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    It is no secret I have been a vocal critic of the corps for at least a decade, mainly because of one persons vision becoming their mission. Tonight, in addition to the response they got coming on, the crowd went up at the ballad and as the Z hit. Tonight I saw THE CADETS do ashow that was all about THE CADETS!! To quote myself “ that performance was a total final purging of all things him”. in this thread I predicted getting back to home turf would do them well and it did. The G logo. Holy Name all over the place. Hearing little hints of things past in the show. Kick ### percussion and mello runs to die for. The end of the balled was Philip Bliss worthy. RPH at the Z pull got my eyes wet. They wont win finals but they e won something far more precious: they’ve won the soul of their corps back. They’ve won fans back. And alumni feel welcome at home again. Scott, admin team, Bobby, Drew, TA: thank you all and congratulations on making the Cadets THE MOTHER ####### CADETS again!!
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    Alumni and fans pulled through with donations within hours of the announcement. They ordered their replacement and had a volunteer drive it from Indiana to where they’re staying in NY yesterday. So they should be good to go tonight.
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    Boston - WOW! THE GUARD! THE SIMULTANEOUS DRILL DEMAND! Crowd was on their feet before the end! Strong run. The DMs seemed very pleased.
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    The Madison brand is alive, in a sense. The problem is, the co-ed Bluecoats are the ones excelling at doing it.
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    Mandarins - Stunning!!! The audience was blown away. They know this show is something else. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    My view for tonight! posted from the DrumScorps app
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    I'm not sure that "fired" (or "FIRED") is accurate. He may have quit - the Flo statement doesn't suggest either way. For what it's worth, he felt terribly immediately and posted as much multiple times on social media last evening. And he posted a letter today explaining his comments, including a refusal to accept payment for any of his Flo appearances.
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    Was fortunate to be in Allentown last night for the show and cannot begin to express how fantastic the Cadets were. This was a statement performance. This was an EPIC performance. The intensity at the end of Sensemaya both visually and musically. The ballad. The historical references. That ending. And as another poster mentioned THAT CROWD in that historic venue. Many people march entire careers and never have a moment like what the Cadets created last night. Not only have they risen like a Phoenix from the ashes of April but they made a clear statement that they are to be reckoned with. Great job to the admin, staff and most importantly the members. FHNSAB.
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    He’s the guy that said Sylvester created the Z pull??
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    BD getting the recognition they deserve in guard and percussion! They also topped Bloo in brass tonight which I don't believe they have done in the past week or two If they can keep this level of consistency in the performance captions, they'll make things interesting in Indy Also how about them Mandarins! Imagine if they finish the season in 8th place!!
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    I believe that is Mandarins highest score ever!
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    the fact that he tied what he was saying to the fact that the Cavaliers are an all male corps means that yes, it was rooted in sexism. even if he didn't mean it that way, that's how it came out
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    How about Samuel Crawford? This is his third year in front of Bloo and has been masterful. As for all time great, I still go with Joel Alleyne from Oakland Crusaders. He was a show unto himself!
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    When you get a better reaction playing Slaughter for a field warm up than you do for the show...
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    It's just been so long since I've heard a crowd reaction LIKE THIS for the Cadets. I love the sight and sound of a crowd jumping to their feet before the last note!! GOOD JOB CADETS!!!
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    I don't think it's unreasonable
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    Mandarins less than a point from 8th place?
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    Really hope they make it past those groups above them! Love their show!
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    Completely agree. Until people see that there are real consequences for their words and actions, they won't sit down and introspect on why their thoughts/words are wrong. God knows that the figure we see on the TV every day is not setting any sort of example, so I'm glad that Flo, out of all entities, is.
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    Bloo was a PARTY! They know how to make a show that is both fun and makes total sense. Only problem was a bit too much bass synth at times.
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    I'd tune in if it were made up of posters from the Madison Scouts thread.
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    I'd be tempted to watch that just to see who made a fool of themselves from week to week.
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    I'm just grateful for the opportunity to use "mien" in a sentence.
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    I'm watching the video right now (its still on periscope, but scrubbed from their twitter feed). Convo starts around 6:50. There are 2 problems-- 1 the guy has some clearly sexist ideas about work ethic, and he did not back down at all during the course of that show. 2. Both commentators are winging it and not at all comfortable doing so. This results in some very stupid comments.
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    I have no personal knowledge of her work with the corps, but Claire Albrecht has been an outstanding public face of The Cadets this year. I also don't know if she's aging out.
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    This thread should last about as long as that announcer.
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    these were on air comments in a post show discussion - not an accidental broadcast
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    Lots of good guards out there, but sorry...BD has content and difficulty and exposure that nobody else does, and it's not really all that close. Vanguard really good too, but not there.
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    I still am afraid to use multicam and it's been 5 years now... was the stuff of nightmares With BD off practicing for days who wants to figure they pop a 96 or 97 and freak all the SCV fans out?
