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    Oh good, I thought he meant the sound was gonna skip constantly until you give up and throw it out. I miss the tapes tbh.
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    Nah. I think you made your point by the fourth usage of "Mr. Failed Professional Bluecoats Sound Designer." We can probably guess where you stand with a little bit of confidence.
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    I had watched that Flo marching thing with Mr. Failed Professional Bluecoats Sound Designer that once again made the empty promise of ‘we’ll do better’ so of course I was annoyed. When? I’ve been hearing ‘we’ll do better’ with electronic since 2005. How will you do better, how will all corps do better? How will it be enforced? If they don’t do better what the other side? It was such a one sided sales job that was based upon lies upon excuses upon arrogant, patronizing posturing and the mea culpa did nothing to assuage my utter disappointment with ‘the production’ they offered by way of poorly utilized and implemented electronics. DCI is incapable of enforcing their own rules or standards so we get these ‘hack’ designers corrupting the entire activity so they can get a paycheck and be relevant in their drum corps Hamlet syndrome. Amplified brass will never sound as good as ‘live’ brass. I go to shows for live brass, it appears my only options will be watching scales in the lot. Effected brass often sounds nasty in Drum Corps because they don’t know how to play it or pull it off. Screw them, I had to buy earplugs for finals last year in order to avoid the 3-days of ringing ears thanks to the crappy sound production of Bluecoats at previous finals. I know enough about electronic production to see through the crap they pump out but apparently not enough to how hos some of these samples could possibly be legal. BTW, what’s DCI doing on that front, how do they check samples…what, they don’t? Shock! DCI has failed to enforce any standard of electronic in scores or by the rules. That fact alone is enough to reel it in. Again, what’s the other side of we’ll do better, what’s the ‘or else’? Nothing. It’s going on 15 years of broken promises, only a complete fool would trust them and how can Mr. Failed Professional Bluecoats Sound Designer even speak for all of them? How is Spirit, Crossmen or Pioneer going to make good on his promise? This sound reinforcement scam that sells it as horn lines can play with more nuance undermines the entire visual staging trend. Another design short cut another visual cheat. But really, it’s more of the DCI Loudness war, a la Oasis which, the recording community is finally recovering from. Mr. Failed Professional Bluecoats Sound Designer answers don’t hold up, his solution is buying more amps. Great, more weapons in the sound war will keep us all safe. We’ll get better with more amps. How many speakers did Bluecoats have on the field last year, was it 26 or 36, I forget. More, more, more amps, more designer influence all at the expense of the marching membership input and dare say, eduction My objection to amps has nothing to do with them not being utilized when I marched; it has everything to do with how poorly they have been used and by the idiom. I like live brass. To dismiss my views on electronics as a product of my age is so disingenuous, insulting, bigoted and just wrong. But that’s the level dude is working on and yet, he’s in charge of the future of DCI? Good hands there folks. And now my turn to do what I despise Won’t anyone think of the children who have roundly rejected it along with the audience? And now, should we discuss all the poor design choices Bluecoats and other have made with regards to electronics?
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    Since there usually isn't much discussion from any corps, it was great to see and hear what is going on from The Cavaliers. Mr. Lugo is keeping the Donors, and Alumni well connected with the young men who are looking at marching with the Cavaliers. It will be a long time before we know how everyone is against each other since the first real match up isn't until Jul 20th and 21st.
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    Yea, I thought about that too before I posted that, but then I thought it would be nice to give some kind of camp update. It's been pretty boring in here and I just wanted to put out some fun news. Hope I didn't offend. Just remember they didn't post that comment here. I did. ...and I did it without making any other predictions about how that will turn out in the end for them. Honestly, I've heard many years of January drumcorps. Sounded as good as anything else I've heard over the last almost 30 years in January from a drum and bugle corps... It is obvious that the brass program has switched directions towards more of a DVD approach to sound. The rep as written now is pretty darned meaty, though that can be watered down as the season arrives. Anyway, just trying to have a bit of fun here! I know they're all way ahead of where they were last year at this time... It's just that **I** don't say that every year; for the record, when a corps is "behind last year", I'll say that too. So for this corps THIS year, it is true... They're ahead of schedule.
