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    For the past few years, I've kept some daily stats as the season progresses. This year, I'm adding to that a summer road trip that will take me to San Antonio, Atlanta, Allentown, and Indianapolis and a daily snapshot of world class geography courtesy of the awesome map/corps flag pins set up in my office as a Christmas gift. Although it is not quite as easy to track spring training schedules as it is the rest of the season, I am going to give it a shot to get things started now. My information is only as good as the publicly available postings from the corps themselves. I hope you all enjoy!
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    Well, that happened.
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    That just means you won semi-finals, not finals ;)
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    to get through the wet weekend I put on the video of the 93 cadets at finals....####, does drum corps get much better?..innovations aside, the purity of that performance still stands out after 25 years..if they can evoke that emotion again, I won't care what they score
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    What are the consequences for a violation? Or did someone forget to add that part?
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    I hope people keep digging... I think there is more in the works and some more names will be coming out. I also am pretty confident there are at least a few so far unnamed persons with great reputations in DCI that regularly engage in sexual relations with corps members. The questions here are, how many rocks are we willing to look under, because some people will definitely be laying low and hoping for this to blow over. As an activity, it is in our interest to look everywhere that we can and permanently change our culture; make it clear that certain actions are not welcome.
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    DCI cannot continue without extensive oversight from some sort of central authority that outlines and enforces explicit rules for hiring and monitoring of personnel. I'm not being prescriptive, I'm being descriptive. If corps want to describe themselves as educational institutions, they need to work towards establishing the highest standards of professional practice for any educational institution, not the minimum to avoid litigation.
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    https://cavaliers.org/news-blog/2018/adrian-college Adrian College for pre-tour this year. The best part I see is how the first couple days are structured to focus on member health and safety. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/586f009ed482e9e80753f1ad/t/5aff4058562fa72196a9a2f1/1526677592864/2018+Orientation+Weekend+Schedule+-+Public+(1).pdf
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    It would be quite a circus atmosphere should he decide to go down that path. If it happens, I’ll start popping some corn.
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    How long before this thread is closed? I guess we just don't have the stomach to discuss difficult issues on this website.
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    May 17, 2018 Bluecoats head to Marion, IN and Phantom Regiment heads to Macomb, IL. Bluecoats has the 4th highest average placement at Lucas Oil Stadium at 4.2, just behind The Cadets. Will they follow the path of Carolina Crown post-2013 as a perennial favorite after the 1->5 fall or are they going to follow the Phantom Regiment post-2008 path after the 1->9 drop that has then kept them in the middle of the finals pack? Speaking of Phantom Regiment, the corps has placed below its LOS average (6.7) for each of the past four seasons with 2017 matching the corps' worst performance at the stadium at #9.
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    As a Naval Officer, there’s a difference though. The Navy is big on public discipline. If things like this happen in the Navy (and they do), heads will roll. And the Navy disciplines it’s leaders publicly for all to see. Ship commanding officers who get caught in inappropriate relationships are made famous for it, and not after a lengthy legal process. After Tailhook ALL Officer promotions were held up until you could prove that you weren’t there. If you were there, you were done.(I wasn’t there!)
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    Did Aristotle believe dragons existed? /obscurantism
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    I agree that reported accusations of this nature must be taken seriously by law enforcement, and by those whom it's initially reported to. In fact, In PA, it's the law in schools that you must follow through and take it seriously. That's there to protect the victim- and well it should be. If someone came to me, you bet I go to the police. That being said, keep in mind that the Constitution is clear that people are assumed to be innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. There are also things in place to also protect the accused. They may be guilty as sin and done the crime... but they're entitled to an effective and vigorous defense if it ends up in court, for instance. I'm not trying to be mean, personal, or crazy on this, I just get very worried when I think in the back of my mind that things like the Constitution get a bit overlooked. In terms of the numbers and the statistics, the one that gobsmacks me is that according to the one study that was linked, an estimated 63 percent of sexual assaults are never reported to the police. That really makes me think and gives me pause. It just makes me very sad, to be honest. Even if it's inaccurate by a factor of 2, that's still pretty much a third of them.
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    This is a great topic. In 2014 both OC and BC played Hymn of Axciom. Of course the Coats had an AMAZING show that year so all the attention for that beautiful, luscious ballad went to them and OC's version was mentioned only as a comparison. I felt that OC's version was never judged on its own. I really feel this hurt them because they were so stoked about that ballad. Granted I was a total OC homer that year. It was my son's age out year! But it still hurts today. Just sayin'... (Edit: I don't know what I was thinking by saying this happened in 2012.. was of course 2014. I'm losing my marbles apparently.)
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    agree to a point as one falsely accused. In fact my biggest issue isn't what Joel did, pathetic as it is...it's how Fred wasn't open and honest with the members and parents about it
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    How could anyone ever possibly know what percentage of reports are false? The majority of these things cannot be proven either way. I suspect only a very small percentage of false reports can be proven to be false, and no one is going to record it as false if they don't know one way or the other, so of course there aren't going to be many records of many false reports.
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    I think it’s because women are smart enough to say no way
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    Terri, that's kind of where I'm at on this whole thing. I'm not a Crossmen alum, but have several good friends who are... and I am part of the Crossmen Alumni and Friends project that happened last summer in Allentown and is scheduled again for this summer. I met Fred and his wife through this, and they are two of the nicest people I can ever hope to meet. I completely disagree with the decision to hire this Moody guy and to keep him on staff in light of his background. But I can certainly understand why people have no personal animosity toward Fred. IMO he's a good man who made a bad mistake, with the benefit of hindsight being 20/20.
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    I've hidden a handful of posts due to their personal attack back and forth. PLEASE keep this important thread on topic, so it does not have to be closed.
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    I heard that SQUIRREL has declared Class A for 2018.
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    Bingo! Moment after moment... look away and you'll miss something. Way more interesting than move-a-little, play-a-little, bend-your-legs... and frost it all with electronic gimmickry.
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    Thanks to all who offered support! I just heard his last workout before move ins tomorrow in Detroit. He’s well on his way to full recovery. And he’s in play for some featured musician roles in this year’s show. Of course that’s still up to the staff, but his Mom and I are poised for the “biggest” season of his Drum Corps experience!
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    I’m going to be delicate in my response, just for you. great people don’t ####### hire individuals fired for sending inappropriate text messages to students or ignore complaints and concerns from former staff and other directors. Great people say “ I don’t care how ####### good you’ll be for my corps, you’ve got a public record of ####### inappropriate behavior with kids, of which my corps is ####### full of. Want a second chance? Go find God.”
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