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    FWIW... Cavies were rehearsing in their Aussies last night. So I’ll assume they’re being worn at least part of the show.
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    It's like when a member of the media overhears a conversation between two people and they hear one word in one sentence, then another word in another sentence, and then formulate their own conclusion to put that information out in the news, when their conclusion was completely out of context of what was actually said. I believe the post said: "We have some URGENT NEEDS in the next couple of weeks and could USE your financial help." This, I believe, is how fake news is spread.
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    recovery days or a brain???
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    Home Depot for the brass, Lowes for the battery, and Menards for the guard.
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    I've witnessed people state as much at shows, so yes, it does happen. I find that a terrible way to enjoy the activity, but to each their own. Personally, I find the whole BD isn't fan friendly criticism tired. Some people will never like a BD show simply because it's BD, and others just don't like their flavor of show design or a particular show. That's fine. I've been to enough shows with the corps throughout the seasons to see that there are plenty of fans who do enjoy their shows year in and year out. That's the beauty of the activity nowadays, there's enough variety for everyone. What you consider a "kick butt show", I may simply find it rather ho-hum. Parts of a show you may stand up and scream after, I may simply remain seated clapping in awe. Different things elicit different reactions in different people.
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    It is much better than y'all are giving it credit. I did only see a low angle video, but I think the show has potential to keep them competitive with Blue Stars and Blue Knights.
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    From what I understand there have been fewer replacements due to injury and other causes this year than at the same point in the last couple of years. One of the reasons is the MM's have been getting recovery days, which anyone with a brain would know is necessary but which The Cadets never had before.
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    If i could like your post ten times i would. Of course not everyone is in that category, but a majority are. BD could come out and do a show going 230 BPM with break neck drill the entire show, then end on a massive company front with horn line pumping out a volume that moves the stadium 10 feet off it's foundation, some still won't like it if they are in contention to win.
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    Menards. You must certainly be a Midwesterner.
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    Totally agree with the recent post about BD's recent shows... from 2014 on... being more engaging/entertaining. I've been a Devils fan since 1973...and honestly, some of their shows, late 2000s through 2013... lost me. But since '14... wow!!!
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    Pio has new threads. Green is back!
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    Has anyone else reported on the nationwide DCI info session on this? Sorry, if I missed it. https://www.dci.org/news/participant-safety-emphasized-at-groundbreaking-nationwide-summit
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    I don’t disagree at all. It is certainly different times. I personally enjoy the various eras and “versions” of the idiom I’m not sure the more “‘militaristic” style uniforms have the same appeal to young people as they did, say, 20-30 years ago and certainly the visual movement/design is a huge influence on what makes appropriate attire for today’s corps
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    Probably an infant.
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    I can go back farther than that....cough...Bridgemen Harlem Nocturne...cough...
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    and that was quite some time ago..wasn't it
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    One week till family day! Do it up Devils!
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    that's an appropriate pun. How many chickens are you donating?  Better yet? Chicken Dinners? www.yea.org/donate
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    The corps is fine. These are just the usual campaigns that the run every year and they want to stay ahead of. = )
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    This potential result you mention may not fly with alumni and PR fans.
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    The corps seem obligated to go without headgear for some reason. I think it would be best if headgear was used in the show and when they come off it means something. The part where we connect to the performer, but really they look better with headgear on.
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    I just do not think it is inhumane to make the corps wear aussies or shakos. I get that the no head gear thing is supposed to give the members more of a chance to connect with the audience. I think this is a crappy excuse, because they should have a horn in their face more then not (I guess all the corps do have a lot more time when their faces are exposed now that there seems to be less horn playing) IMHO. I think no head gear looks less appealing from the stands. It also makes the drill look not as crisp. The pop of color you get with an aussie and feathers or shako and plume is a huge loss when I watch these corps that have doffed their head gear. I am hoping this new lack of "hats" is just a faze, but if not, I will just have to adjust as I have had to do regarding many changes in drum corps over the years.
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    Beau's feed bill was not in the original budget. A dawg's life at Cadets' ST requires a lot more energy.
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    Ford Field for me. I am not going to make a prediction as I think Bluecoats is a show designed to peak in August not June. I think they are playing the long game this year.
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    No Hop talks = better rest at night as well
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    According to Scott (the new Director), they did not lose a single member after the event in April. That says a lot.
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    I am going to be in the Grand Rapids, MI area at the time of the premiere. I will be going to the Celebration Cinema in Grandville nearby. It is going to be quite the change from my usual location in Palm Springs, CA. I was considering making the drive to Ford Field and watching it live.
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    June 9, 2018 Colts move to Dubuque, IA. Pacific Crest moves to Moreno Valley, CA. Pioneer has a performance in Appleton, WI. Santa Clara Vanguard moves to Weed, CA. Troopers move to Casper, WY.
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    To be honest, I'm still kind of snakebit.
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    I prefer looks with head gear as I not only like the pop of color, I think it makes the drill look better from the stands. It is what it is. It broke my heart to see SCV without their Aussies last year, but I got over it.
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    If we want to get technical, everyone thinks of a "band uniform" as a uniform. Nobody says "your band costume". So, let's just stick with uniform, and give it up. Seriously, is this about the become an annual thing like "so and so corps is stepping it up this year!" Or many of the the other quotes from earlier in another thread? Jeez.
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    I think this is true on discussion boards, but come show time, the whole stadium goes mad for a great show and a great performance. Even those that are tired of the same corps winning all the time (and I am one of them) are up and shouting after the show (or ballad). They may feel dirty afterwards, but, you know, that's just the way it goes.
