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    I believe that is Mandarins highest score ever!
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    It's just been so long since I've heard a crowd reaction LIKE THIS for the Cadets. I love the sight and sound of a crowd jumping to their feet before the last note!! GOOD JOB CADETS!!!
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    I don't think it's unreasonable
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    Bloo was a PARTY! They know how to make a show that is both fun and makes total sense. Only problem was a bit too much bass synth at times.
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    these were on air comments in a post show discussion - not an accidental broadcast
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    Given that he soon apologized, I don't think he'll be permanently blacklisted from drum corps. People have come back from far worse. It's not like he boasted about gr----never mind.
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    Let's put it this way, I would never schedule the blood work for my annual physical until at least a month after DCI given what I eat between Allentown and Indy.
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    Studies prove the opposite. My wife worked for a defense contractor had a mandatory twelve-hour shift. The HR department had documentation of studies pointing to women being more tolerant of the long shifts. When the men complained they would get these studies thrown in their face. Personally, I could never work as hard as my wife even today in retirement.
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    What I posted on here was in no way trying to be that negative. In fact, BD almost always changes my mind when I see them live. I was just posting my gut reaction because I wanted to get off my phone ASAP. In retrospect, it's a really good show with a lot of great little details sprinkled throughout. Natural Woman was amazing as well.
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    The Boston Crusaders are in trouble!
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    Nice play on words on the 2018 Blue Stars new closer, ie you knew the ending " wood " work "
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    This is true. I will say that Flo this year was better than last by quite a bit. Was it perfect? No, but for only $150 for the year I wan't expecting perfection. If it improves at the same rate next year things will be pretty darn good. ETA: If Flo were smart they would run package prices for those that are only interested in DCI, WGI or BOA. Maybe charge a little more than the monthly rate you would pay for the yearly subscription but a little less than going month to month. Some people only want it for one of the seasons.
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    I feel sorry for the guy - we are all one mis-statement away from the same thing - that being said, the gyst of what he said... was dumb - to believe that guys can work harder in a short time is illogical.
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    Congrats Mandarins for closing the gap to under a point. It's going to be an exciting championship week!
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    He got caught saying something sexist and offensive?! He got fired!? He’ll be president soon.
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    At Centerville, several pit members went all in, camping it up big time, which I appreciated.
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    It’s called they go on when they go on
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    Cadets, I was planning to stand up for you every night in Indy in support of you being on the field in 2018. Now I'll be standing for that reason and BECAUSE YOU ARE SO DAMMMM GOOD!!!! I cannot wait to experience it live again. WOW
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    Ah yes! The shark eats the "fat lady"! Maybe the greatest closing gag ever. It propelled VK's show from that year's crowd favorite to all-time legendary status. Just look at how often that 1992 Velvet Knights performance shows up on people's all-time lists. I don't see too many non-winning performances, not to mention 10TH PLACE performances, that are so fondly remembered decades later. And it seems that the show's legend has kept growing over the years. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read about how that was the loudest DCI crowd reaction ever. How the raucous ovation blew out one of the field mics on the audio/video production. Stories about how VK fortuitously came into possession of that shark prop because one of the high schools where they overnighted wanted to get rid of it and asked them if they wanted it. How VK ended up with an old UCLA mascot costume for the bear. How VK got an inflatable Godzilla, and when they asked the DCI higher ups if they could add it to the show, the response was laughter and something along the lines of "Go ahead, we'll add a rule banning it next year." Wherever the truths lie, I can safely say that the VK show was already comedic gold, bringing the house down every night with the "fat lady" gag even before they added the shark. That year, I went to a June show in SoCal, and even in its early form (no shark, no Godzilla v Energizer Bunny battle), the crowd went nuts over what VK was doing. And what a ballsy move for VK to keep the shark under wraps until finals. Recall that VK did not qualify for finals the year before, so it was not a given that they would make it to the final show. But, keeping the shark a secret until the finals night closer truly made that show the stuff of legend. Just listen to the audio track of their finals show (the crowd reaction sounds clearer on the CD mix than on the video). The audience was already primed to give VK a gigantic ovation at the end of their show. But, when that shark rolled out, the crowd just erupted and kept getting louder until shark mouth met fat lady. I could only imagine how deafening that stadium was at that moment! Great moment for VK and the drumcorps activity, albeit a bittersweet one. That 1992 performance would be the last time a comedic show qualified for finals, and the last time that the Velvet Knights ever advanced to finals. The corps itself would fold 6 years later. But, they had that one moment where everything converged, and people still talk about it. YouTube vid of the VK finale below. FYI, the sign at the end of the show says "It Ain't Over Til The ..."
