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    When kids are playing at the level Tarpon does, they have already done a fantastic job with the education part and are focused on performance. This actually has everything to do with music education, in fact, they've nailed it. Listen to their wind ensemble, their jazz band, and try to suggest they don't have music education absolutely locked. This is a program that is 100% about education.
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    I have always been a fan of Phantom. I enjoyed them in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and now in the 2000s. Their best shows always begin with great music...powerful music, and a sound in brass and percussion that just sucks you in and makes you forget about scores. Their 2014 show had many of these elements but also had some visual issues that detracted from what could have been a magnificent show. Their 2012 show is, I believe, their last great masterpiece -- although I continue to enjoy them. Having the right instructors and designers is nice, but I doubt that losing Shaw and Rennick is what led to lower placements. There are lots of talented people out there. It's finding the right mix of talent in design and teaching in all areas. It's having the finances and facilities. It's recruiting. It's management. I truly believe Phantom can jump back into the mix if we are talking top 5 status and scores. I think they can design a show that has a classic Phantom feel to it but also exude a modern dimension that makes it feel fresh. These things can be done and there are a lot more people out there that can produce these results vs the few "usual suspects" that we all bring up when it comes to design and teaching. As for style, Santa Clara always had a more diverse style in their approach to show design. They would perform everything from classical, semi-classical, jazz, Broadway, and contemporary music; and they have a long history of visual innovation. I do think this helped Shaw and Rennick adapt to their needs. Phantom's style is more closely linked to Classical/Romantic music and big, powerful themes. It can be done though. Carolina Crown performed a very Phantom-esque show in 2015. I am all for new changes in style and music for Phantom, but I also feel they have to find moments in their shows that give us that look and feel (especially the sound) that remind us of their very best shows.
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    Contestant Hila Saxer mentioned on today's episode of Jeopardy that her family members are huge drum corps fans, and stated that a California corps, the Santa Clara Vanguard won this year's championship.
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    embrace the past yes. continue to follow the same basic formula year after year after year after year...no.
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    I disagree. You can embrace the past and still write a good show for today. I haven't seen that in a while now. Hell there is no reason (other than a good show) Phantom can't break into the top 6 or win even. Heck there is no reason Madison can't break top 6 as well. This pigeon holing you are doing makes no sense. It's simply a matter of getting it together.
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    I have these same ideas for years. I swore one day I would do a show like this. Have a big white prop at the back of the field labeled "prop", white flags with "flag" on them, etc.
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    The Carolina Crown Organization is pleased to announce the Visual Design, Supervision and Technical Team for 2019! Among the list are familiar names to the Crown Organization, including returning Visual Designer Jeff Sacktig and Artistic Director Rick Subel. There are also several new additions to the Team, such as Kevin Morrison who will be joining […] View the full article
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    A loaded question if ever there was one. If it works.... it enhances their success and placement, arguably enhancing the experience. Maybe not as much as enjoying Taco Night after a hard day's rehearsal for some members, but it would have some value.
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    What is Yggdrasil? Kidding! Sorry, Hila. Been there, done that.
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    The days of rehashed shows are done and PR needs to stay away from that trap.
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    No, sorry, you and I agree. I was poking fun at someone else seen-it-all who accused me of being completely out of touch with the reality of today's kids. (Sure.) My comment wasn't directed at you; it apparently made more sense when I typed it than it did to you.
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    Bonus. She's an ASL interpreter. The 'mostly deaf' person I am who uses an array of technology to hear drum corps enjoyed her presence.
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    The band I taught does a mix of parents with kids helping. It really makes a nice feeling of cameraderie and gets parents psyched.
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    We've lost our ability to disagree. Everyone toggles over to victim status the first time someone disagrees with them. "Mom! He's being mean to me..". It's gotten really old. Everyone wants to be in a grievance group so politicians can pander to them. Well, good luck with that. All you will ever get from the politicians, promises notwithstanding, is crumbs. Better to stand on your own two feet and stop playing the victim.
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    Thinking more of a 2007 "On Air" vibe. Possibly one of the most underrated shows ever.
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    Why won't they move into modern classical music. There is some great modern music to draw from.
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    See my post regarding all for a trophy that will gather dust in a schools display case. My director was a crusty old WWII vet who refused to compete. Reasoning was we had some kids with little self confidence and being in band gave them a self of accomplishment and being part of a group. He thought building up these kids to get them ready for life was more important. Part of the conversation was “you know which kids I’m talking about” which put it on a personal level. Kicker was he knew the band parents would be the ones getting nasty if those kids screwed up. Yeah thinking of others... what was his problem (sarcasm)
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    Loved Tarpon's show. Would love to see them live sometime. I think DCI needs more of this...
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    I hate the arms race. What does it have to do with music education?
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    The complaint many have regarding Phantom and its repertoire is that it has all been done before, and when it comes to some of the masterpieces of the Romantic era, that is true, but there have not been as many “deep cuts.” For example, in 2014 they performed “Swan Lake.” True, they did it in “Winter Palace” in 1987, but instead of digging deeper in the score and using music that has never been used in drum corps, they added film music. I’d love to have some Beethoven and Brahms in shows. There is so much unexplored Dvorak. Suk’s “Fantastc Scherzo” is amazing. The world of opera has great potential for Phantom, and with props becoming the norm, it’s much easier to tell the story. Cavaleria Rusticana and I Pagliacci would make a great show with emotionally gripping music and while “Vesti la Guibba” has been a show stopper in the past, it has never been done as it is found in the opera. I would love to see “Aida” on the drum corps field, all Verdi, no Elton John and Tim Rice. “Tosca” and “Manama Butterfly” would be powerful too. These are some thoughts and probably reflect my tastes more than anything else, but the music is timeless and it could be great for Phantom to make a comeback.
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    Many forget that Red Violin mini-fiasco in 2009, right on the heels of winning it all in '08. That show had major rewrites all season long, if memory serves. Shaw and Rennick were in the trenches for that one, too... don't know who dreamt that program up, but no one is immune to a clunker now and then...
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    I would like to know what happened after 2010?? Into the Light was such a great step towards more modern programming and a fantastic Rosander drill. Turandot was a great follow up but a bit of a step back into their shell. Into the Light was such a fan favorite I’ve always wondered why they immediately went backwards in design? Grumpy old alumni??
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    I was just thinking about PR today. I was a fanboy of the Regiment BITD. PR has indeed more problems then just the loss of instructors. My goodness Rennick has been gone for a REALLY LONG TIME and Shaw the same. We should be asking the question...why did they leave in the first place? Why is there such a huge staff turnover? It takes more than just two folks to make a difference. Regiment has been trying to find themselves these last few years and really have lost their way IMO. I almost feel like they've lost their identity altogether. I truly miss the regiment sound. It was very distinctive. Right now...it's gone...that is quite obvious...There needs to be some serious changes that make sense. An 11th place finish competitively is the worst placement since 1974. It pains me to even say that. I wish I had the answer or magic pill for them.
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    I really like the new staff changes and the returns. To me, the drill was just fine. The props were limitations. All the rewrites needed after the turbulent off-season took its' toll, but the drill to me was good stuff. In the end drill and music thrilled a lot of people at Finals. I was glad to see Cadets keep this guy. Let him grow with the corps and whatever new styles they take (or go back to). There is a lot of experience on this staff. Should be fun to see what they can do with a full off-season. :)
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    Malaguena or Malaga - Scouts....multiple years
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    I believe it was Fran! I saw Charioteers at US Open 1972 and was so impressed with them, sound and marching. Years after I wanted to see them grow and be a powerhouse but alas it did not happen. Robert W. Smith was with them back then.
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