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    I think getting bigger is the wrong thing to do. There is a sense of ELITE classification that we feel and take pride in when watching the best DCI Corps. They are not supposed to be the largest "bands." They are supposed to be the height of creativity, performance, and visual prowess on a football field. Drum Corps International and its' member corps will lose their ELITE and PIONEERING status with larger groups that look like large college/HS marching bands. They will suffer from visual constraints, especially if props are to be used. There is the potential for such a move to harm smaller corps. Bigger isn't always better, and the obvious size difference with some corps (the top 12 or so) might require DCI to readjust its' division classifications. This might create a smaller World Class division, with all else being stuffed into Open Class, or perhaps the addition of a new class.
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    From 1954-2017 (head drum majors from 1946-53 are unavailable at the time of this post), there have only been 9 head drum majors for the Hawthorne Caballeros: Art Kutz Ralph Silverbrand Chuck Bishop Jim Russo Mike Durborow Russ Batsch Glenn Stevens Addison Shableski Joshua Jenkins For 2018, the Hawthorne Caballeros made some history by selecting […] View the full article
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    IMO dumb. Does auditioning in the cold REALLY prove desire. Is that the measuring stick? This will shake out someone there who is "along for the ride"? More archaic thinking. How about auditioning in a sauna to give the students a taste of summer and rehearsing in 100 plus temps?
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    Snoring was always a problem with the Couchmen. I think that's why so many members migrated over to Sofa Clara and Pacific Rest.
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    Your international name dropping doesn't add to the discussion. If corps haven't been able to solve housing problems with current size units why do you think they will be able to get better housing with hippopotamus size units? A school gym only holds so many. Schools in session for Finals make available housing worse. Hotels for large groups are also not that available. College dorms are already in use by colleges. So many of the bandos are avoiding the aspect of that drill charts by DCI standards , not the park and bark Saturday afternoon h.s. and college bands, will have to dummy down to accommodate the added members. The uniqueness of DCI has been the dynamicism of presentation doing so much on the field with 128, 135, and now 150. Finally, drum corps and DCI were founded as means of a youth activity using drum corps performance as a way of forming teens into wonderful adults. When sponsoring organizations questioned whether mere performance was achieving that goal, scout groups, CYO, churches, community groups, and veterans posts began to fold smaller corps in light of the ever demanding and increasing fiscal budgets of the corps. Massachusetts alone went from 5 distinct circuits down to one competing junior corps whose membership is now international. My point is the larger the unit, the more distant the members grow from guided character development except for hiring more musical technicians. As we see from other threads generating petitions, being good at music and being good as a person are not the same. Larger staffs will be needed not just as instrumental and marching faculty but as admins., volunteers, and counselors. The growth is not arithmetic but geometric in numbers and demand.
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    Erik returns to talk about mic’ing individuals, entire ensemble, and why you might do either. You can listen to us above, or if you want to take us with you, you can download us from iTunes. Read the rest of the article here. View the full article
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    Why cranky? Cause it was 75 last week and 24 last night. And I have a crappy head cold. I know....waaa!
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    It's just a step-off to the left....
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    Come on now, auditioning in the cold was not part of some master plan to weed out the weak. Until about a week ago he had been saying that it will probably be in the mid 50's and be a comfortable day. The cold will make a difference but so would rain or a November heatwave.
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    Several seasons back, a corps for Canton had a show with a mini-theme of "When Pigs Fly" (flags and all.) Well may I suggest that Cadets this year may be starting season with "When Hell freezes over," (ha, ha.) Hopkins expresses both hopes and concerns on corps FB interview for tonight and will be continued tomorrow night at 8. He states that weather will be cold but stadium has ample heated conference rooms indoors. Guard will also use local h.s gym for toss-abilities. Sunday corps' two hour drill block around lunch hour will be outdoors on the professional football teams' turf field in the stadium.(Various northern NJ weather sources slate 50 degrees at that time.) Being able to adapt, show best effort, and being able to learn have always been Cadets traits. Cadets will march 72 horns with 8 euphoniums; addition over 70 last year will be 2 more mellophones. Excellent response to audition interest and registration. All the best to all. FHNSAB
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    Yeah...our last show is Saturday at MetLife. We already have parents providing hand and foot warmers to the kids, and have told them to dress WARM. It is going to be cold!
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    Agree. I loved BAC this year. She was excellent and added a LOT to a great show.
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    Boston had great results this past year with a guard member who did her guard stuff and then her singing added so much to the show.
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    Even Couchmen and INT are keeping quiet. We'll just have to wait and see.
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    Have you seen the parking lots at the Alamodome or Lucas Oil? Where would you put 1 extra bus per Corps? Ignore logistics? You have obviously never driven a bus and had to figure where to park. I vote no.
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    if i recall Tilt wasn't trotted out super early. it's a game. builds suspense. and really if 5th is bad, heaven help us all
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    And yet, here you are? Mike
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    You won't improve the show by adding more. Limits were placed on Drum Corps for a reason, to encourage and select only the best players / performers and push the creative envelope. Relying on electronic insurments, amplification and static props results in less emphasis on the individual performers and will eventually make all corps look and sound the same (ordinary).
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    I heard one corps is going to have a tour called "What happened". the tail of Russian microphone hacking by pokemon....nvm
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    units that big on the field look like a mess to me
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    Actually I see the opposite. Keep the present max size, but include prop handlers, equipment handlers and electronics' handlers (i.e. board tech). Anybody who brings "stuff" onto the field, but who doesn't march should be included in the count. This would inhibit the use of electronics, unless the corps wished to have less marching members, thus lowering the visual appeal and possibilities. More is not always better.
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    In theory, you may be correct in stating that the G7 proposal was for the good of all corps, but if that's the case, the messengers did a pretty lousy job of relaying it, and as they defended it, some rather ugly aspects surfaced. There were implications that the non G7 corps were draining DCI resources. It was implied people who attended shows only wanted to see G7 corps even though the fan base of Madison and Boston Crusaders and perhaps Troopers was larger and more loyal than some G7 corps. It was thought only G7 corps would place in the top seven in the future, which Cavaliers showed in 2012 would not be the case and ruled out the possibility of another darling coming along which Blue Knights proved incorrect as they made the top seven and gained new found fans. The TOC shows are successful, but I don't see how they are responsible for attendance increases in Atlanta, Allentown, and San Antonio. I can't see how they are responsible for record tryouts for non G7 corps.
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    Zach here - in typical Couchmen fashion I'm too lazy to make another account. But you can find most of my photos on the "Music And Marching" Facebook page and instagram account. Also check out "DCI Cam Fam" on Instagram, as a lot of the individual corps photographers post their work there!
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