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    They always are. And you know they had a fantastic run. They have a 99.65% chance at having a great run everytime.
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    This poster wants an accurate analysis of the Blue Devils.
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    94.35! Nice score tonight Crown. Get some rest and some quality rehearsal for the last competition before DCI Championships! BEAST!
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    The commentators on the Flo post-show are cringe worthy . There is zero chemistry between them.
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    I don't think I've ever encountered the word "fatigable" before. (Only its antonym, "indefatigable".) Interesting.
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    Let's check back in on this one in fifty years. These sort of findings tend to get overturned with time.
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    C’mon HD, you know that I mean; let’s employ some abstract thinking here...
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    saw that - remember at the time reading many other similar comments and couldn't believe it then, really really can't believe it now some people will never get it
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    Actually, they won Kingston last year. I remember blogging out about seeing them warmup, looking strong, and the the victory concert was great. That nite was an arrival. Inside their corps there's probaby other perspective. Last year Fusion 2nd, Cabs 3rd. And 4-5 Bush-Sun as this year. Some perennial competition here folks.
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    The meaning is always there and I can usually, though not always, find it if I look hard enough. I think Bluzes is actually a very smart poster who thinks much faster than he can type.
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    I wasn’t talking about last year in Allentown. I don’t remember much about that show. But if you go on YouTube and search for Cadets 2017 Finals (from what I understand it’s against the rules of this forum to post links) and listen to the crowd, you will hear what I am talking about. Having been there in Indianapolis, it was heartwarming see 20,000 people on their feet cheering for so long independent of all of the hardships the corps was facing and all the negative publicity on social media (even before the sexual misconduct allegations).
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    This is my favorite Cavaliers show since Mad World. Just wanted to throw that out there. Just as a few others are saying the top 6 are all incredibly strong this year...and the Cavies are getting better but so is BAC. The only corps that looks to me like a slide from last year is Madison. Placement might not say so but just about every corps is just as good or better than last year.
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    They’re fine. I’m so glad the brass is back to playing FFF at hits
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    Precisely. As of right now, I would imagine that its too early for the Scouts Organization to decide if they want to continue as a " Coed " Drum Corps, increase their numbers of female musicians in their Coed Drum Corps moving forward, or reverse course and become an All Male Drum Corps once again. We'll all know soon enough. In the meantime best of success to the Scouts this final week of the season.
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    Wow.... I hoped to of been there too! Thank you all for the kind posts too (rough day at work). I actually needed that! Again... GO CAVIES!!! Keep kicking butt and keep growing in those scores!!!! As a true fan, keepworking hard!
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    Cabaret Voltaire is one of my all time favorites. Still don't get the hate for that one.
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    Towards the end of Boston, Crown was wheeling their Kitty-Kat seesaw. From a far and watching on FLO thought it was the USS Minnow coming to save Boston. Is a late arriving prop allowed?
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    I'm usually always in the minority when it comes to liking shows. Blue Knights and Blue Devils have been up there for me the last 4-5 years now, which is definitely not something most people will say. Cabaret Voltaire...great show that I still watch to this day.
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    I respectfully disagree but we all have different tastes lol
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    Personally I loved last year's show. Certainly were not afraid to do something unique and different. "NO one To kNOW one" especially was an amazing number.
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    Yes, another stellar performance L. Keep up the great work.
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    Still not gonzo for the closing “crown,” but It Is still a Crown
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    Lol yeahhhhh that’s not gonna happen. ☺️
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