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    Hi, sitting in the Theatre at the IAM headquarters in Hyde Park on the 3rd day of our annual retreat weekend. All too often I read about the negative things going on in our activity. It is worth sharing that what we do on an annual basis as it is a very positive and motivating weekend. We tie in our annual Golf tournament on Friday when people are arriving ahead of the meetings. We have moved the meetings to the Marriott in Quincy to accommodate the majority of the 50 Board members coming in from out of state. The Golf tournament was a huge success despite battling through the rain. We maxed out sponsors and players and raised over $60K net. The Board retreat is run on Saturday 9 - 6 at the Marriott and today a half day at our building in Hyde Park. Last night we hosted a IAM volunteer appreciation night at the House of Blues in Boston - this was a first and a huge success. The Board covers numerous topics during the weekend including: reviewing & updating our strategic plan, 2018 year in review, getting a view of the business plan for the next 3 years including a focus on the 80th anniversary, a coaching session on raising money and "how to ask", review of the budget for 2019, approval of strategic plan adjustments, M&A update and finally Health & safety update. Today at the building we review the Board survey, all program updates including BAC, and a focus on our largest Asset - the Building. Running a successful non profit is a huge commitment and we are fortunate to have a great BOD.
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    There are divided opinions regarding Roman Blenski and the issues last summer with Pioneer were serious matters, no question. While many want him out and banished, there are some who do agree it was time for him to go and believe he was not up to the task of directing a drum corps, but believe his past contributions should not be ignored. If his being involved in fundraising turns out to be accurate and he is involved in decision making or handling funds, that could be problematic. If his being involved with fundraising activities such as being present at golf tournaments, putting the current board in touch with donors, etc., that should not be too much of a problem. True some may be angry and may not give, but there are others who might not give if they believe RB was pushed out the door. People who do fundraising for a profession are usually pretty savvy and do consulting. Give them the history as well as the most recent issues, and they can make a recommendation regarding RB’s participation that would be objective in a short period of time. This is often what is done with private schools when an administrator who was problematic is removed. I know we will never be putting Roman Blenski in the same category as Bill Cook, George Bonfiglio, or Gail Royer, but he’s not in the same category as another infamous director either.
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    With all due respect to these other posters. Please remember this drum corps is here before DCA, DCI through the dedication and hard work Roman and Sue we may not agree with Roman or Sue in the all aspects of this great Organization, but it has fulfilled the dreams of many young kids including me and I am forever grateful for the experiences that they gave me. There are literally thousands of kids who have great memories and experiences please remember that because you don’t agree with him does not mean he’s a great man and wife. Roman and Sue are getting older now we must look for solutions to continue this great organization not be hurtful to these great people they have made mistakes and we must help them with solutions to continue the pioneer family I truly believe that if you cannot make any positive statements or help us find solutions please keep your negative opinions to yourself. It is very helpful if you can respectfully disagree with in our family and if we can’t solve the problems then you must utilize the means of DCI. Let’s all move together forward in a positive and loving way because we are truly a negative world and we don’t need that better every day remember I think we take this for granted may God bless Roman and Sue and his family in thank you from Jesse Reyes ❤️
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    And some might have asked how Boston is getting better. A great update SSF. May such reports from the stronger corps help those who might be struggling. It may help the DCI family survive and grow.
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    Fielding a drum corps is fraught with many challenges. The January board consortium provides a great opportunity for corps to learn and share best practices. There was great turn out in 2018. Looking forward to 2019’s sessions.
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    Naw, no thanks, but who said I was going to defend the sheet?
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    With any member of the Blenski family still involved with the corps; you can be d**n sure that corps won't evolve from it's Irish everything caricature image.
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    "If it isn't broken...." LOL
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    All right, let's just squash this unfounded, fictional invention of the mind like the insect that it is. Fred was not fired. Period. Any suggestion that he was, is a slander. By the way, the signups for the first audition camp are coming in just fine, thank you. You know, the Troopers could hand out $100 bills to fans at every show, and someone would find a reason to criticize them. For several seasons they ran all their camps out of Dallas and several other non-Wyoming locations, and they got roasted for not being Wyoming enough. Now they hold camps in their own state and they get roasted for being, you know, Wyoming, which apparently no one is able to find without a Sherpa. For goodness' sake, Cheyenne is a 2-hour bus ride from Denver International Airport, which sits smack in the center of the North American Continent. I mean, you can't find a major airport that is more geographically centered than Denver. They know about buses in Wyoming. They have running water, too. Kids who go to BD camps have to fly into SFO, then ride BART -- by themselves -- for 1 1/2 hours to get to Concord. Then they have to Uber themselves and their bags to the hotel, and then carpool/taxi their way to the audition site. At least with Troopers, you meet the bus at the curb at DIA, climb on with a bunch of other Trooper hopefuls, and it takes you directly to the rehearsal site. And back. I fail to see how that is somehow more "difficult for members to attend" than any other audition camp.
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