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    well, I have never been to a show where the electronics were dialed back. Pretty sure the electronics only have 2 volumes: super loud and painfully overpowering
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    I’ve been meaning to do these threads........this is a great one to jump in on. There isn’t really a show from The Academy I haven’t enjoyed, even the Pianoman show. Well. Maybe 08. 2016 and 2011 are personal overall favorites of mine from any corps and there are a lot of others I *really* enjoyed. Haven’t seen their pre 2006 shows. 1. 2016 - Drum Corpse Bride This was so so so fun to follow that summer, even preseason it felt special. Pretty perfect design, simple and fantastically told story with amazing music and pretty immaculate staging. And it was just full of those magical moments throughout like the xylophones and that amazing closer. Far and away their best and seeing them make finals for the first time just made it that much better. 2. 2011 - (RE)- .......however this show is a very close second for me. I listen to this show all the time. I think this was their 2nd best playing corps and easily their best drumline to me. Loved the wacky color scheme and Hinshaw drill as well. Just a quirky, intense, and downright fun show. 3. 2014 - Vanity Fair This was the start of what would lead to 2016, such a great rebound after 2013. Simple, entertaining, and so much more cohesive on all levels. Really enjoyed watching this one come together, as always it’s a fantastic show to listen to from them. 4. 2015 - A Step in Time This is the year that they started to feel like a potential finalist in the making. Clear identity forming, stronger in all sections than the year before, and this is when they really began to get the fans on their side. This show just felt right for them on all levels. And it was downright fun. 5. 2006 - Danzon I haven’t ever seen a super high quality recording of this show but it’s so so so fun. One of my favorite Latin shows Pretty beasty show for a Division 2 corps. 6. 2010 - Strangers in Paradise Not a lot to look at but they had a fantastic top 12 quality brass line and I love Borodin so this show gets a lot of plays from me. 7. 2012 - Left of Spring Rite of Spring is pretty tired for me but I enjoyed their treatment of it. VERY aggressive show. Loved the absolutely bonkers guard costuming and color scheme. 8. 2009 - The Ascent Pretty standard show but done very well, really enjoyed this one when I was starting to fall in love with the activity. 9. 2017 - By a Hare This would probably be higher if it hadn’t followed 2016. It was a very fun show that just lacked the magic and cohesion of their masterwork the year before. They developed the hell out of it over the summer though. 10. 2007 - The Chase Definitely their breakout season, really enjoy the music. 11. 2013 - Pianoman Yes it was flawed but I admire them going for the audience and having fun with it. I’d rather it be that than something boring. 12. 2008 - Vienna Nights Not a lot to say, source material was given a pretty bland treatment. Solid but not a lot of punch.
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    I snipped sections out to save space here. Whether I agree or disagree with anything you have posted here.. this is, without question, one of the best rants I've ever seen anywhere!!!!
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    Haha ... people keep speaking in generalities and using terms like “all fans” or “the audience.” Please speak for yourself. From my seat at finals (100 series seats) I saw thousands of fans on their feet cheering all night. Fans of all ages. There also seems to be no shortage of “children” trying out for these corps. The young men and women I know in the activity enjoy being part of organizations that regularly push creative limits and explore new technology ... and they don’t prefer to be referred to as children. I enjoyed the Flo video and thought they did a great job articulating their position.
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    I could see this being a BIG brass moment.....if Bocook was arranging it. However, since I don't know who half the people are on Cadets' staff nowadays, I only have last year as a comparison and I think it'll be boring. Prove me wrong Cadets. PLEASE win this fan back Cadets.
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    I can see that you smell a composer who can't hear. Not sure if it would be to my taste but I might be touched by such a show.
