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    I can see why you thought that way Jeff Ream.
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    No one hires themselves. If GH put this person in charge, then the responsibility for the employee's success or lack thereof goes to the person who hired him. More to the point, If this had been a one-time lack of success in that position, that'd be one thing - but EVERYone who takes a senior staff assignment at YEA seems to "fail" or bail not long after taking the job. Think about that. Without casting aspersions (because for all we know, this guy may have been dynamite, and simply tired of the mismanagement at the top), the YEA BOD has to realize that with their organization's reputation, they aren't going to get the best and brightest applying for gigs there. There are too many other youth performance organizations out there who have both the track records and the reputations for excellence in operations competing for the top talent, and YEA's reputation these days is awful. The only gig that would really allow someone to make meaningful change there is the one that's occupied by the current CEO, and since their BOD has evidenced no interest in either kicking him up and out of day to day operations (or relieving him of duties), nothing is going to change.
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    This might explain all those packages of chicken and fish being delivered to my house.
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    Not to drag this out anymore than it needs to be, but I don't need to watch it again. They're taking business communication that was meant for the parties involved and sharing it on social media. I understand we live in a world that feeds on gossip (especially this site) but I won't be part of that. They have no inside knowledge or background to bring any sensible context to the conversation (being a member of Cadets2 does not give you inside knowledge of management operations and issues). But even more so, there is an ethical issue with all of this that could be dangerous for them, the organization and the activity.
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    I don't know of anyone here... or anywhere... who is rooting for the Cadets to go under. Some folks are rooting for a change in administration... which they feel will actually help the Cadets grow stronger. Big difference between "hoping a corps folds" and "hoping a corps makes some changes."
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    Anyone else seeing a paradox here?
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    This seems like a conflict of interest on your part.
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    What a bunch of wash women some of you are lol... Whining for years about GH.. "He did this to this one and then he did this to that one". Holy Beejesus already find something else to do!! This thread should be closed and start fresh talking about what maybe the cadets can do to better their results from last year. This GH garbage has to stop. If they go under I will be very upset but I won't die or stop breathing because of it. Try to be positive for the members sake. Cadets are what they are right now and all you #####ing won't change a Frigging thing. I realize some of you are drooling and hoping the Cadets go under so you can whine about their demise on some other thread. Grow up.. Get a life and don't ruin this place for everyone. How would you whiners feel if total strangers posted stuff about you trying or hoping you lose your job and your company of 40 years goes under??? Enough already.There.. I feel much better now.
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    update: this isn't going away. keep your eyes peeled.
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    post of any Cadets thread ever.
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    i'm fine as is thank you very little. As someone who has given quite a few bucks to kids in marching both corps, I'm allowed per DCP rules to say a few things, and as I know several now former employees of the organization whose stories all spin a similar theme...and I'm going back to 2001 with that...yeah I'm good with what I say. I make a habit of posting information that's been verified.
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    First of all, thank you for the clarification. You state that you have first hand info regarding the USSBA director and his dealings/departure with GH. So were you involved directly in the situation or was the information told to you?
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    Okay, fair enough. What exactly did you mean then, when you say you won't be around to support it online?
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    More like from the gutter
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    Barneveld from the top rope
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    Hmmm. Wonder if this is any indication for what we can expect.... http://www.wsbtv.com/video?videoId=623962740&videoVersion=1.0 (BTW, the guy interviewed at :48 into the video clip marched drums in Spirit in the 80s. I've sent him an email asking for his assessment of how the stadium might sound for drum corps.)
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    Serious question here George. You seem very fed up with the Cadets, mostly due to the administration, yet adamantly defend Hopkins. There is endless evidence that the root of these issues is Hopkins and his abrasive personality. Resignation letters, complaints from volunteers, complaints from marchers (maybe not publicly, but I have friends who have marched there), horrendous reviews on Glassdoor. It’s a well known fact he overworks his staff, does not pay them regularly, and is the source of some laughably bad concepts and show ideas. My question is, why defend it?
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    ok. you feel free to have that argument with yourself. clean and good doesnt make you the next class. Per the propaganda spewed forth, it's the skills you display that is supposed to get you moved. Not just cause you scored well in the lower class. As an administrator in a local circuit, i fight that fight annually.
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    thought you were leaving it?
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    You want a cookie?
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    Same here regarding Allentown... first and last as a corps member for me. And my first DCA championship as the show announcer, in 1983. I never lost a show in Allentown. LOL. Three times with Sunrisers... three championships. 6-0, prelims and finals. But I still voted for Annapolis in this poll.
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    I've never had anything much to do with Hop directly, but I will say as one small point in his defense that when I was running the DCP forums BITD, I sent out several requests to all corps for help with various contests, giveaways and other behind-the-scenes issues. The Cadets always stepped up without hesitation and often went beyond what we asked for. I'm much less about torches and pitchforks than I am about seeing the Cadets contend again and letting the drama die down, no matter how they do it. Mike
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    Pioneer's 2018 Brass Arranger: Rob Stein https://pioneer-corps.org/news/794-meet-pioneer-s-2018-brass-arranger-rob-stein.html
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    No need for the gratuitous insult there. We all have our opinions. No one here is "full of it." Fact is... the landscape has changed forever. Either we accept that, or we don't. You apparently don't. That's okay. That's entirely your call. The thing you're missing, or refuse to acknowledge, is.... the essence of drum corps is the same today as it always has been. Members getting a great experience marching with a corps, and forging relationships and friendships, some of them lifelong, along the way.... and fans coming out to cheer on their favorite corps. That's the same as it was when I marched, when you marched, when anyone marched. Just as "real" as it's ever been.
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    If you are from Greater Boston and recall the CYO Circuit days, you would never call the Boston Crusaders Holy Name. It has nothing to do with the parish in Garfield. Holy Name is in West Roxbury, which at the time would have been "Lace Curtain Irish" and probably would have looked down on the folks from Cleary Square in Hyde Park where Most Precious Blood was located. However, if you were any marching unit in CYO, Eastern Mass, or Mayflower, you would eventually get to look down on Holy Name. Holy Name had a band. They destroyed the new uniforms of St. William's band (Ed Devlin marched with St. William's) and we're permanently banned from circuit competition. I only remember them as a parade unit.
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