Piston-Rotor, and I'll lick you by 15 points with a week of practice on my lunch break sitting on the rear bumper of my VW working it out. And it won't be because I have a degree and you don't. I have way more moxie, period.
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    No need for the gratuitous insult there. We all have our opinions. No one here is "full of it." Fact is... the landscape has changed forever. Either we accept that, or we don't. You apparently don't. That's okay. That's entirely your call. The thing you're missing, or refuse to acknowledge, is.... the essence of drum corps is the same today as it always has been. Members getting a great experience marching with a corps, and forging relationships and friendships, some of them lifelong, along the way.... and fans coming out to cheer on their favorite corps. That's the same as it was when I marched, when you marched, when anyone marched. Just as "real" as it's ever been.
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    If I didn't only get to choose my top 5, my favorite shows are: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1995, 1992, 1991, 1990, and everything in the 80s and before, because I respect for what they did to form the Cavaliers and the image they hold to this day.
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    Well-- I just had a reminder on DCP about unwritten rule 18: Don't accuse anyone who marched DCA of being unable or incapable of throwing down.
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    Heh... this line about US Bands: "And there is mire here. Much more here." Intentional use of that word... or Freudian-slip typo?
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    My mom read Hop’s blog (remember that?) when I marched, and was totally disillusioned with his ego, self-righteousness, and inane stream of consciousness posts by the end of the summer. I did not but so much in his FB- from random musings to veiled attacks and rambling, meandering, often bitter Live videos reflects poorly on the organization.
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    We are looking to create a show that uses the best parts of Pioneer to push us forward into a new era of excellence and success for our members. While we can't say we're abandoning our identity, we are looking to bring forward a different angle and level of excitement that we think people want to see from Pioneer. The excitement level is high right now!
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    you mean someone will stay employed there long enough to take over?
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    walking, transporting equipment to warmups....no matter what plan they have, someone won't be happy.
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    I must have seen a different Open Class the last two years than you did. Also, one of the great things about all open class competitions, is that they are more affordable. So you can get more new people interested.
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    Legends may be the obvious choice, and while it seems that Legends has WC as a goal, I don't get the sense it is an immediate goal. Spartans and 7th Regiment seem happy where they are, but I would keep an eye on Louisiana Stars and Guardians. I am impressed with the growth of both corps.
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    Got home from work and finally have time to answer my own question. Favorites: 1. Mad World- this show to me is the most complete Cavies show. It's fantastic visually and musically and it's easy to really get into this show from a GE perspective. A great show from start to finish with no dry moments. THIS IS MY RIFLE. 2. Four Corners- this is my favorite show from the years of Cavalier dominance. Classic Cavaliers with mind blowing high camera visuals and catchy music...and they are all over the field. 3. The Planets- (duh) just a great show with great visuals and a few standard must know tunes from music education perspective. 4. The machine- this show to me is the definition of the Cavaliers. One of the guys in my college marching band got to be a part of this show and it was one of the last to push this type of show design to it's limit. 5. Propaganda- welcome back Cavaliers! I watched the tour premier in the theaters and thought "this is a really cool show design with a lot going on but I don't know if they recruited the personnel to pull it off"...well they cleaned it up and got 5th place. Well done. HMs for Niagra falls, 007, frameworks, spin cycle, Samurai Least favorites 2012 - definitely a dark year for the Cavaliers. Saw this show at finals and my husband and I were like "who is this and what are they doing" Men are from Mars- see @Cadevilina Crown...word for word. Also wasn't into the Mars/my way mash up.
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    My 5 all-time favorite Cavaliers shows: The Planets (1995) - How can you not enjoy this show? Great music, great visuals, and a surprise victory to top it all off. Frameworks (2002) - The Perfect Show. Enough said. Machine (2006) - One of my favorite visual packages ever. Mad World (2010) - One of the first shows that truly defined modern drum corps for me. Propaganda (2016) - The most creative show concept ever to come out of Rosemont. Honorable mentions: Cavalier Anthems: Advent Collection (or whatever it was called) (1991) - Never thought the Cavaliers would sell Christmas music as well as they did. Plus, one of the best Steve Brubaker drill moves ever toward the end. XtraordinarY (2011) - It was definitely a good show with a fantastic percussion section, but it felt like a more "out there" version of Mad World to me. Immortal (2014) - Of the four Cavaliers shows in their recent "dark ages" (2012-2015), this was by far my favorite one. You could tell they were really trying to add some originality. My 3 (well, 4) least favorite Cavaliers shows: The "dark ages" series of shows (2012-2015) - With the exception of 2014, this series of shows was really hard to watch and listen to. Poorly-conceived show concepts, subpar execution on every level, and lackluster visual design really did them in during this time. Men are from Mars (2017) - The Cavaliers are typically not the most musically nuanced corps, but they set a new bar for a lack of musicality with this show. I know for a lot of people this show has grown on them, and I have to commend how well the corps performed, but I just can't get into any part of it after the ASZ/Common Man/Arrival opener. (It could also be that this show is still fresh on my mind, especially after they beat the fan-favorite Bluecoats for 4th in Finals.) Disclaimer: As someone who has only been really following DCI since 2012, I can't really say too much about a lot of the Cavaliers' shows from before 2000.
