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    I teach college & follow same policy. Once had a student email that she would do "anything (ANYTHING)" for a better grade. Was tempted as the truck did need waxing
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    They tried pitching that to DCI's BOD last month, and it was not, reportedly, well received. The fact that the family is being so tenacious in trying to maintain control of the organization, despite being told that the org is banned from the activity if they're attached, makes me really curious as to what bodies are buried in Pioneerland.
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    It's not. At a corps business meeting held back in either September or October, it was made very clear by the IBOD that Roman isn't going anywhere and that he will always have a role in the corps' leadership. Which means that the corps can keep their attitude and DCI will remain a Pioneer-free zone going forward until one side blinks. To quote Douglas Adams, we'll see who rusts first.
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    whenever a student comes alone in my room, i make sure to open my door, put a wedge in to keep it open, and tell at least one other teacher nearby about it common sense for anybody in public education and this is not a complaint
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    I can't believe I'm chiming in on this. Why is there even a debate? The judges indicated to her that the ingredients were celery, chicken, garlic ice cream, and okra. She forgot the garlic ice cream as you can clearly see; it is a basket ingredient so she, therefore, SHOULD be chopped. Oops, wrong forum.
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    RIP Pioneer. Apparently Roman would rather kill the corps than step aside.
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    yet totally ignores the reasons why the entire staff walked after this past season
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    Now he's fundraising for another Cause. His bail money.
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    Only contact I ever had with the corps was donating thru support our Pioneer Youth (SOPY). Supposedly tax deductible as went directly to corps then corps adjusted dues of the designated member. My understanding giving money for a members benefit is not tax deductible so wth. Supposed to get receipt from the corps but never did for the two times I donated. I contacted after second time to make sure no one stole the checks. Got a snarly email from RB saying the member (not the corps) was supposed to send me something (didn't sound like a receipt for taxes to me). He then included the members personal email address apparently without permission as it was after the season. I deleted the email because of that. Just so off the wall and not matching what corps website said would happen it sticks in my mind. And that RB responded and not someone on the budget or members side showed the micromanagement. And this was close to 15 years ago so figure it just kept getting worse
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    And one of them already replaced because of previous issues. Thanks to one of those innernet meanieheads who brought out solid proof about the Kilties and Larson. As I see it.... if you're RB, figure out what assets in the organization are yours, cut some kind of deal, GTFO with any other immediate family member and take a cruise to Bermuda and save the corps if you really cared about its long term viability and stability and get some sun and a rum and coke to boot. The longer this takes, it raises suspicions to me, warranted or not (wanted to add that emphasis)that somehow they're tied in hip deep in some kind of weird financial deal there.
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    Think that's what might happen at the January meeting. Lol sister was at college wearing a corps shirt and one prof said he was in Reveries. I said to ask him if he was in the sit in. Two days later she called "what the HELL was the sit in? I asked and his jaw hit the ground." Answer was no he missed it by a year or two. Irony is my sister was born little after that VFW nats.
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    I know it would have been a she said he said situation, but I would have reported her no matter what the blow back was to me.
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    Well, we're movin on up, I will grant you that.
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    Ditto: Taught for three years at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center some 36 years ago. Same rules applied even in that environment. You wouldn't believe some of the behaviors students exhibited. An institution is an institution, is an institution, no matter what side of the fence it's on.
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    AMEN. Was a well known precaution to take at least 4 decades ago.
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    Explain how you were able to recognize Vanguard.
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope everyone here has a safe and wonderful holiday!
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    I got tickets for the Tour Premier in Detroit. On the aisle. On the 45. 20 rows up. I’m good.
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    Crown has been making a real effort (through their CrownCARES initiative) to give their corps members an opportunity to truly be a part of a larger community. What a wonderful life lesson to impart as part of the drum corps experience. It's good to see the initiative continuing to grow!
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    I can't believe I'm chiming in on this, but it's the offseason. You can clearly see in the video posted that almost the entire crowd in the video is standing up before the end of the last note. Watch the crowd and not the corps. You can see the staff jumping up and down at the hit before the last drill moves. As they are going through the last sequence you can see movement on the video of people getting up. And then as the last note is being played most of the crowd in the front sections are standing. Just utterly ridiculous to say only a few stood up. The video is evidence.
