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    It's like when a member of the media overhears a conversation between two people and they hear one word in one sentence, then another word in another sentence, and then formulate their own conclusion to put that information out in the news, when their conclusion was completely out of context of what was actually said. I believe the post said: "We have some URGENT NEEDS in the next couple of weeks and could USE your financial help." This, I believe, is how fake news is spread.
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    Totally agree with the recent post about BD's recent shows... from 2014 on... being more engaging/entertaining. I've been a Devils fan since 1973...and honestly, some of their shows, late 2000s through 2013... lost me. But since '14... wow!!!
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    Pio has new threads. Green is back!
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    Has anyone else reported on the nationwide DCI info session on this? Sorry, if I missed it. https://www.dci.org/news/participant-safety-emphasized-at-groundbreaking-nationwide-summit
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    Probably an infant.
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    One week till family day! Do it up Devils!
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    The corps is fine. These are just the usual campaigns that the run every year and they want to stay ahead of. = )
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    This potential result you mention may not fly with alumni and PR fans.
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    The corps seem obligated to go without headgear for some reason. I think it would be best if headgear was used in the show and when they come off it means something. The part where we connect to the performer, but really they look better with headgear on.
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    I just do not think it is inhumane to make the corps wear aussies or shakos. I get that the no head gear thing is supposed to give the members more of a chance to connect with the audience. I think this is a crappy excuse, because they should have a horn in their face more then not (I guess all the corps do have a lot more time when their faces are exposed now that there seems to be less horn playing) IMHO. I think no head gear looks less appealing from the stands. It also makes the drill look not as crisp. The pop of color you get with an aussie and feathers or shako and plume is a huge loss when I watch these corps that have doffed their head gear. I am hoping this new lack of "hats" is just a faze, but if not, I will just have to adjust as I have had to do regarding many changes in drum corps over the years.
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    Beau's feed bill was not in the original budget. A dawg's life at Cadets' ST requires a lot more energy.
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    Ford Field for me. I am not going to make a prediction as I think Bluecoats is a show designed to peak in August not June. I think they are playing the long game this year.
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    According to Scott (the new Director), they did not lose a single member after the event in April. That says a lot.
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    I am going to be in the Grand Rapids, MI area at the time of the premiere. I will be going to the Celebration Cinema in Grandville nearby. It is going to be quite the change from my usual location in Palm Springs, CA. I was considering making the drive to Ford Field and watching it live.
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    June 9, 2018 Colts move to Dubuque, IA. Pacific Crest moves to Moreno Valley, CA. Pioneer has a performance in Appleton, WI. Santa Clara Vanguard moves to Weed, CA. Troopers move to Casper, WY.
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    that was English LOL. basically the attention to technique will help allow for greater clarity and quality of sound. Intervolic spreads refers to how wide or close together the mallets are in each hand, and of course outer and inner means controlling all implements...too often everyone focuses on the inside mallets, allowing the outer ones to flop around...sometimes creating additional and usually unwanted notes being played. Wrist rotations is about how when they do stuff within each hand, if the wrist rotation is subtle yet controlled, it allows for greater clarity and quality of sound
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    You couldn’t be more out of touch.
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    I get plenty of smell from my lakes :D
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    in a relative's vacuum! What some people will do to sneak into rehearsal....
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    Me, too! “Save big money at Menards!”.
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    That snare video was nice. Tasty, not just ramming notes
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    I guess I should've seen that one coming haha
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    Winner winner chicken dinner
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    Thank you, Tekk
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    no visible yardmarkers or hash-marks either...as the corps does it's prance step.
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    or is this another part of the narcissism age (Me, Me, Me) where individuality is made to be greater than being part of the whole? How else can my fans post all those great photos and selfies of me if they can't see my beauuuuuutiful face? My brand, not the corps' brand. Besides that's how we do it indoors in WGI
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    Agreed about the head gear...sat in Allentown last year and thought BK and SCV looked “short” from the stands. Made the drill look different as well. I’m right with you, have to adjust to each change that comes along.
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    Anyone knows that the Cadets always have a year long campaign of asking for money. I would say that this could be one of those things that people see and react to quickly to help. Almost every corps does the sponsor a meal now which is great help. Think of all that bread for PB and J!
