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    First, I am being a "homer" with my only marching member year. I take you back to 1980. So many people have come up to me over the years and mention that show as the reason they became "hooked" on drum corps. I give you the following: Fiedler and the mace toss at the first hit of the opener. Rifle toss over the horn line in the drum solo Double rifles by the guard The step-over in the closer. Yes, I am the "Old Corps Guy" and freely admit it. p.s. I forgot to mention, Rita Moreno loved us.
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    Glad you got that off your chest, anything else I can do for you?
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    You got it in one.. DCE was totally internal, with NO corps representation within the organization, hence why it only lasted 15 years.
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    sounds like they kept it internal though. reaching out to the corps themselves could have been a huge help
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    Well they played about thirty different songs in the 13 minutes so one of them was bound to be an issue lol
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    Not necessarily true... If they're burned out, they're burned out, you know? Or, as they state, their situations changed and their volunteerism untenable. When there's a will there's a way, but if there's no will....
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    Annapolis High and steep-stands; a proper FOOTBALL stadium. Far, far more impressive telling others you were going to "DCA Championships at Navy–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis" than... "the soccer stadium in Rochester, NY." Seafood. Seafood. Seafood.
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    Phantom was 4th in 2007. (But that show deserved to be in the Top 3)
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    Earlier tonight at the Bands of America "Super Regional" competition in St. Louis: Will we soon see this sort of thing in DCI?
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    Troopers aren't exclusively holding auditions in Texas. Just last night they announced auditions in: Boston, MA Boise, ID and Casper, WY Also read they are working on even more locations throughout the U.S. Plus, the Troopers were one of the first corps to have a monetized video audition method that is still online now. It seems that they are making an attempt to spread out a little bit which is pretty cool. What do you think is the biggest challenge in recruiting kids into the Troopers?
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    Whose surname, if translated from English to English, is: spears.
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    I sort of hate myself for getting that joke
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    ?? This does not hold water. If you happen to live in Texas, as many DCI members do (it is the 2nd most-populous state, after all, while Wyoming is 50th), having Troopers come to you seems to be a reason in favor of auditioning with them, not against it. If you live in, say, Ohio, it's easier and cheaper to fly to Dallas than it is to fly to Casper or Cheyenne. It takes less time than it takes to fly to Denver and take the corps bus up to Cheyenne. If you want to audition for any corps, you're going to have to get on a plane anyway, unless you happen to live within a reasonable drive of the camp location. Ain't nowhere in America that's within a reasonable drive of Casper, Wyoming. That has been the case since Jim Jones opened the doors.
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    DCUK was always separate from DCE. The only affect on UK corps as of now is one less show.. Kerkrade.. which by all accounts, the various corps are working together to ensure a European championship this year.. it just may not be in Kerkrade is all.
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    I can’t believe the Cavaliers ruined the entire 2017 DVD by picking a song that wouldn’t get cleared
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    The evolution from colonial times to the present. From Bunker Hill to Beacon Hill and all in between.
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    Troopers Texas camps is as much about the winter weather in Wyoming, the distance of a major airport (Denver is several hours on the interstate to Casper), the availability of major airports having multiple options for those flying in (one reason the Cadets are wintering in Texas {United and SW use the city as a hub} and welcoming school communities. Boston uses Tampa area for similar reasons.
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    No, but I'm almost certain there are Rorschach tests in the Mandarins audition packets.
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    Is the talent so strong in TX that those who audition are hoping to make a top 8 corps? There has to be other kids who will not be making a top 8 corps who might want to spend a year or two with Casper
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    Deserved to win BD put out a snoozefest that year and Cadets yapped my ears off. Cavies were good
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    Someone outside of Phantom could be an asset, but from my observations over the past few years is that the musical book has been good as has the design, but the two have not meshed that well. Perhaps a single vision may be more of a possibility with someone like Will Pitts as program coordinator. Someone involved who was part of some of Phantom's great shows doesn't hurt either.
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    Governor Winthrop's 'The City Upon a Hill', Sea Merchants/world exploration and Asia trade, Wicked Sports and Uni (50 plus) towne, anesthesia and the sacking of Lawn Guyland..(.limitless and gassy--much like DCP. Mais non?) I kid. Aye. swabbies.
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    Dan Farrell was present in some capacity ( Marcher, Brass Caption head, or Program Coordinator ) during many, if not most, of the top placing DCI years with the Phantom Regiment. Phantom Regiment has provided Drum Corps fans some of the most entertaining shows of ALL time. Iconic, unforgettable shows. Shows over the years that got thousands of fans up and out of their seats, cheering loudly in appreciative approval for the show. Shows that not only were huge fan favorites in the years that they were performed, but shows that won medals and/ or titles from the DCI judging community as well. Thus, by any measure, Dan Farrell's influence and overall body of work throughout the years with the Phantom Regiment was a huge monumental success. We wish him well in his new endeavors now.
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    I know Dan has been a polarizing figure for some here on DCP, but he defined what it was to be a Regiment hornline member and helped shape that characteristic Regiment sound so many of us fell in love with. And he was The Godfather of the Buicks. (He also bought me my first legal beer when I turned 21 on a free day when we were on tour.) Thank you for your years of service to the corps, and best of luck.
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