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    My girlfriend made/gave me a great Christmas gift to help with my obsession of following the DCI tour. Now I'll be able to add daily map graphics to my daily score analysis posts!
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    I'm so excited that troopers are doing black parade! I've always thought it would translate to the football field really well. I hope it works for them!
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    If this is true, big congrats to Yuuka! First female making top five snare line (Bluecoats) in five years? I wonder if she is the snare who played so wonderfully for the Blue Stars last year?
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    I sent you a PM to not spoil it for people that want to watch it. They announced it at the end of the broadcast.
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    Yeah. There are a lot of factors that play a role in that. One is I don't think a lot of folks knew about the bracket when it started and it was the Facebook crowd. Associated with that is just that younger people are better at technology and follow stuff like that closer. Also it's not hard to find pristine HD quality film on shows 2009 and later... while on the other hand the AV quality for the 72 Kingsman is awful. In the end, although I don't really agree with the bracket seeding I think Inferno vs Spartacus is a fair final matchup. Would have loved to see shows like 76 BD and 80s Madison Scouts and Cadets in there.
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    I see the difference here now, and its one of definition of ' change" some of us are utilizing. The Madison Scouts played "MacArthur's Park" for their concert in both '75 and '76. They played " Rhapsody in Blue " out of Concert both in '75 and '76, and played ' The Way We Were" as their closer both in '75 and '76 .They did early on in '76 however come out with a entire NEW music and drill for '76, but went back to the '75 show musically for their Concert, out of concert and closer. As such ,they did in fact change the entire music and drill from their early season ( as Fran and you stated correctly... now that I more fully understand what you mean in " change " ). I am also correct that much of the music eventually remained:" unchanged" from what they played in 75. The central point here ( not to be lost in the semantics ) is that what Madison almost pulled off in '76 remains so to both of us. Despite the wholesale changes in the entire show both musically and drill wise from early in the season of '76, they almost repeated. Quite impressive indeed for Madison.
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    The entire show was changed in '76. All music and drill. I don't think it's mentioned much as a favorite show because so much was repeated from the '75 show. Having marched both years I still go back and forth as to what was a bigger accomplishment.
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    80 was the show where the DM turns around and holds up the banner while the corps is wailing on the last chord?
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    This ! One also needs to look at a few other factors . 1. Time ( actual time to teach as well as clean enough to be presentable ) 2. experience ( staff as well as Members) 3. Co operation of other staff ( could mean design coordination , time , putting things together with all elements) etc.
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    I've worked with/talked to several guard instructors over the years... the three main approaches seem to be: 1) Write all the choreography, then change it to fit the drill. 2) Wait for the drill, then write choreography around it. 3) Write features and major impact points beforehand (and change the drill to fit them), then write the rest based on the drill. In my experience, the least stressful and more successful is #3 when all is said and done, especially if the drill writer knows ahead of time. #2 makes it super stressful on the guard members and instructors... no time to clean. #1 tends not to work very well unless the instructor is really flexible/knowledgeable and the kids are more experienced.
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    from an official Regiment site: Phantom Regiment 4 hrs · Thank you George Hopkins @hopcadet34 for donating to our year-end campaign goal! You're one of our heroes! (You can join them by donating & add your name to the list at http://bit.ly/2iJMTAR. Help spread the word and share this!)
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