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    The Tweet, well retweet in discussion. Love how much this front ensemble plays. Edit: Also looks like this part was rewritten recently. This may be day of changes, so dirt is expected, but still impressive.
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    I hope this darn rain clears up for them. We’ve had persistent heavy rainstorms for two day here that have spread east.
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    Either Hamilton, NJ or North Brunswick, NJ.
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    There are apps and websites out there to download you tube videos. Not that I would ever do that.......
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    Once again it seems no one is going to join BRASSO at the AMC theater in Hill Valley, CA.
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    2nd place supporters always have a conspiracy of why they didn't make 1st same of 3rd to 2nd , so on and so on but who knows pre DCI pretty much could do anything they wanted with little accountability. Some called it exciting, some called it inconsistent, and for some, some called it crooked, fixed, political, etc etc.....Now back to Fox news...Oh wait...lol Truth, according to those there, both were excellent corps. Side note, 2007 The HNC from that year had a banquet on the Floor of that championship with members from the win. The 1957 members singing the corps song. Very moving from an Iconic drum corps on You Tube ( 50th anniversary of the win )
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    I have read/heard the same thing, and that is a shame if true. No doubt both the Bon Bons and the Cadets were both excellent corps in 57, so we'll never know the reality. I also think you are correct about them winning percussion. Just an amazing corps back then, before my time ( I was 3 1/2 in 57!).
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    Yeah, I am as competitive as the next guy, but it's the emotional reaction to a show that I get the most from in this activity. And while I have never had thousands go crazy for my performance, I do love watching thousands go crazy for my corps's performance.
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    There are no TALL TAILS here, and why are you shouting? " tall tails " are unusually large behinds. Who are you posting had large rear ends in the past ?
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    All I know is their Vic Firth video is fire and I cant wait to hear the horns with that drum book. Top 5 for sure.
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    Wicked! Giants, all! "Do it up, BAC!" and "Bring it home, Boston!
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    Very true. But the BDB issue really opens up a can of worms with some people. I have friends that are emphatically against OC corps marching in the WC Prelims. Although BDB has to prove it on the field like everyone else (and they do that very well) - I have to admit, my friends do have a point. BDB will only march like 13 shows a season, compared with 24-26 from a WC corps. That's a big difference in daily stress, fatigue and rehearsal time. Would it be acceptable for any Top 12 corps to only do 13 shows a year?
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    Looking at all the new uniforms/costumes, there are 2 things that I hope for. First, that they will show up great on the field and details that you may not like in up-close photos will not even be noticed in the big picture. Second, I'm all for what is humane. So in the summer heat and humidity, if these non-traditional uni-costumes are lighter, more comfortable, easier to run in and do all the gymnastic moves in than "regular uniforms", I will get over the fact that I can't instantly recognize the corps from what they are wearing.
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    Audubon was unquestionably the finest all-girl drum corps ever. But their real legacy is that of a true title-contending drum corps, gender aside. In their prime 1956-1958, when corps like Holy Name, St. Vincent's and Blessed Sacrament were annual winners of major titles, Audubon was right up there with them, exchanging victories from week to week. Unfortunately, the ultimate prize of a "national championship" eluded them, but you cannot come any closer than they did. 1953 VFW Nationals St. Vincent's Cadets 89.75 Audubon Bon Bons 89.65 Most Precious Blood (i.e. Boston) Crusaders 88.65 1957 Dream Contest Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights 87.1 Audubon Bon Bons 87.05 Holy Name Cadets 85.5 1957 American Legion Nationals Holy Name Cadets 91.3 Audubon Bon Bons 90.95 Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights 89.63 Hyde Park (i.e. Boston) Crusaders 88.54 St. Vincent's Cadets 87.21 The early 1970s Audubon corps was a strong performer, still more interested in open competition... but they dabbled in "all-girl" class contests, winning a slew of titles there.
