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    DAUGHTER: Knock, knock ME: Who's there? DAUGHTER: Spirit of Atlanta. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Boaton, I've lost my heart to you... What a fun, aggressive show. Step up from a great show last year. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    The past two days of rehearsing in Newark, OH saw numerous changes (that were planned) in both music and visuals. Hang on...this machine is just getting started! ps A lot of Bloo fans tonight and Bloo alumni...all excited to see Spirit back in the mix of corps that might be performing on Saturday night. CONGRATS SOA
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    Pittsburgh, we are ready. Are you?
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    DM (1 of 2) and Pit posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Yup. Partial panels signify just partial values to the scores/ spreads. outcomes, imo. It is what it is.. its good to know that DCI voted to drop these half azz size, partial judging panels,, and next season DCI will match the 100% commitment of the kids to their effort with full judging panels only at all DCI competition shows. With show performances now so diverse, more complex, more expansive, faster in velocity, larger in numbers of competitors on the field, and so forth, the idea that DCI/ show sponsors think its appropriate to have fewer judges judging now than in early season competition than in the 70's/ 80's/ 90's, .. and still have these half azz sized, partial panel judging scores still taken seriously by most people now, seems a bit naive and silly to me.
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    I agree. I understand what they’re going for, in relation to the theme, but it’s not the best look IMO. (But there are certainly worse on the field this year.) I still like what I see of the show and I suppose it’s a smallish thing in the overall big picture, but I think they look better in either helmets or no hood at all.
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    Those are last years smart guy.
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    @SOAdad posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Folks attending the show tonight, say it with me: “pear-e-scope”
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    2010 and "Toy Souldier"was interesting. I really enjoyed the musical book. It had quite a few of what are referred to as "light classics" referring more to accessibility than difficulty to perform. I did download the musical show when we could do that, and it does work well from that standpoint. I did not see it live until later in the season, and what I imagined it to be and what I saw were slightly different. In general, I do not like it when adults try to act like children. It is meant to come across as childlike, but more often it looks childish which for me was the case with this show. I didn't hate it, and it doesn't give me nightmares, but I did have some issues with it, not so much when I saw it live but when I watched the DVD. . Fast forward to 2015, we had a show that focused on a child's imagination with Blue Devils and "Ink." I will admit I enjoyed the show but also thought "What kind of kid would think this way?" At the end of the season, my entire perception of the show changed. When the little girl emerged at the end of the show, a show I enjoyed but thought was bizarre became a classic. I wonder if "Toy Souldier" actually used a child, whether I'd feel differently about the show. I'll have to watch it again sometime and decide. Whether that would work or not, it is still a great show from a listening point of view. Interestingly this all started based on a discussion about the young man with acrobatic skills who portrayed Jesus in last year's show. When I first saw it, I thought he was portraying John the Baptist. There is a painting (I can not recall the artist) which depicts John with a similar loin cloth and a similar staff. Though I had issues with the show, I thought this was an interesting addition since John the Baptist focused on conversion and that was supposed to be at the heart of the show. I actually credited the former director with doing his homework. When I learned differently, it was just bizarre and another add on that didn't make a lot of sense. That being said, I'll be seeing Cadets live on Sunday, and again Monday and Tuesday, and I'll see them later in the season. I do expect I'll see lots pf add-ons, but at least they will make sense from a design perspective, will probably be the result of collaboration, and if we don't get design changes, we won't be bombarded with Facebook posts which tell us why we are wrong.
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    I am trying to imagine what a corps would need to do to actually score a 1.000.
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    Which is one of the reasons i love BD so much. Their ability to make some grown *** men and women cry, b****h, and moan like little kids year after year is highly entertaining. I love it! BD makes DCP so enjoyable. Which is also why i believe the first three weeks of the 2011 season here on DCP was so boring! BD came out the gate slow by their standards and was routinely finishing 3rd-4th. It wasn't until San Antonio when BD pulled up in Cavies rear view mirror when people started to moan. By the following week in Atlanta when BD won, DCP was in uproar lol. Everything felt right in the world. DCP was back to normal lol.
