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    We just hosted one of the Cadet camps and their staff mentioned to us about how they will get an influx of brass auditionees after the first round or two of Crown cuts. But that's just the nature of the beast. Crown has been more consistent from a placement standpoint and much more consistent from a brass perspective. Most brass players are going to want to try their luck there first. It's not a dig. Things are always in flux and it's just the way things are currently. Hoping Cadets quickly turn back into being the 'it' corps for the East.
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    Andy Grindle has put together a world class brass staff with the intention of teaching a world class horn line. We have 45 brass players registered for our first camp in two weeks, with more expected to come. This is a sizable increase from first camp last year and speaks volumes about what Andy and staff have been able to do in a couple short months. Our visual & guard staff are also larger than previous years with plenty of new talent: https://pioneer-corps.org/staff/visual.html https://pioneer-corps.org/staff/color-guard.html
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    Very, very nice. Thank you. You made me think of my Dad. Before he passed about fifteen years ago he set up a stationary bike next to a similar wall map. At the end of this daily trek in his retirement, he'd move the pin the equivalent number of miles times ten or twenty and then go research the town where he had landed. The next day he did the same. Now if a DCPer did the same beginning now and between the first contest, would you make tour and how far along??? (Great way to get in shape before ST or whenever one if volunteering.) I'm still working on getting around the track the first time and up and down those stadium stairs for the bathrooms between corps. New Year's resolution, ho, ho.
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    Hi everyone, as 2017 comes to an end, I thought that it would be nice to take some time to look back on the events that occurred in 2017. For starters, Blue Devils won their 18th title in 2017 and celebrated their 60th anniversary. Also in 2017, the Santa Clara Vanguard finished in 2nd and also celebrated their 50th anniversary as well. It was the first time Santa Clara Vanguard medaled since 2004. Also in 2017, the Cavaliers, the Boston Crusaders, the Madison Scouts, and the Mandarins made incredible jumps in 2017. The Cavaliers managed to slide into 4th place at DCI finals ahead of the Bluecoats, the Boston Crusaders finished in 6th place and beat the Cadets for the first time since 1980, the Madison Scouts made it back into the finals and finished in 12th place, and the Mandarins had their best season ever and finished in 13th place, their highest placement ever. They also finished the season with a 85.550, their highest score ever. Lastly, to conclude this list, we have Genesis and Music City. Genesis finished their very first competitive season in world class in 2017. They finished in 23th place and scored a 76.213, their highest score ever. And finally, the biggest headline for 2017 is Music City’s move to world class. Music City finished in 4th place in open class finals and finished in 24th place in world championship semi finals. In open class finals, Music City scored their highest score ever and scored a 76.763. In the world class semi finals, Music City scored a 74.275, their highest finish at DCI world class championships. Overall, 2017 was a great year and hopefully, we will have many great new story lines next year in 2018!
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    I truly believe that 2018 is going to be the start of a new era for Pioneer. Andy Grindle is going to take Pioneer to the next level. I truly believe that they are going to march a full corps in 2018 with a full hornline of 80 members. Let’s Go Pioneer!!!!!!
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    Very true. What the Cadets are going through now does pale. It really has more to do with transition. Hop may not be retired yet, but as we often see at the end of careers it can be tough as one gets older when you are trying to hang onto greatness, yet innovate, yet also real in the talent needed to perform at that high level. The last 2 years were clearly a step down for the Cadets (by comparison to what we have typically seen from them). So they have definitely been trending down. People can say they will bounce back, but it's not easy to do. It took the Cavaliers a while. Look at past perennial top 5/6 corps like Madison, Phantom, and even SCV had a long skid from the top 3. Boston clearly seems poised to challenge those in the top 5. This may be their time.
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    What a killer small corps they had that year. Talk about high energy.... wow. We saw a show one evening in Cranford, NJ in '79... BAC was delayed by traffic or something like that. They got there right after the show ended and the scores had been announced, and we were all heading to our cars. The corps got off the buses and headed for the field to perform an exhibition... we all turned around and ran in to watch them. They tore the house down that night!!!
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    Ahh. This topic went exactly where I would have anticipated.
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    I was surprised that the Cavies beat the Bluecoats on Finals night. I know everyone said how great their colorguard was but I couldn't get past all of the clutter on the field. It was a difficult show to follow visually -- just too much going on for me. I didn't enjoy the music they played either. Bluecoats' music was great! Love their sound. I picked Bluecoats for 2018. I loved the Cavies in the early 2000s but this recent version lacks the sophistication that they had when they won Championships.
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    It would be foolish to expect anything other than your continued spewing of biased Cadet fake hype nonsense. Horse still dead, but beat it if you must.
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    Not sure what drives your seemingly harsh response here. Your challenge for the poster to justify his remarks are curious, seeing how his comments were led off with "IMO"! I also believe Cadets used similar audition methods this year that many corps have been using for many years, so the connection you are attempting, to validate your defense of Cadets, is odd shall I say. IMO. This may be another posturing of yours to imply posters are denigrating Cadets this off season, which again can't be further from the truth. And your comment about Crown being the standard in the east until proven otherwise, to contradict the beast from the east being Boston, falls flat since the poster didn't say Boston IS or WILL BE the beast of the east. He clearly said it was his EXPECTATION after hearing good things about them. To me that sounds like his personal POV. Lastly I hope you aren't referring to Boston as an upstart. I don't even know where the upstart and legacy reference was generated in the posters comments. A Boston bias is clearly showing and becomes fairly hypocritical when viewed against comments toward perceived denigrators of Cadets, as you have stated in the past. Please enjoy all eastern corps success and be supportive when a corps has toiled for years to regain an elite position in DCI and continues to work hard to get better each season.
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    Except everything he said is true...
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    I totally agree about Kilties 1974 ... and no soprano fracking at the end of Auld Lang Syne! I will give you 1978 Guardsmen if you give me 1979 27th Lancers for the same reason. Without them there was no 1980 Lancers, and I know. I was there!
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    Thank goodness they didn't. The most annoying DCI show to that date. (Cadets 2008: "Hold my beer.")
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    A statement which applies as much to drum corps as anything else. Current trends are good but modest. (Open Class holding steady or growing slightly in each of the past five years, two corps moving up to world class in the past two years, attendance numbers generally up.) But will they continue?
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    While I (eventually) respected the concept, I really did not care for Cavaliers' show last summer and was baffled that the judges preferred it to Bluecoats'. But as with all these threads, I want both corps to do as well as possible, and it's certainly gratifying that Cavs seem to have pulled out of their slump of a few years back.
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    Bloo. Still at a loss as to how that mess of a Mars show edged out Canton at finals.
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    Bridgemen 1980 27th Lancers 1981 Honorable mention to 1980, which probably should have won the title. But '81 has Niner Two.
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    Can't see this thread going off course
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    7th Regiment, Guardians, and Southwind duke it out for the Gold Medal at OC Finals. Seriously though, I don't know enough yet to make an informed prediction. History suggests that what was tight this year, may be tight next year. I'm looking forward to an even more competitive Open Class with a few surprises thrown in.
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    Again, thank you so much to all of the continued support. I can speak on the rest of the corps' behalf in saying this has been an amazing season and that the excitement we get from our supporters is outstanding. I was crying from happiness because of our great season, and sadness because our great season is almost over. Legends are not born, they are made... SW is back! ISLD...
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    Oh hey, while we're at it, congratulations to DCP's own DawsonBurnes on his corps' strong finish and amazing show this year!
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    southwind is going places in a few years IMO...
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