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    Nah... I appreciate the slow burn... I'm tired of having my face peeled off at the beginning of a show. Everyone does it. Make me wait for it. :-)
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    More than that. The corps was ####### en fuego
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    As most of us have found ( Crown at Finals last season ), an electronics malfunction, even a major one as severe as one that Crown had last season at Finals that botched the solos completely, has little to no effect at all on the scores of any Corps that suffers this mistake in performance. Its apparently the only part of the show where judges are asked to pretend they heard the music, the solos, etc played as INTENDED, not as actually PERFORMED in competition. At least thats how I have heard it explained anyway this offseason from those that attended the DCI Corps Directors Winter meetings, as well as directives to and from the DCI Judging Steering Committee. I can't pretend to understand the rationale for this apparent " accident forgiveness " for electronic malfunctions with Corps in performance competition. Perhaps at this season's Winter Meetings, the Corps/ Judges will come up with a plausable and rationale explanation ( and then explain such in as press release ) for why forgiveness for major electronic malfunctions in competition is the way to go regarding judged Corps in competition.
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    Well as far as the cadets...they are taking no prisoners right now...
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    Saw what you did there. Did anyone knot think it wood work?
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    Personally, I don't think women are generally so fragile as to be bothered by some silly comment by some guy of little consequence in a lame conversation filler to a bad video stream. If there was an all female corps and someone had innocently postulated about the potential advantage of, say, women being broader listeners who can better grasp the context and nuances of critical last minute instruction, I seriously doubt they would be out of a job today. To me, the double standard present in the overreaction to this is sexist and insulting to women.
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    That's ridiculous. His comments may not be politically correct but certainly NOT a fireable offense. At worst it was a "don't do that." People are not perfect with their language and from what I read the person had no ill intent and apologized immediately. The man has a family to feed. Sorry Flo Marching, for your low tolerance YOU'RE fired.
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    Blue Stars - Was not expecting this show to be as good as it was. Made me smile ear to ear! Nice new ending: Return to “We’ve Only Just Begun” and a wooden “window to the future” revealed.
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    I MET DRUMMANTX THIS IS NOT A DRILL posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Given that he soon apologized, I don't think he'll be permanently blacklisted from drum corps. People have come back from far worse. It's not like he boasted about gr----never mind.
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    Studies prove the opposite. My wife worked for a defense contractor had a mandatory twelve-hour shift. The HR department had documentation of studies pointing to women being more tolerant of the long shifts. When the men complained they would get these studies thrown in their face. Personally, I could never work as hard as my wife even today in retirement.
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    Yes the last part of the show has become a problem. But it wasn't a problem in the early part of the season. You either love the Rufus Wainwright song or you hate it. I happen to love it...... or at least I did. If you want to do something campy or over the top then you have to dive in, let loose and be prepared to make a fool of yourself. With each progressive show more and more members look self conscious, embarrassed or hoping to just get it over with. That's too bad, because so many corps are doing dark themes with very discordant music that a moment of complete goofiness is a breath of fresh air.
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    True. With World Class corps in Nashville and Austin, and soon in Salt Lake City, my hope is that touring becomes more regional only to keep costs down. If that happens, you should see a more reasonable and reaslitic financial picture emergefor the future of the activity. I might also suggest that DCI readdress the general tour route. I don’t mean to sound like a homer, but it would make a lot more sense for the Allentown show to be in Nashville, now that Music City is world class, Nashville is booming, and there will be at least three professional venues to perform in soon. The drive to Indy from Nashville makes for a much easier road for the members.
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    You left out the RCC drum line and a second Winter Guard Program. (They have a B&C corps level winter guards.) And I know that last year at during spring training they pulled aside their music ed majors in the corps and met with them to better prepare them for the summer System Blue camps. Put all that together and that's a heck of a lot of music involvement beyond the A corps show on the field.
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    From another thread: Posted Monday at 12:20 PM Because I'm a data geek, I decided to map Phantom Regiment vs. Mandarins head-to-head scores this season and here's what I came up with: 7/15 St. Louis PR +0.938 7/21 San Antonio PR +1.55 7/26 Birmingham PR +0.2 7/28 Atlanta PR +0.1 Based on this trend, I think the Regiment bus mirrors need a new warning label: Mandarins in mirror are closer than they appear!
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    Around 14 months ago.... as a past member... I posted on the alumni FB page that I had heard a piece I thought would be great for Regiment. Past members were enthusiastic. Other than 1 past staff legend there was no response from movers and shakers. The piece.... Metropolis 1927!!! (I wonder if JD Shaw is still a member of that forum!!!!). So it has been a delight and source of despair in equal measure hearing SCV this year. It may become one of the top 5 DCI pieces ever IMHO. I have been dismayed for several years with the programming. When I heard the title of this year I wasn't expecting a re run of 1989 but it has been disappointing... not by the members I might add. PR has a niche but which has recently been inhabited at times by others and done better... Crown 15??? The corps style gives potentially fewer licensing issues than other group yet in recent years we seem to want to become 'Generic-corps'. This is not an appeal to play 1812 with a big bell. This is an appeal to start thinking about who is making programme choices and as a by product recapture the one thing that PR used to do better than most. Generation of emotion. Yes the corps must not be seen as an anachronism... but equally it is almost criminal to abandon the great programme decisions of the past. I was part of the lowest top 12 finish (86) and I think that unwelcome record might be broken this year. Either way I hope it is a wakeup call. This is not a cynical alumni btw... it is someone who wants PR competitive and thrilling again.
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    I was at the show....high seats. Cadets' visual design and execution are far superior to the Cavies. Better design, better execution, and and a pleasure to watch.
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    Yeah the staffs of those five co-ed corps ahead of them definitely don't push their corps as hard as Cavs' staff. Must be why they're scoring higher.
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