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    They're going to have to work overtime to get me hyped for SoS. Heard it waaaaay too many times this year during band season. Mike
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    Have loved Academy's recent shows, as well as some of their shows from years past. Favorites: 2016, "Drum Corpse Bride." Because how can you not put this at #1? Just a perfectly constructed show, and the closer still gets me every time. 2011, "(RE)." One of their best musical books ever, and that opening impact... Geez. 2007, "The Chase." Almost a decade before their first Finals appearance, this show came very close to making it there. Very fun, but also a step up in maturity from the year before, and a prelude to their recent string of lighthearted media-based shows. 2015, "A Step in Time." They proved everyone (including me) wrong by making Mary Poppins really work on the field. Very reminiscent of the late '80s Sky Ryders shows. 2006, "Danzon." The show that put The Academy on the map by winning Division II. So much energy throughout! Least favorites: 2013, "Piano Man." The only Academy show I've seen that I feel was a flat-out failure design-wise... although the German narrator did a great job. 2012, "Left of Spring." Certainly a unique take on a work often heard on the field, but it didn't really do anything for me and also left me a little confused. 2008, "Vienna Nights." Honestly I haven't seen this one, but something obviously went wrong here after they nearly made Finals the year before and then rebounded the year after.
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    I had never heard that anecdote. What a great story! The Cambridge Cabs were a very progressive group. I think I wore out 2 or 3 copies of the 1960 LP, "Horns Aplenty" which features a cover photo of the corps performing an outdoor concert at the band shell. The great Al Saia wrote the brass book, Don Benedict, the drum charts. Prince's Scotty Chappell scripted the drill. Their version of Maleguena set the standard for all the others that followed.
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    I rhink he means "Donnie Van Doren" approach to playing as witnessed at Star of Indiana, 80's Cadets, Carolina Crown, etc.
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    The other day I chuckled when I realized that last year they FINALLY wore spats again, but completely changed the rest of the uniform. But personally, I don't really mind what they look like because I know that behind whatever show they do, those guys are definitely learning how to be quality members of society.
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    Offend? No way! I just love the "hope springs eternal" enthusiasm of drum corps fans.
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    Wonderful! Sounds like what I heard from the Cavalier's camp this past weekend. I have a feeling that they'll both be very close to one another this year! I can not wait to hear what Michael is writing!
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    Nice job with these ThePlanets.
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    Haha the annual "they're way ahead of where they were last year" post. Said of every corps every year. Love it!
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    There will be no subtlety! You will know they are there right from the start!
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    ^^^ Love this response!! Not really surprised that the talent levels are staying at an astronomically high rate in guard and horns as both sections have been consistently top tier for years. Will be awaiting more information on this summer (i.e. show theme and source material confirmation) but to be honest they could play Mary Had A Little Lamb and I'd be amped to hear it.
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    All is well in Crown-land. Great turnout this weekend for the brass and drums. The corps worked through a couple of minutes of show music, and it sounds amazing. Talent level for both sections is consistent with last season, no drop off at all. Still have no idea what the show theme is, and Jim mentioned to the audience that the corps is still working to secure the rights to all of the music. One or two hints, the show will have a lot of power right from the beginning, and the intro will have fans off their seats. And, there are a lot of freaking notes. More than I've heard from Crown, maybe ever. If you are a brass player, you will LOVE what Michael is writing. Thats all folks! Carry on, nothing to see here.
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    I appreciate your insight and candidness of what you think is/isn't happening. Please know that we are doing everything we can to give these students a great experience. I'm sorry that you do not feel that our efforts are making a difference. The kids feel great about what is happening, as there were only 21 brass in attendance for the January camp last year. To be 10 students higher than that with 36 days left until camp provides a lot to be proud of. I know I'M proud of them. Again, thank you for your opinion. I look forward to keeping everyone updated as we accomplish our goals...no matter how unrealistic or outlandish you may think they are. Andy Brass Caption Supervisor
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