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    As a person who favors strict regulation of the real thing, I have no more problem with rifles in drum corps than I do with violent video games and movies. I just don't see it as an issue.
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    We need more weapons. Battle axes and cannons please! Talk about GE
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    IMHO I don’t think they can. Keith Potter who I feel was the top main driving force behind show theme, story boarding etc. decisions prior to 2017 is no longer there. He’s at Boston now of course and I think it’s quite obvious that the high energy, fan friendly type of show Crown was known for, Boston is doing now. And quite well I might add. IMHO
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    My thoughts after tonight in Orlando...haha Still first in guard and drums isn't that shabby either...
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    Guaranteed.. theres always going to be found somebody somewhere offended by something or other. its a big world out there, and so no big deal.
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    This has been discussed before here on DCP. There's no way of not keeping political feelings out of this type of topic. Don't forget, a CC mm actually pointed a guard rifle at another mm before the recorded rifle shot was used. For decades American flag sections in corps had a mm with a side arm in a holster (but it could have been empty) and two mm carrying rifles. Hopefully corps will not incorporate cars, U-haul type trucks, and knives in their shows.
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    (Continue to) Practice and plan smaht! BAC!! Great work, all! ••|•|••• ♥ Ro-ah ~
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    Oregon's show is awesome!! posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Just keep the axes away from Jeff Prosperie.
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    Morality aside, I find weapons increasingly strange from an aesthetic point of view. I marched in an era (late 70s/early 80s) in which rifles and sabers fit perfectly with the predominantly military look, history and demeanor of many drum corps. Most corps wore a modified version of a military uniform. And think of the names of the corps: Phantom Regiment, 27th Lancers, Vanguard, Guardsmen, Cadets, Kingsmen, Troopers, Cavaliers, Scouts, Crusaders, Lancers, Raiders, Knights, etc, etc. Weapons had a natural place at that time. But the aesthetic and style of corps have changed dramatically in the last several years, and weapons look increasingly odd and out of place. It is a little jarring now to see guard members dressed like Bob Fosse dancers wielding weapons. Its hard to reconcile artistically. Just one of the many weird things about modern drum corps. And no, I am not concerned that the use of weapons in drum corps contributes to or condones violence in society. Its a stretch, but you could argue that drum corps illustrates controlled and respectful handling of weapons. Or from a different perspective, the weapons get thoroughly decontextualized and rendered into artistic expressive objects, a wonderful way of turning swords into plowshares.
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    I'll have some of what you guys are drinking.
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    You know what....I was actually thinking 1812 and said William Tell...haha
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    Well since drum corps nowadays seems to be more of a merry-go-round, I'm kinda hoping for that.
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    Hopefully the producer/director is the same at each show broadcasted so they can start keeping a book on each corps best "TV" moments. If FLO is on a string budget, then it may take until late July early August to have better productions.
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    ...and they'll be coming out swinging! Very impressed...think they'll be back up near the top.
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    Might be a good move for FLO to catch...haha
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    I completely agree with this statement. Kids these days do follow the top staffs to whatever corps they are at and those corps in turn are the ones who are succeeding, competitively. Hiring from within is great and may pay dividends in the long-term. Short-term however, it could get rough. The question is will you stop attracting the top talent in the activity if too many years go by without enough competitive success?
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    Here's what I've gathered from this show. - The Beast is the prop. - The corps is the prey. - The guard are tribal hunters. - Opener is the the introduction the beast and the prey running in fear, the hunters on the hunt. - The ballad is the calm before the storm, could also be a love story between the male and female tribesman/hunters. - The 3rd movement is them hunting down the beast, and Blow It Up, Start Again is the battle between the hunters and the beast. - The closer is the beast being slayed. I think the green silks are possibly the blood of the beast. -The "beast" movement that the corps makes throughout the show is the prey hissing, like warnings to the beast. At least that's my take on the show anyways. Hope this helps people.
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    I do not think we are getting any pre recorded brass solos... yet. I was disappointed to realize the Cavaliers' singing in the closer this year is a pre recorded track that is layered in -- in past years they have sung quite nicely, up front by the pit - but the way the drill lays out this year it would be hard to hear them from midfield/backfield --
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    I am a fan of the options BUT you are right some designers think they are the next Project runway winners BUT we will always have the hits and misses We had some real eyesores back in the day also. People still wore their fabric with honor...lol
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    Be a proud Dad, you should be! Personally, I love it when parents and grandparents sit near me at shows. You’re bound to hear at least one good tour story. For me, proud parents remind me that we are skiing kids perform, which give everything a different perspective.
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    Jim is correct on his observation.
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    Well done Boston. Keep working and let the doubters, whether they're on DCP or not, keep on doubting. Make Boston Great Again.
