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    not sure if anybody else mentioned this, but the new dci website is very poorly designed
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    New. Era. New Era. New, new, new. New Era... So much fun! Mike
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    Even with my recency bias of only really knowing shows from 2000 - present, this is still pretty tough. In chronological order: 2001: New Era Metropolis is just such a Vanguard show. Quirky but intense music, awesome visual, and overall well paced show. Plus it just seemed different than everything else I remember from that year. 2009: Ballet for Martha is just absolutely gorgeous, from start to finish. 2013: Les Miserables is just so much fun from start to finish. Easily one of my favorite shows to listen to. 2015: The Spark of Invention is such a unique show, and the light trick is perhaps my favorite late-season addition ever. 2016: Force of Nature is stunningly beautiful, impossibly so.
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    I don't get the DCI logic to roll out a halfazz completed website, then tell fans, .." we know there are issues, but its not fully completed, be patient, we will get it completed, and you'll like the eventual layout" Well, why rush the new website out if DCI knows it's unveiling will be halfazz and not complete ? . Its still November. Why not have been ready by now for the launch of the new website ( if yesterday was the drop dead date the tech people needed to have it ready) or wait until DCI was ready with the completed website, and launch the website then ? Or maybe thats just too sensible, and DCI just enjoys frustrating its fanbase as part and parcel of who they are. Who knows. But the launch of the new website never even came with a heads up to fans to prepare for the change and a simple request to be patient. It took emails/ phone calls to DCI HQ to find out what the heck was going on and what the game plan was with the new DCI website and its annoying format, and its frustrating, non user friendly , new navigation system. Thats not how a 1st rate organization operates. Thats how a 3rd rate organization operates, imo.
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    I'm a bit surprised that '81 isn't making any of the above top picks. That was a great show!
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    Man... remember that night? When they came down the street, behind the police escort, and when we saw the new uniforms... a classic "What the..." moment!!! I also remember the "They're ruining drum corps" comments. Ironically, several old-schoolers on Facebook now call the Bridgemen from those days "real drum corps." Gotta be honest, it took me a bit to warm up to their new style... but I became a fan. Hey... I have family roots in Bayonne, so I figured I'd come around eventually. LOL. I actually thought they had won DCI Finals in 1980. A stellar performance from them that night.
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    I, like just about everyone else that has commented so far, find this nigh on impossible. I make no bones about SCV being my favorite corps and always find something about every show that makes me think "that's why I love them". With that said: Top 5: 1974 - The first year I saw them live (and every year after through '92...then kids). And I fell in love with everything about them: uniforms, presence, performance, you name it. 1987 - Like so many others that night, I REALLY thought they had won. Just a fabulous spectacle. 1988 - Although 89 was a juggernaut, take no prisoners onslaught, I thought 88 captured the essence of PotO better and was more nuanced and less forced. 1999 "New Millennium" - I wish I could have seen this live. I had heard so much about this show and then I watched the video...wow. If I can put this in my top 5 based on a video... 2016 "Force of Nature" - Breathtaking, like a modern version of so many of their mid-80s subtle shows. SO close, this could be another top 5... 1975 - Perfect GE score. Wonderfully scored (I still marvel at the tympani/tenor voicing during the concert piece) 1978 - One of my favorite little details of theirs, ever: Just before the big push of "If You Believe" the guard clicks their heels 3 times, a la Dorothy 1986 - Festive Overture. 2003 "Pathways" - If I had seen this live, it might be above. SO good. 2015 "Spark of Invention" - The engineer in me LOVED this show, as did the drum corps fan. Least enthralling (because I have to?) 1993 - The first year since 74 I hadn't seen them live, and watching the video, I'm truly not sure how I would have reacted to this 2005 - Watched on video. Didn't do much for me, to be honest. God that was hard. I could have EASILY put 1982, 1991, 2009, 2013, 2017, etc. somewhere in there and been perfectly happy with my choices.
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    Of course I am biased for 1971, but I would also add 1997 Celebration/Year of the Dragon to my list of favorites.
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    Yep, must have been a mistake. We will be there!
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    I would have supported your show if I lived in the area. I'm very sorry to hear. Perhaps you may have a better option in the future? or does one year out of tour kill a venue? I'm very disappointed that BAC doesn't host their Connecticut Drums show anymore. It was last hosted I believe when Tom Spataro was director of the corps. The corps lost big time due to weather one year when the show was cancelled and that was the last time here in Connecticut. The venue changed a few times from Bridgeport high school to ECSU. I'm still left with pretty decent options, but must travel NJ, PA, or MA.
