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    I hate the arms race. What does it have to do with music education?
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    But the obligatory rolling around on the ground and faux emoting, sure is super awesome.
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    When kids are playing at the level Tarpon does, they have already done a fantastic job with the education part and are focused on performance. This actually has everything to do with music education, in fact, they've nailed it. Listen to their wind ensemble, their jazz band, and try to suggest they don't have music education absolutely locked. This is a program that is 100% about education.
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    All I was thinking, and I said this on my Facebook page, was how much did those cost?
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    Why spell out words without digital screens when you can spell out words with digital screens for 20X the price?
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    in 3.5 minutes, 45 seconds of horn line and maybe 1 set of marching and playing. impressive. edit: and I don't think the screens really add anything to the show, but I bet the judges love them.
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    My question is: Did they enhance or did they distract? There may be a way for them to add value to a show but this wasn’t it. I think this is like the infancy of A&E ... a tentative first step but clumsy right now.
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    Possibly more points garnered by an adult. Then there's the extremely distraction factor.
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    I spoke with the young man who sold the DVD’s at finals, probably two years ago. He had said at the time that once a DVD or BluRay is sold out, it will most likely be gone for good. With the cost of securing rights, along with the manufacturing, once you reissue a DVD or BluRay, a certain number have to be sold to break even. My guess is that anything over ten years old would not be worth DCI’s while financially to rerelease. I am glad I had the opportunity to purchase what I did when it was available.
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    Almost forgot this one, and maybe someone mentioned it earlier, but Blue Devils in 1988 doing their "Happy Days" reprise with all the trumpet soloists up front while the corps marched off the field. This actually my be my fav. Close call between this and Phantom 2003.
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    Surprised to see no one speaking about full percussion staff announcement. Two things stick out...very Phantom heavy as nearly every staffer is a PR alum. I'm ok with it. No cymbal staff listed which I guess means Scouts will once again abandon the plates. That is a shame and kinda p***** me off.
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    Off the top of my head: SCV has made every final. Blue Devils, in ever since 1974. Cavaliers only missed a couple of times in the 1970s. Cadets, in since 1980 and made a couple of 1970s finals. Phantom Regiment, in ever since 1974. (These five are the ones with the 39 consecutive years.) Crossmen first made it in 1977. Early 80s, check. Early 90s, check. Early 00s, check. In now, check. Yes, they have each decade covered. Spirit first made it in 1978. Early 80s, check. 1990, check. Middle 00s, check. Early 10s, check. Count them in. Madison has never been out two years in a row, so they must be the 8th such corps.
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    Has not been mentioned yet but you will want to watch Suncoast Sound 1988...easily 15 years ahead of its time.
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    I would highly recommend 2010 Phantom Regiment. I’ve introduced newbies to that show. It has accessible music and theme accompanied by beautiful drill.
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    Athletic supporters already give plenty of protection.
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    Yes, you are confused. We agree!
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    Garfield ‘83, Rocky Point Holiday with the first Z-pull ever.
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