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    Boston! 2nd in Visual and takes Guard and Percussion
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    Since I did a rant earlier, thought I would share a positive story. During the break, I ran next door to Wild Wings for a drink. I noticed the guy next to me had a wrist band so I started talking drum corps with him. He told me he had never heard of drum corps until that morning when he and his son (9 years old) were out on bikes and rode past the Blue Devils practice site. They stopped and watched and thought it was the coolest thing they had ever seen and decided to come to the show. They live in the Eden Prairie school district (as mentioned earlier, an excellent marching program) so I encouraged him to get his kid in the band program ... I told him it would change his kids (and his) life. It would be great to see where his kid is in 10 years ... maybe on the field with a corps. Really hope so.
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    How about petard imagery for these costume 'designers' Circa MDCCLXXXIX? I joke but haven't we had beheading and lance-wound imagery already?
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    Except I don't believe the members actually got to the beach today.
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    Absolutely agree...IF a dynamic, thoughtful top to bottom house cleaning and replacement occurs in leadership and the entrenched Board and Board President, you'd see money come in by the truck load from Madison's 80yr alumni base! A VAST majority of the Scouts alumni give little to nothing to their corps anymore!
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    If its a true educational experience being put on the field, I see no problem with a student learning to run sound and what it takes to adjust for different settings.
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    Likely similar, recoveries from error is a huge part of the rubrics now nearly everywhere.
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    That was Tilt....the 2014 show.
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    Now here's one for the traditionalists..............here we go...lol..............How about make a tunnel-like SCV did decades ago, An orb or time tunnel these new uniforms are easy to get in and out of, have the corps go in one side rip costume off come out the other in the traditional corps uniform. The future is the past.....The crowd goes wild...alumni have multiple OrXXXXm.....lol ( well some anyway)
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    Sorry for using the term Snow****. I am frequently called a head case but it does not bother me so maybe Snow**** is just another term for me things seem to go full circle.
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    Looks like Eddie Argenziano was the percussion judge, according to the recap. He has been a DCI percussion judge for decades. I did not know he is still judging. He did GE 2 the other night in South Carolina too.
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    BD didn't water down the bopster either but even though Bluecoats sounded fantastic! I really dislike singing in drum corps but the† young lady was perfect. What a voice. Best of all though she carried herself like a member of the ensemble instead of a "lead singer" from another show last year. Also BDB did portions of it in 2014 which I still feel is their best ever show do date.
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    Eat em up Boston. Don’t stop working.
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    Crown actually looks tired. Crazy schedule the last four days with travel and not much floor time. I think they have a free day tomorrow.
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    3 posts and 2 trash Crown. Welcome to dcp I guess
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    I’m willing to wait on Crown. This show doesn’t cohere well know, but I was thinking the same thing at this point last season, and IT IS ended up coming along nicely.
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    GREENBLUE in Scottsdale: I will join the others who have addressed this question. Box 1 means the corps RARELY achieves the standards set for the judged category; its score will fall within a range of 0.1-2.9. Box 2 means it INFREQUENTLY does so; its score will fall within a range of 3.0-4.9. Box 3 means it SOMETIMES achieves the standards set; its score will fall within a range of 5.0-6.9. Box 4 means it USUALLY achieves the standards set; its score will fall within a range of 7.0-8.9. Box 5 means it ALWAYS achieves the standards set; its score will fall within a range of 9.0-10.0. The following site has a guide to what these standards are for each judged category for both World and Open class corps: " http://issuu.com/drumcorpsinternational/docs/2012_judging_sheets_full_set/2?e=1376842/2992110 " Perhaps someone knows whether these 2012 standards have been modified; maybe DCI has a an updated site reference. 1956OPR (Michael) in Glendale, AZ (Phantom Regiment 1956-1960 Soprano). GREENBLUE, if you will be attending the San Antonio show, let me know.
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    I think we were watching different shows... my primary criticism of Boston last year was the amount and difficulty of drill, but this year looks like it's on an entirely different level.
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    But is drill even a focus anymore? I don't think many corps have a lot of drill these days.
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    Good job MCDC, So glad it is obvious that they are having a great time.... because they really are. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    The drum book is written to capture the feel of the jazz idiom and not your traditional layering of rudiments within the ensemble. Bloo has a lot of environmental and physical demands due to staging and visual design. A traditional written approach with different rudiment signatures would be in direct contrast with the jazz idiom and feel. Many of these percussion judges are expecting rudiment signatures spread across percussion voices, that’s not what Bloo is laying down for an entire production. There are certainly elements of that but it’s not the basis of the writing. I would suggest that the percussion judges listen to the musical phrasing as a cohesive jazz musical idiom and stop wanting to hear a bunch of rim shots and double paradiddle diddles and triplet rolls. Trust me Bloo is plenty clean with their jazz stylization approach. As with most of what Bloo does it’s ahead of the times.
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    I watched Scouts live in Mankato a few nights ago, and they had intermittent sound issues which caused the speakers to cut in & out randomly. Very distracting, and the soloists were nearly inaudible in the stands without the speakers on. There was a day when it wasn’t hard to hear Madison trumpet soloists in the stands without mikes...
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    I agree with your opinion, The Bluecoats have integrated all elements this year. They use electronics and vocalist extremely well, with drill and props and the color scheme is visually stunning. Class act this season!
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