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    Crown's tour of DCI shows: 21 Jun Detroit, MI - DCI Tour Premiere 23 Jun Akron, OH - Innovations In Brass 25 Jun Hamilton, OH - Summer Music Games In Cincinnati [BOA week at Ball State] 29 Jun Muncie, IN - DCI Central Indiana 01 Jul Lawrence, MA - CYO Nationals 02 Jul Lynn, MA - The Beanpot Invitational 05 Jul Clifton, NJ -Drum Corps: An American Tradition 07 Jul Columbia, SC - CrownBEAT 08 Jul Orlando, FL - DCI Orlando 10 Jul Valdosta, GA - TBA 14 Jul Alexandria, KY - DCI Northern Kentucky 15 Jul St. Louis, MO - DCI Midwestern Championship 16 Jul Bentonville, AR - Music On The Move 19 Jul Denton, TX - DCI North Texas 20 Jul Katy, TX - Tour Of Champions – Texas 21 Jul San Antonio, TX - DCI Southwestern Championship 23 Jul Mesquite, TX - DCI Mesquite 24 Jul Mustang, OK - DCI In The Heartland 27 Jul Nashville, TN - The Masters Of The Summer Music Games 28 Jul Atlanta, GA - DCI Southeastern Championship 29 Jul Winston-Salem, NC - NightBEAT Tour Of Champions 30 Jul Salem, VA - Summer Music Games Of Southwest Virginia 01 Aug Chester, PA - Tour Of Champions – Chester 04 Aug Allentown, PA - DCI Eastern Classic 05 Aug Pittsburgh, PA - DCI Pittsburgh 06 Aug Massillon, OH - Tour Of Champions – Massillon 09 Aug Indianapolis, IN - DCI World Championship Prelims 10 Aug Indianapolis, IN - DCI World Championship Semifinals 11 Aug Indianapolis, IN - DCI World Championship Finals
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    2002 Cadets... great show (my opinion, of course), lots of audience appeal, and the tone was perfect for a nation still trying to heal from 9/11. But not high on my list of all-time greatest Cadets shows. For me, well back of shows like 1971, 1984, 1987, 1990, 2005, 2011, to name some.
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    In today’s crazy world it is very challenging at times to raise a family, no less a family with four children. One way to overcome some of those challenges is by doing things together. In our activity there are many stories out there about families involved in drum corps. Meet the Armstrong family from DCA’s […] View the full article
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    The 2018 season kicked off with one of the most successful open houses in recent Caballeros history. It was great seeing all the returning vets coupled with all the excited prospective members. The administrative team, along with the design team, welcomed members, parents, and alumni, detailed the 2018 show concept (more details on our show […] View the full article
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    oh God. it's easier to pick out the least favorites. and by all means thats 2010, 05 runner up top 5 faves: Yikes 87 99 04 97 09 17 gets honorable mention but just isnt there yet. 15 and 16 here too. 2000 and 2001 too. 80 still doesnt get enough love. 89 great, liked 88 far better. 98 as well. christ anything not above in the top 5, and top 2 disliked it honorable mention
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    CT Alumni corps has a new rookie member
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    The DCI new website is a work in progress in terms of listing by Corps their schedule of shows for the upcoming 2018 season. So for fans/ alums of the Boston Crusaders anyway, here is the Boston Crusaders schedule of shows for 2018 in a quick and readable format.
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    Some of the TOC show lineups are far better than others I noticed right off the bat.
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    Today I learned 2002 is "old drum corps".
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    2002 cadets is my least favorite drumcorps show of all time. Z
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    I lucked out and found the entire collection at my local library.
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    True. I agree. Corps naturally develop shows that are designed to maximize the most points that can be had under the competition's agreed to, judging system. Also, another twist..... I believe that Carolina Crown would have won more than 1 DCI Title by now ( same number as the Anaheim Kingsmen, by the way ) if the earlier decades judging systems were utilized. For example, in earlier decades, Brass line competency were highly rewarded in scores/ final placements... then Percussion... and much lower then... excellence in Guard. But thats all changed under the new judging system. Guard is far more rewarded on the sheets than ever before. Guards and Guard performers tend to sell the theme more than any other Corps sections now. SCV would have medaled WAY more the last decade under the older judging sheets with such excellence in Percussion too. One can win DCI today if you finish ( say ) 6th in Percussion. But if you finish lower than 3rd or 4th in Guard today, you have absolutely no shot at all of winning a DCI Title under the current judging sheets. Carolina Crown is well known for excellence in brass lines. For over a decade now too. But , as I said, such brass line excellence has given them just 1 DCI Title. BD used to be known for great brass lines. They still have excellence there, but BD knows that its GUARD that mostly drives the scores now among the Corps sections., and as such, BD has made certain they have one of the best performing Guards that'll take the competition field each and every season now. BD understands the current judging system better than anyone... and to their credit too.
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    They wouldn't score well. Its all about layers and contrast and a show working on multiple levels now. These shows were way too straight forward for today.
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    Could you imagine Stu picking apart a dci policies and procedures manual? That alone would be reason enough to keep it in house.
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    Last summer, we saw the "Mad Max" uniforms up close when we walked past some Scouts in the park in Allentown. That changed my mind about those unis, which I first thought were... well... weird. LOL. But up close... they looked awesome. The attention to detail was really cool. Looking forward to what the Scouts put on the field in '18!!!
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