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    Just a passing random comment. We're doing a play that uses movable bleacher units as props, so I thought of sending our props master a link to a video excerpt from Bluecoats' 2013 show. But on watching "To Look for America" again, while the music sounds tremendous, I find myself in agreement with something a friend told me on Labor Day of that year, after he had joined me for his first-ever DCA show: the Buccaneers did more with their ladders than the Bluecoats did with their bleachers. When he said it, I was skeptical, but especially in light of how much more Bluecoats did with their props in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, I now concede he was right. But it sure sounded great! And I look forward to more of the inventiveness we've come to expect from them in recent years. Edited slightly to clarify timing.
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    Looks like someone has a loved one who was a veteran and passed away. But I was looking at the flag.
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    The Bridgemen have a patent on this.
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    Totally. Can't wait. Even a scrimmage would be good.
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    Historically that's been Phantom Regiment's gig, but if Cadets are going to execute people in their 2018 show, that sounds pretty cool. Especially if they are great executions as you say.
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    I want the DCI Competition season to start this Saturday. At a local H.S. Stadium.... across the street Where I can walk, and not have to take my car. With last season's Top 12 all in attendance in competition. With a Full Judging Panel. temperatures at 71 degrees, and low humidity. 50 yard line seats... half way up. nobody talking or yelling during any of the performances anywhere around me. ( ok, so the last " want " listed here is probably the least likely to occur of all of them,I know. But a fan can dream, can't he ? )
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    Cadets post on Facebook today talks about the high number of vets returning (more than half the brass, for instance) as well as design team all coming back. I think the quote is: Talent is great. Vibe is great. Sounds good to me. Huh.
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    I think Mason is Ohio's largest high school (although smaller than big schools in other states). Most years lately, it also has the state's best high school marching band. Last time I checked, the second largest Ohio school was Centerville (which, probably not coincidentally, also has one of the best bands).
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    We drove past the Mason campus this past November. It’s huge. Parking is great.
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    To have suffered so in a thread as hostile as this... What courage.
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    So long as the parking is better, I’m happy.
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    On the field, from Allentown Pennsylvania, The Cadets! Drum majors (names here) is your corps ready? Drum Corps International is proud to present The Cadets! Really that's all that's needed.
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    Just to be clear: 1. 1989. 2. 2008. 3. 1996. 4. 1993. 5. I can't decide. Too many appealing choices. One that not many people are mentioning that I'm fond of is the Ring show from 1997. As for least favorites, pretty much 2013-2017.
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    Like Seinfeld, I like shows about nothing. Shut up and play.
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    I hear you. Brass lines not tackling difficult parts on the march is one of the DCI trends I lament the most. I get it that not every brass line can be Cadets 2015. Still, it's reached absurd proportions, and Cavies were among the biggest offenders last year. Here's hoping all the corps stop sandbagging on this one. Or if not, the judges punish them for taking it easy.
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    Quiet is the way Bloo likes it.
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    All’s been quiet with Bloo this winter. Looking forward to creative and innovative stuff from them in 2018.
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    Bluecoats move Spring Training to Indiana Weslyan. I will try and give a couple of updates on DCP when I make visits.
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    Good luck to him on his move, if he decides to move. One question to ask himself though is: Who will next years top four be? Could be a corps other than who was there last year or will be there this year? He should look to see who at or near the top is appealing to him from a production and program standpoint and consider those factors. He may decide that a move to one of the top four will land him with an experience he may not like as much as where he is at. That is of course unless he doesn't like where he is at. And what if his top 12 corps today ends up in 4th? What if the corps he goes to falls below 4th? Going to a top 4 and having a bad experience, to me, is not what I would want. Having the time of my life and being with friends I've made is more important. I'd rather work toward building something and improving. It would be a longer lasting satisfaction.
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