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    Contestant Hila Saxer mentioned on today's episode of Jeopardy that her family members are huge drum corps fans, and stated that a California corps, the Santa Clara Vanguard won this year's championship.
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    Besides, there’s already a waiting list for that job
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    Imagine when video tarps come into play. (They will, one day.) Even crazier possibilities, though I’m still more of a fan of “less is more.” I guess the marching world is passing me by, LOL.
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    Finally starting to get some news from my home corps about staff. This looks exciting for the 2019 percussion people! https://musiccitydrumcorps.org/news/
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    better: it helps the kids being part of a truly interactive performance using technology as well as human made sights and sounds
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    Quiet is good. At least compared to the three-ring circus of recent years. LOL.
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    The 'bug stomp' is nothing new.
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