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    Today is December 28th and “Bah Humbug” is no longer in Scrooge’s vocabulary. Remember “and it was always said of him that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge.” England gave us “The Twelve Days of Christmas” so Scrooge is celebrating four calling birds today. However, there is a reason for me this season is a bit of a humbug. My family traditionally gives me the previous year’s BluRay for Christmas and it’s only available for pre-order. So I say “Bah humbug” to that!
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    The rest of the story is that at same time she got caught up in an academic dishonesty situation. For our dean at the time academic dishonesty was like tossing raw meat to a wolf. Her email to me was a bit of blood added to the raw meat.
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    As previously mentioned, I have firsthand knowledge of several corps that do already have it as a written policy and enforce it. Mike
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    But many of those hanging out with da ole piston-rotor and two-valve guys an' gals were certainly a bunch of drummies!
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    Heh, and who sez dose old Pistin-Rotor an' two valve guys an' gals are just a buncha dummies!? 😋
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    Cannot DCI just tell them no competing in any shows in 19? If they did, what recourse would Pioneer have? It might be awful hard to pull off an IC Reverie's stunt.
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    Way i have been reading releases from the corps website too. Maybe RB needs a Babel fish to translate what DCI is telling him
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    Not at all but it does alter the liability if a gas companies contractor does damage they hold their own insurance whereas if an in-house crew does the damage the liability is solely on the company. Damage has been done sometimes liability is shared with the contractor. In some cases, the company sues the contractor and vice-versa. I am wondering what the distinction is here. This was not the first press release where OC called him a contractor.
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    Only a handful of corps were still "fuax military" by the mid-2000's or so. I do wish corps were more identifiable. I love the way BD does it where the uniform is always a bit different, but you can still tell it's BD.
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    Yes, it would. And it also hasn't stopped them from ignoring what DCI has been demanding for the last 4 months. So, there you go.
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    I'm really pleased to see this where a DCI WC corps has a Woman as a Brass Caption head. Its been too long of a time since Sandra Opie was at Argonne.
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    If they don't get the "Family" off the BoD and replace them with competent people, even for some interim transition, I agree. I'll wait to see what happens at the Januals.
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    Each state may handle this differently. Of course, I don't know this. But sources said that George Steinbrenner died in NY. However, he was afforded a Weekend At Bernies Tampa Style because of the better inheritance tax in Florida. I know I spend to much time on the internet.
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    The Churchill retort although witty, is NOT Sarcastic, as he meant exactly what he said, not the opposite. Sarcasm always implies, sometimes more obviously than other times, the opposite meaning. Sarcasm in a type of irony and not usually funny, as I first stated. I never made any claim that my pun was witty, just a good example of a pun - nice to see that you got it!.
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    And so the pundulum swings back.
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    In lieu of all the pitfalls, shortfalls, errors and omissions of background checks and database populating and maintenance, here’s a completely different idea: A strictly enforced policy of NEVER allowing one-on-one interactions between staff and MMs. There must at all times be at least TWO staff members present if there’s any interface with one MM. Let this policy be broadcast and frequently discussed with staff and MMS until it becomes second nature. There is no reason for one-on-one private interaction between staff and MM. I think that by removing the opportunity for malfeasance, you will greatly reduce the actual malfeasance. And don’t say it’s not possible. Of course it’s possible. Do it.
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    hah! I recall being somewhere around mile 5 or so and some drunk lady made it past whatever rope was lining the street. Stumbled toward our director who was walking alongside us near my rank slurring, "I'm gonna joooooin the maarrchin' baaaaand." Our director froze, never seen him freak out about anything but that had him frozen. About that quick she was enveloped by the white suits of parade security. We laughed about that for years and would walk up behind him and slur out "I'm gonna join the marchin' band!" Just to annoy him.
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    I thought it was a square root symbol
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    Something good and sane as 2018 closes in on closing out. https://tmblr.co/ZgobCx2euyVSe
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    The absolute best thing anyone can do to help is to get personally involved. If you have the time, inclination and opportunity, volunteer for a corps. Even join the BOD of a corps. The more responsible adult oversight and assistance these organizations have, the better.
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    I'm still trying to decipher the code in the post. Possibly written by the Zodiac killer?
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