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    DCI – World Class 1. Cavaliers 2. Carolina Crown 3. Blue Devils 4. Bluecoats 5. Santa Clara Vanguard 6. Boston Crusaders 7. Phantom Regiment 8. Cadets 9. Blue Stars 10. Madison Scouts 11. Blue Knights 12. Colts - - - - - - - - - - - 13. Academy 14. Crossmen 15. Mandarins 16. Troopers 17. Spirit of Atlanta 18. Genesis 19. Pacific Crest 20. Seattle Cascades 21. Oregon Crusaders 22. Jersey Surf 23. Music City 24. Pioneer DCI – Open Class 1. Legends 2. Blue Devils B 3. Vanguard Cadets 4. Spartans 5. 7th Regiment (Battalion) 6. Guardians (Columbians) 7. Jubal 8. Southwind 9. Golden Empire 10. Gold 11. Louisiana Stars 12. Raiders 13. River City Rhythm - - - - - - - - - - - (Watchmen) 14. Heat Wave 15. Impulse 16. Shadow 17. Colt Cadets (Incognito) (Blue Devils C) (Vessel) [parentheses = approximate placement of corps not at championships] DCA – Open Class 1. Reading Buccaneers 2. Hawthorne Caballeros 3. Atlanta CV 4. White Sabers 5. Cadets2 6. Fusion Core 7. Bushwackers 8. Sunrisers 9. Cincinnati Tradition 10. Connecticut Hurricanes - - - - - - - - - - - 11. Chops Inc. DCA – Class A 1. Carolina Gold 2. Govenaires 3. Skyliners 4. Erie Thunderbirds - - - - - - - - - - - 5. Southern Knights 6. Cadence 7. Highland Regiment 8. Columbus Saints
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    Yes. They finished as high as 2nd place in the 1950's at one National Championships, winning the Percussion caption, topping all but one of the All Male Drum Corps that were so prevalent at that time. Finished out of the National Title by a mere 2 tenths. They were a national Drum & Bugle Corps powerhouse in the 50's. In the mid 60's, they were nominated and chosen by a group to go into that group's Hall of Fame as one of the" Premier All female Drum Corps of All Time". But they respectfully declined. A bit later that Group extended another nomination, which they accepted, that chose them to go into the group's Hall of Fame as" One Of The Premier Drum & Bugle Corps Of All Time "... and WITHOUT that " All Female " designation. They were chosen to represent the state of New Jersey in the 1960 Presidential Inauguration Parade in Wash. D.C. for newly elected President John F. Kennedy. The Audubon Bon Bons have an active alumni group, have periodic reunions, and and a current Facebook Group. Thats a bit of info on them.
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    this isn't a stretch but the percussion sheet will be the most competitive sheet in DCI
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    Boston Crusaders Bluecoats Carolina Crown Cavaliers Blue Stars Phantom Regiment
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    No. if I read his post correctly, he believes the Boston Crusaders are perhaps " 5-6 points " better than LAST SEASON 2017 Boston Crusaders Corps AT THIS TIME. He stated that he has no idea what the other Corps are like. Presumably then, if the other Corps around them are better by 2-3 points than last season at this time, then that would speak well for their improvement and being on schedule, or even ahead of schedule too, of course. Boston was about 5-6 points in back of these Corps 1st week of 2017. He made no placement predictions at all regarding other Corps, nor even for his former Corps. He specifically reserved his assessment to that of his former Corps being on schedule, or ahead of schedule at this time compared to Boston 2017 only it seems to me. ( at least, thats how I read his assessment remarks above today anyway ).
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    The only corps I have seen is Boston so the only corps I can compare it to is Boston 2017. This year's BAC is probably 5-6 points better than last year at this time....so I guess you can draw your own conclusions.
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    Boy, it sure is silent on the SCV front for a team that came in 2nd last season.. I'm sure they LOVE quietly building another program to knock our socks off while many count them out behind the mighty BEAST, the new darlings from Boston, and BD. Considering what they've been building for several years now, I would not be surprised to see them take another step and win it all in 2018. We are a fickle bunch here on DCP, and seemingly the lack of videos and media has caused many to doubt their potential or forget about them in the mix. I think Rosemont and Santa Clara could really upset the "usual applecart" this season. Curious to see how everyone starts in 3 weeks!!
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