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    All is well in Crown-land. Great turnout this weekend for the brass and drums. The corps worked through a couple of minutes of show music, and it sounds amazing. Talent level for both sections is consistent with last season, no drop off at all. Still have no idea what the show theme is, and Jim mentioned to the audience that the corps is still working to secure the rights to all of the music. One or two hints, the show will have a lot of power right from the beginning, and the intro will have fans off their seats. And, there are a lot of freaking notes. More than I've heard from Crown, maybe ever. If you are a brass player, you will LOVE what Michael is writing. Thats all folks! Carry on, nothing to see here.
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    Just heard the Donor videos from this camp. Cavaliers have upgraded their horn line. Got to see my kid stand in a solo slot in the arc, but that doesn't mean a thing yet, because they haven't auditioned for solos yet. If he earns one, I'll probably just go ahead and pass out of pure pride. Gonna be a GREAT summer for the Cavaliers!
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    First listen of the opener with the brass and battery in a small room.... ...and then there's a bit with a dog... Needless to say, we only get to hear the sounds from outside the room ( the dog would have gone nuts in there, plus the room was small ), but it's plenty loud enough to hear the music very clearly. The Pit's playing in a different room. I believe Chris said it was show music from last year, and then when they were playing he said it was intricate music from 2013. Sounded like a great group playing well together at a camp! This is their 1st callback camp, and the different sections are getting music a different times, so I assume they're playing this to see how well they learn and all of that... Sounds like the guard will be great again this year according to Lugo. 2018 is getting more exciting, especially when you can hear some 2018 music. No, they're not giving out the show theme, and no they don't want people to share what they hear, but you can get in on the action with a donation. I know they can plug their own stuff, but I thought it might be helpful for the lazy or busy if I just post this here: Our 2018 January Call-Back Camp for Brass and Percussion has begun! As things heat up this weekend here in Rosemont, we're launching our BOOST Program to build up our 2018 Brass, Color Guard, and Percussion Scholarships. Brass: https://payments.cavaliers.org/collections/boost-cavaliers-brass Color Guard: https://payments.cavaliers.org/collections/boost-cavaliers-guard Percussion: https://payments.cavaliers.org/collections/boost-cavaliers-percussion BOOST is simple. 100 individual tax-deductible options in small amounts ranging from $1 up to $100. It’s that easy, and every single dollar raised goes directly toward helping our students. ***For this weekend's BOOST Scholarship donors, The Cavaliers are amping up our commitment to you with INSIDE ACCESS, starting with exclusive FB Live sessions all weekend long showcasing the 2018 Cavaliers. Brass. Percussion. 2018 Teasers. January Camp Showcase...You won’t want to miss it!***
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    I know, I was just goofing off, saying that tongue in cheek, off that.... haha. The hate on GH, Cadets can be a little excessive sometimes. Still not sure its good PR though for the Corps to be sending out flyers with that message on it... but its probably a 1 day story, in the end though, imo
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    So, show and tell sounded great, especially for this time of year! Their assessment (Joe Roach's assessment) is that they're way ahead in brass this year as compared to recent years at this time... They played through the opener, 2nd bit of music, ballad, and an encore tune. You can tell that they're working on more subtle musical things than normal for them at this time. The second bit of music has a bunch of intricate notes, timings, and such... Should be good content for the sheets. It was all very entertaining, loud, and with good tone. Leboeuf seems like a great fit as the brass caption manager. He looks super young though. Good for him to be as good as he is at his craft at such a young age... I heard there were 50 baritones vying for the 24 baritone spots. Wow, I hope those who don't make the cut get some experience at another corps. There's too much talent going around like that to not be used... Battery percussion sounded great too, but it's indoors. All I could tell is that the snares were playing together perfectly... Anyway, I'm excited! I think everyone will enjoy this edition of the corps! They're certainly off to a banner start!
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    I think Yuuka was at BK last year.
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    Just saw a video of the front playing 2013 music and it was insanely good. It’s from the opener when the music really gets going. Excited for everything I heard yesterday and today.
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    For me, just seeing someone say they sound good is all the news I need. I am really hoping they earn a medal this season.
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    Jersey Surf has announced their 2018 program Mondo Mandrian
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    What’s up from January camp? I’m not there but I’ve been getting the videos from being a donor, stuff sounds really cool. Don’t want to comment on volume as I know there is more than a double hornline playing at a time in a small gym. Of course the encore tune sounds great. Today is the last day of camp and there is still time to join inside access if you become a scheduled donor each month.
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    I'm so excited that troopers are doing black parade! I've always thought it would translate to the football field really well. I hope it works for them!
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    I haven't watched that many Magic of Orlando shows but I just watched this one for the first time and WOW, I couldn't agree with this statement more!
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    "Mighty Madison Scouts": 1962: THE best hornline of that season in junior drum corps. Hands down. Best placement at VFW Finals (Sixth behind St Kevins Emerald Knights) and should have recieved the horn execution trophy. Best Madiosn corps of that decade. 1974: Gail Royer termed this the "Better of the two Madison corps" he faced in 74-75 DCI Finals, and I agree. Scouts breezed to a Prelim win, but their Finals show was eclipsed by SCV who did the "Went on in their Prelims Finish spot" to clinch the title. Fab show by the 1974 Scouts and one of my faves. Elphaba
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    Whomever signed off for this new web-sight just be fired. Trying to navigate through the schedule is troublesome.
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    Doh...sorry about that!! I'm finding the layout of the schedule kinda clunky to navigate. Probably just a newness thing but kind of miss being able to see more listed on a page.
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