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    Ive been a life long fan of Madison and need to pipe in as a fan, not alum, and not alum from any corps. Ive spent thousands on shows, gear and travel to see the scouts spanning back to 1985. This is the first year i chose to not buy tickets for any shows, which typically is about 4 shows and i take a minimum of 4 people to every show and i pickup the tab. My impression of the organization is at an all time low and ill list my reasons. 1. An overall perceived arrogance from CK and DP whenever i have ran into either of them. Unless they know you, they couldn't care less who you are or what the hell you are doing there. Ive been snubbed multiple times by both of them at many events, including seeing them away from the activity. Ive tried introducing myself many times but they could care less. If your not an alum, forget it. I mean for gods sake even that creep Hopkins was nice enough to have a conversation with me. Madison hasnt done squat competeively in many years so there arrogance is even more baffling to me. 2. Show quality. Beaides last year, there shows all pretty much have the same vibe, the designs have been as good as exactly where they have placed. Its clear the BOD is content placing in the lower echelon of the top 14 or so corps. I don't see this changing anytime soon so ill support corps who are innovating and actually trying to write competitive shows. Watching Madison compete VS SCV last year at Drums on Parade was laughable. I honestly dont think Madison could ever be that good. It was like watching and NFL team taking on a High School team. 3.There identity. Ill just keep this one short, because i could go on and on but, if I as a current MM had to put on that uniform/costume/whatever, after dreaming for a lifetime of marching with Madison, im not sure if i could do it. Its asking an aweful lot for and all male corps (+1 female this year) to wear that debacle of a design. I mean, really who approved this? And how in any way can they think this was a good choice? lastly, im in strong agreement that the upper management needs to go, and for sometime ive felt this way. Its clear its not working. If this corps has any hope to carry on there strong tradition, they better do something about there direction or there will be another VK, Sky Riders, Star, Magic story for people to talk about.
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    It's always five o'clock somewhere... hehe
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    Pretty big walk up - 20 minutes before show posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Looking forward to seeing your team tonight!
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    I'll reserve my final judgement for when I see them live...but right now imo they are B O R I N G...but it is a step up from last season though...
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    Also being a major Bloo fan I'm beyond excited to see how these scores translate to the regionals up against the western corps. There are just so many powerhouse shows this year that it'll be a close race.
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    I think most of us know which shows are going to be there at the end. The final six are likely set.
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    Overall, I can agree with this statement.
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    Star finished 10th their first year and it was the lowest finish they ever had.
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    Yes, but black dress socks with sneakers?
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    Looking forward to hearing about Spirit's debut for 2018...' have heard some good off season reports with them. Good luck tonite Spirit of Atlanta !
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    I got that vibe as well - put on a great show with what you need. Having had the chance to watch it again, I sense the whole "Tower of Babel, disparate peoples doing different things" idea, esp. when the scaffold segments and member units are going in different directions...maybe leading up to a "let's work together and succeed (yay team!)" moment with the dance segment...or not :) Putting in my request now to the weather satellite overlords for the night of the Massillon show...
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    Had a guy who went to SCV in 2000 after marching 1999. Couldn't blame him one bit, but unfortunately for him...you know the rest.
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    I agree. Some nice writing and so much better staging. They are just some way behind on the excellence stakes but that will come with time.
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    Vanguard hinted on Twitter at debuting the closer at the Rose Bowl on the 30th.
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    Why does it matter what anonymous people on a website say? If you are able (financially, physically, skill set) then do it. If not, don't
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    Well, i believe you have some valid points, i have not liked the direction in a bit now. They had a reprieve When Mason was with them those 3 years or so and then things, artistcally and musically took a nose dive.
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    These scores that do not have full panels seem a bit useless. With no CG, VP, or Perc scores you can only take the total with a grain of salt.
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    And one of those is up there because I like to talk to myself in it alot :)
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    So, you want the Scouts to compete for a title, but not do it the way everyone else is doing it. That's a very small corner you're asking them to paint themselves in to. Mike
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    What “regime change”? That hasn’t happened for over 10 years.
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    If she is -so what?? Are we going to boycott SCV or something? Geeze
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    I feel sorry for that guy...he has been the brunt of so many jokes...and yes I know no one is picking on him...just the poor design decision itself..still I can't help but feel bad for him though...
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