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    I have just learned one of my students was offered a contract this past weekend. As an FMM, I couldn't be more proud. I look forward to seeing him grow in the marching arts with one of the finest organizations in the activity.
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    Shout out to 2004: Apasionada 87. This show was based on the Nuevo Tango music of Astor Piazzolla . I am surprised this show has not been mentioned in anyone's good or bad list. It must have fallen through the cracks. It was classy, sexy and driving, with an ambitious and demanding brass book. But it was certainly not a typical Phantom show.
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    This is possibly the best teaser ever. Rife with mystery! Aside from OC18's show, I must convey my enthusiasm for the lineup slated for OC's one and only DCI event - Drums of Fire. Best ever. (Cadets, Vanguard, Academy, Blue Knights, Pac Crest, Troopers, OC & Scades - WHAT?) New venue though, and not even in Oregon but hey, we are so hungry for drum corps here in Oregon that we'll even cross the mighty Columbia River for it.
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    I've been waiting for this for WEEKS! It was really hard to narrow this down. FAVORITES: 2006 - Faust (for me, it had the best combination of good storyline, great music, excellent drill design that was really clean, great guard, & most of all...emotion!) 2008 - Spartacus (just a GE monster...the most energized I have ever seen a Finals crowd) 1996 - A Defiant Heart (minimalism at its finest...the opener is my all-time favorite) 1989 - From the New World...Into a New Age 1993 - The Modern Imagination 2005 - Rhapsody 1991 - Phantom Voices 2007 - On Air 2003 - Harmonic Journey 2011 - Juliet Honorable Mentions: 2010 (Into the Light), 1994 (Songs for a Summer Night), 2012 (Turandot), 1990 (Dreams of Desire), & 1987 (Songs from the Winter Palace) just missed the top 10 LEAST FAVORITES (ie. the only Regiment shows I actually dislike): 2014 - Swan Lake (I hated this show SOOOO much...Flames....Flames, on the side of my face...) 2017 - Phantasm (I really thought Wes Cartwright would be a great fit for Regiment....boy, was I wrong!) Dishonorable Mention: The witch puppet monstrosity from 2013 (I really liked the rest of the show, though)
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    That could work with a Shining theme!
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    people that ##### "it's not real drum corps anymore" to be banned from here, the DCP facebook page etc
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    It takes me out of the show, I prefer uniformity to individuality. I find faces distracting. I want big picture
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    I was more referring to hand placements, weapons angles, & stuff like that. You could get ticked for not having these correct, & Guard members had to master these basics before they could even think about spinning or tossing a weapon.
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    They seem to be saying some of the same things we are.
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    so a tattoo then
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    Heretics! Backflip Jesus was shirtless
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    I really would like Flo to let the show stand for 24 hours so it can be watched and/or re-watch for a limited amount of time.
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    You meant to say Trumpets right? LOL
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    Four piano notes at the end of the teaser are from Alanis Morisette’s Uninvited.
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    The Shining. You heard it here first. All marching and no play makes drum corps a dull show. Color guard with axes to spin!
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    Quiet is the way Bloo likes it.
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