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    And Jim Prime was also an elementary school music teacher... it's a shame he didn't have more experience. He could have been something...
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    Chuck is an ideal hire for scouts imo not just a talented brass guy but also a well suited arranger should he end up helping with that as well my interactions with him over the years have been quite positive and professional- frankly just seems like a great guy personally as well as an enthusiastic and focused teacher the slam on here about his “real job” is extremely inappropriate and speaks more to character of the person posting the insult than it does to Chuck
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    My girlfriend is a high school director. She was moved into the job because she was a very good middle school director. Administrators think everyone's end goal is to have a high school job. It is not. She wishes she could have her middle school job back because she prefers teaching the younger kids and frankly because high school kids think they already know everything and can be extremely difficult to deal with. Additionally, no high school program anywhere can truly be great without top notch middle school feeder programs.
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    Wondering where the designers will take us for 2019. First general guess is somewhere in the eastern hemisphere.
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    so because he's a middle school band director means he is unqualified? The guy helped make the colts a finalist, and in fact, they haven't been as good since he left. His work at Crossmen stands out as some of their best years since the 90's, as well as some work with DCA corps. So yeah, he's a middle school band director. He's also earned his reputation as one of the good brass people in the activity
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    I still have fond memories of my middle school band director, Archie McAllister Jr., lo these many years later. He nurtured many students over the years. And he loved drum corps!
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    I remember seeing that show at East, marvelous brass section, a ton of energy... One couldn't help but think they had a strong crack at finals if they could just hang in there.
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    Dude seriously- educate yourself. Chuck has a great history in drum corps and should be a great fit for Scouts.
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    All is as the Force wills it.
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    Since I responded when you trolled the "Staff Merry-Go-Round" thread with a similar comment, I'll respond with a similar comment here: Yes, a middle school band director. I was a middle school band director for 25 years, even during the brief time I taught HS. I'd like to think that the hornlines I've taught were at least better than average. Also, I've been waiting for the official announcement to do this: Congrats Chuck!!!
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    I was a middle school band director for over 25 years, even during the brief time I taught high school band (talk about a LONG workday, lol). I would say that most of my hornlines turned out to be at least ok... By the way, been waiting for the official announcement to do this: Congrats Chuck!!!
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    I loved my middle school band director, too! He was a great fan of drum corps back when it wasn’t popular for a band director to be a fan. He’d play old Fleetwoods of Cabs, Sky, and Yankee Rebels for us. Our marching band played Espana Cani and Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White. He arranged for Norwood Park to have camp at our school. I came and watched every day and joined the next September. He changed my life. So never underestimate a middle school band director.
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    My elementary/middle school band director was the finest music teacher I ever had, and it's not even close. I'm also willing to bet that he's a better brass player than 99.9% of the people teaching in the activity, most of them also by a wide margin. The idea that someone would automatically be unqualified to teach the Madison Scouts brass because they teach middle school band is one of the more laughably ridiculous things I've seen on this board.
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    I'm not sure why the confusion in this thread. They made it clear the all-female guard was a design choice for this year that will be evaluated again next year. I've lurked here long enough to know that the social media pic hinting at the 2019 show was posted here... and I don't know about y'all, but I've never seen a male Valkyrie. ;) *retreats back into lurk-cave*
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    I'm currently an administrator at a middle school. Our teachers are a godsend. It takes a special person to deal with young individuals who are on the cusp of knowing who they are as individuals. Middle school age is the 2nd most productive time of brain growth and development. Middle school-age children began moving from concrete to abstract thinking and to the beginnings of metacognition. To have an individual like Chuck on staff will benefit the Scouts greatly. Educators make some of the best instructors in the activity.
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    (late post, I know) I am really randomly stoked for Robert W. Smith to be with the Colts this season! I've generally really enjoyed his work with the Troopers (and of course his regular concert work). The Colts have honestly been doing really solid work since 2014 (in my opinion). Who knows who'll bring the secret ingredient that makes the special sauce for a Colts Finals performance. I'm just happy to see one of my favorite arrangers working with one of my favorite groups! 🙂 Yay drum corps!
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    Maybe all time... The best teachers I have EVER SEEN are Middle School teachers. Period. Fact. No credible argument can be made unless you are galactically ignorant. I guess that’s how some judge quality teachers. What grade they teach. Stupid. Dazzlingly stupid.
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    Sometimes music educators do not work at the high school level so they have time to do outside music activities...like drum corps for example. A high school position requires a much larger time investment for activities like jazz ensembles, musicals, small ensembles (percussion/WW/Brass, etc...) and most importantly marching band. A middle or elementary position also permits the teacher to have more time for personal performance opportunities, composing, arranging, etc. Not sure why that is being viewed as a negative.
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    Gail Royer was an elementary school music teacher.
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    Outstanding organization and perfect position for Stuart.
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    My goodness. Read his resume. He’s very accomplished. He’s a great add for the Scouts. Jim Elvord thinks he measures up and that’s good enough for me.
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    Yes, colts when they went from a corps you'd skip to finalist. Crossmen during their best years not named 1990-1998. Yeah, he's a slouch I guess. I mean he got the gig and no one knocked on your door. Plus, if a name is happy where they are, and I don't see a lot of high profile names that would fit your criteria looking for gigs, who are you going to call?
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    look up his resume. it might knock the snark out of you
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    Clearly you aren't familiar with all he has done in the activity.
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    Bat'leths don't look Egyptian, you patak.
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