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    to be clear, i don't care what people call it i wore a uniform in the marine corps for 4 years, and i'm pretty familiar with the term. and it's not like i'm one of those crazies who gets upset over corps not wearing military-style outfits. they're wearing exactly what's appropriate for the activity, imo. call it whatever you want, but "costume" is every bit as appropriate as "uniform" for what most corps are wearing nowadays. in terms of dci, pragmatically speaking, the 2 terms are interchangeable.
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    It's a uniform because they all look the same, as opposed to cotumes which may have multiple variations or represent different characters. We think in terms of military uniforms because of our hisotircal roots, but UPS drivers and Burger King employees wear "uniforms" too.
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    that was English LOL. basically the attention to technique will help allow for greater clarity and quality of sound. Intervolic spreads refers to how wide or close together the mallets are in each hand, and of course outer and inner means controlling all implements...too often everyone focuses on the inside mallets, allowing the outer ones to flop around...sometimes creating additional and usually unwanted notes being played. Wrist rotations is about how when they do stuff within each hand, if the wrist rotation is subtle yet controlled, it allows for greater clarity and quality of sound
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    1. Crown - Just think they are going to click with the design team in year 2. Hornline will always keep them in the hunt and Sacktig knows how to write to win championships. 2. Bluecoats - I just think too much talent and they've learned from last year's mistakes. Too good to count out these days. 3. Cavaliers - The buzz says Boston, but I think the Cavaliers have been building and are going to maintain or push for higher this season.All areas are strong and balanced. 4. Boston - I have no doubt that with this team, they could be up there by the end. Not sure they will start quite as strong as the groups above. Could be totally wrong. 5. Blue Stars - I like their program, hornline is very good and I just see them being more balanced to start the season than PR. 6. Phantom - Should be an improved corps, especially in the brass area. wont be surprised if they are above Blue Stars.
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    Had a friend who drove over from Medford for the preview. They did about 5:00 minutes of the show and then a standstill performance for a large turnout crowd. No audio or video, but evidently props are super cool and the whole corps is very strong. He said percussion is outstanding as usual, guard is great, but that the hornline is on a totally different level this year. Said the show was super exciting and each tune was very unique, right up Vanguard's alley. Just makes me look more forward to seeing them later in the season!
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    You couldn’t be more out of touch.
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    I always thought we pinned up the correct side of the hat.
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    That snare video was nice. Tasty, not just ramming notes
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    Winner winner chicken dinner
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    Anyone knows that the Cadets always have a year long campaign of asking for money. I would say that this could be one of those things that people see and react to quickly to help. Almost every corps does the sponsor a meal now which is great help. Think of all that bread for PB and J!
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    Once again it seems no one is going to join BRASSO at the AMC theater in Hill Valley, CA.
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    I have read/heard the same thing, and that is a shame if true. No doubt both the Bon Bons and the Cadets were both excellent corps in 57, so we'll never know the reality. I also think you are correct about them winning percussion. Just an amazing corps back then, before my time ( I was 3 1/2 in 57!).
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    Yes. They finished as high as 2nd place in the 1950's at one National Championships, winning the Percussion caption, topping all but one of the All Male Drum Corps that were so prevalent at that time. Finished out of the National Title by a mere 2 tenths. They were a national Drum & Bugle Corps powerhouse in the 50's. In the mid 60's, they were nominated and chosen by a group to go into that group's Hall of Fame as one of the" Premier All female Drum Corps of All Time". But they respectfully declined. A bit later that Group extended another nomination, which they accepted, that chose them to go into the group's Hall of Fame as" One Of The Premier Drum & Bugle Corps Of All Time "... and WITHOUT that " All Female " designation. They were chosen to represent the state of New Jersey in the 1960 Presidential Inauguration Parade in Wash. D.C. for newly elected President John F. Kennedy. The Audubon Bon Bons have an active alumni group, have periodic reunions, and and a current Facebook Group. Thats a bit of info on them.
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    I think you mean “holy bass” lol
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    I learned something new today.
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    Had a conversation a while back with someone who made some money decisions for a corps that was geographically separated from the NE. He said they had a show they did several time sin NJ or PA the crowd loved them and the corps enjoyed the event, and they felt welcome there. It was more than an 8 hour bus ride. The corps was small the first time they did the trip but eventually got to the point that they needed 3 buses. That year there was a surge in gas prices and 2k was added to the corps cost , the event host still only paid what they had paid the corps when it was smaller, (even if they had paid more it would not have come close to covering what the corps bus rental cost was) then the housing site the corps used decided to charge the corps to stay there. When they looked at the books in order for the corps to come to the show he would have had to pass around a hat and ask every member to contribute $25 more than what had been budgeted in their dues. They had a choice either pay an extra $25 spend 16 hours of travel time and get maybe 5 hours of practice in , and a score and critic for a weekend that started at noon on Friday or they could stay home get in 30 hours of practice and refund $100 dollars to each member of the corps. I am not sure if this exact same thing happened to MBI, not sure if they ever came to the NE before finals, but look at how many other out of region corps come to early season now and you can guess what choice that corps made. The contest would have been a 6 corps show, so that 6th corps was not really needed and it did fine as a 5 corps show, The show host could never make a profit paying the corps what it cost to bus a corps from far away up there and a corps that is not really known in the NE that doesn't have a large fan base there will not draw the extra 1000 fans needed to pay that cost. No one is out to be unfair to anyone and the sponsors do what they can to help out distant corps , but geography is very tough on DCA corps traveling long distances for 1 show.
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