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    It's always these guys isn't it? The ones that feel like they need to come in and crap on everyone else's Corn Flakes? If I decide tomorrow I'm going to stop eating at McDonalds, I don't go stand outside the restaurant and tell everyone, and reminisce about how it was different 50 dayum YEARS AGO. I just kind of... stop going. People who want to enjoy a tasty Filet O'Fish can still do it without me standing at the door telling them how stupid they are for liking that sandwich. And newsflash - there wasn't a Golden Era. Those kind of comments are the pinnacle of ignorance.
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    A local performing group Jazz fusion - partnership with Berkley!
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    Kick off weekend for Inspire Arts & Music and the Boston Crusaders! Golf tournament was a huge success - over $40,000 in sponsors and 140 golfers. Board retreat weekend in Quincy today and at our building tomorrow. Board members in town from all over - India, Scotland, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Indiana, and Massachusetts. Fist ever Wine tasting tonight in Quincy. Updates on all aspects of the organization; Great East Music Festivals; Great East Music Store; Our building; Concert in the Park; all performing groups - BAC, HpYPE, SAC, 7th Regiment, Brass Choir, Koto Band; reviewing the strategic plan; reviewing the 2018 budget; Overall a great opportunity for engagement for 50 people that are passionate about helping kids!
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    if allowed. However unlike many, shane will walk if he's being bossed around.
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    "This is for all my drum corps friends and family, as I feel it's important to address what my summer away from home has meant to me this year... so here goes! Cadets 2017 This summer was a year of renewal. A year to rebuild from the ashes and find what it means to be a Cadet again. Many of us who returned for our second season may not have even found it to begin with... hell, I don't think I truly understood... but I was determined to figure out what I missed before returning home this time around. I entered the season with the hopes of regaining competitive success. Between the staff changes and new show design, I couldn't help but remain hopeful. I wanted to prove to the world that the Cadets were a group of fighters that weren't going to just sit down and take 6th place. If I'm being honest, finishing where we did last year stung a lot. Having been inspired by such fantastic Cadet years such as 2011 and 2013, I couldn't help feel disappointed... like I wasn't upholding the rich Cadet legacy I grew up loving. So as the season pressed on, we moved in for spring training and the excitement began to build... the first few videos were recorded and members' faces lit up with excitement watching and listening to the show for the first few times... it seemed that last year was simply a fluke. THIS year, we were back, and the DCI community wasn't going to be ready for it. So we pushed harder and harder until our first show came around, aaaannnndddddd We scored low. Members were in disbelief... thinking "how could this happen... this show is amazing!" Others rationalized what happened by saying "oh it's just a carry-over of last year... give it a few shows and we'll be right back up there!"... Many were experiencing deja vu from 2016... all the work and all the excitement led up to a competitive disappointment at the first show. So the weeks went by... we added changes to the show with hopes of bumping our score up.... We learned a new ending that was eventually scratched and never used... we restaged one of our production 3 times... to no avail. The scores remained where they did. At the Atlanta regional, we added our "finals ending" to our show and were one of only two groups to receive a standing ovation long before the show was even over. Surely we must do better!... Same placement. Even until DCI finals a few days ago, our placement didn't change, and we as the 2017 Cadets have to live with the fact that we finished in 7th place. Meanwhile, amidst all the work and changes we put in throughout the summer, I received constant text messages from family, friends in other corps, and friends back home asking me what's going on with the scores... I felt the Cadets were beginning to become the laughing stock of DCI... the kid that the bullies at school love to pick on because he can't fight for himself... but I know #### well that he used to be the heavy-weight champion of the world. Now, while I would absolutely love for the Cadets to be the world champions again, I also recognize simply being the heavy-weight champion does not entitle you to the belt forever... The Cadets embody the work ethic it takes to get to the top... not the glamour of being at the top. So while it may be easy to poke fun at the Cadets in recent times, let me tell you some unchanging and undeniable truths about Holy Name: Cadets will never stop working because of a score. Cadets will never succumb to an outsider's opinion. Cadets will always get back up the next day. Cadets will always push harder when there is no hope in sight. There comes a point where one may believe we border on the brink of insanity... doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. To this, I simply ask if you've TRULY worked hard enough and committed yourself so whole-heartedly to an idea that you cannot give anything more. THAT is what the Cadets are about... not mindlessly working hard, but working hard with a devout passion and purpose. It takes a lot of courage to have faith in something that is not a guaranteed success... and it's even harder to find 150 people embodying this same belief... That is what makes the Cadets so special. So regardless of the scores, this is what I thought of our 2017 season This 2017 Cadets drumline had an absolutely incredible summer. I've never been in a drumline that played together and loved each other as much as this one. Each one of you has a special place in my heart and what we achieved over the last two weeks was pretty ridiculous... I'm gonna miss you guys. This brassline was collectively the hardest working group of people I've ever seen before. I have a lot of admiration and respect for the unconditional work they put out this season. Although they were majority rookies, these cadets have b*lls. Period. Be on the watch for these guys next year. They aren't going anywhere. I have no regrets marching my past two summers with the Cadets. Regardless of what people believe I should or should not do, my faith in Holy Name has not run out. I am a Cadet. For Holy Name shall ALWAYS be. To my Cadet brothers and sisters, I'll see you in November. Rest easy until then... 2018's gonna need it." 2016-17 (and beyond?) Snare The 2018 Cadets are coming to play... the love each other and the staff, and this is the attitude a vast majority of the Cadets have. I have a good feeling.
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