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    I cringe every time people like you post, so there’s that.
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    Seriously, if this is the only thing you can think of to post, don't bother. We'll all be better off!
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    Timeless tune with moving lyrics.
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    I’m not offended that you hate Danny Boy but am offended by your misuse of “your”.
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    It really was.. It was like hearing the US Marine Drum & Bugle Corps play" The Marines' Hymn ". Just about everyone responded favorably too it, and it never got old. They were a Founding Member of DCI, and a perennial finalist most years.... almost winning it all in 1980, under 4 tenths away in 2nd place to the DCI Champion Blue Devils. George Zingali marched here in his youth, later wrote their drill. And wow... what great Guards they had most years.
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    Embracing all cultures ................ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdIRxnpaR7o
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    10. 1998 Stonehenge- I never really liked this show for some strange reason. I remember during the 1998 season saying The Cadets will probably win because of content and execution but I didn't like it then. Because of this thread, I watched it again and again. ( about 5 times straight) Wow! what a GREAT show! It took 20 years but, I came around. 11. 2006 Volume 2: Through the Looking Glass- I picked this show because of what it brought to drum corps. I remember the critics/trolls on Drum Corps Planet and REC.ARTS. mercilessly ripping this show. I remember saying " In a few years your corps will be doing the same thing" It took more than a few years but as you look back on that show you see the impact they made on today's drum corps. As I look back this was probably one of the Cadets most talented corps but that show was a bear to handle. I was in charge of props that year. whoa! 12. 1982 * Rocky Point Holiday * Cuban Overture * Concerto in F- For personal reasons, I add this show. I have a few stories: For as long as I can remember, before every play I performed in elementary school, every boxing and jujitsu match, every marching band and drum corps, I would take a deep breath, hold it as long as I could, Release, Perform. Prelims morning in Montreal was exceptionally hot. The Cadets back then wore wool uniforms with lined insulated jackets. Anyway, I took a deep breath, held it, and blacked out. I woke up in Concerto in F with my horn down everybody else's horn was up. I marched most of the show on muscle memory. The Next night I remember it being exceptional cold, I remember the snow flurries during "warm-ups" I remember the corps being ON. I remember me being ON. I could hear everything around me, and see the spacing between me and the next person in every set. I was so in tune with the show and everything around me. I remember during the final company front in Gershwins Concerto in F being overcome with emotion and tears streaming down my face and the EMT people asking if I was OK as the corps marched off the field. WOW! Honorable Mentions: 2012 12.25- I hate Christmas, I hate Christmas music. I love this show. Note: The slow march segment in the opener, The brass is marching slowly with some fancy lower body movement on the left side of the field. On the right side, the percussion is playing and marching crazy drill like it's 1993. What an awesome effect! And that kaleidoscopic Sactig Ending. I hate Christmas music. I love this show! 2018 Boston Crusaders- Just Kidding. I love that show. Great Organization, awesome people. 2017 The Faithful, The Fallen, The Forgiven- I absolutely love what The Cadets Tried to do with this show. The costuming and props were on point. I loved the arrangements. I only wish there was a little Angels and Demons action in the Fallen section. I guess they never got my email. 2018 The Unity Project- First. When I saw the uniforms on Facebook I made fun of the design. ( I was wrong, It worked on the field and lot's of people love it.) When I first saw the corps in Akron, Ohio, I thought "Oh My God The Cadets are Awful This Year" I have never said that ever since I first saw them one June day in New Jersey back in 75. My friend Irving ( Fan of the Arts) Told me how the corps was trying to find the right balance of hard work and rest ( something rare in Cadetland) and by Atlanta, I could see the clarity in the show. The hard work was paying off. I remember during finals as the mellophones did that familiar run and the Z-Pull started to unravel, my heart filled as the young man in the traditional Cadet uniform appeared, I stood there clapping with tears in my eyes and what had been oblivious to me all season I heard loud and clear. " Ladies and Gentlemen, Under the direction of Scott Litzenburg, The Cadets!" A new era has Begun. Oh, and 1985 because it was F****** Awesome!
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    PBS went under because drum corps fans didn't follow up with their pledged amounts
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    I do know they approached Under Armour, and UA saw no point in it, despite the fact corps kids and bad kids wear their stuff all the time
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    and again, you need someone qualified to work on these types of projects, that type of person doesn't come cheap
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    Espani Cani (sp), Little Old New York, Magnificent 7. Yeah tradition suck.... Sure Danny Boy was heard in the York, PA parade today as played by a corps. And that arrangement sounds really close to the 27th version 🙄 At least nothing got deleted from this thread that I know of😈
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    Do you hate Auld Lang Syne, too? Asking for a friend/husband. Slainte from this Irish girl! ☘️
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    I'd argue that DCI has many more eyeballs than they think/know they do, but they fail to capitalize on the prevalence of band geeks as a total portion of American society. It would be a huge effort on their part to coordinate a campaign that brought marching band/drum corps/winter guard geekery out of the shadows and showed it to be as common as it is, but the result would be worth it, in terms of identifying and monetizing it.
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    Hate the song. Whats wrong with that? Your just another “dont say anything bad” guy that gets offended by someone elses opinion. You like danny boy, I hate it. Such is life
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    This is a guess, but I would venture to say that the DCI organization directly involves more people in the performing groups, logistical groups, paid live spectators, and wider coast to coast range than the varsity cheerleading organization and maybe the soccer organization. TV exposure may be different. But that is just a guess.
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    I cringe every time I hear that song. 27 must have played that song for 27 years. God does that suk
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    Sláinte mhaith Two-Seven Danny Boy.
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    Just because we are sticking to TOPIC doesn't make us "dishonest". Your point was noted and even discussed in several TOPICS a few months back.
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    Scrolls up to see who brought up 'likes', which prompted Stu to mention posting numbers. Yep it was Jeff, not Stu.
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    I ranked every Cadets finalist show from 1975 (their first DCI finals) up to last season on my Facebook page. I’m sure some of you would either laugh ot argue with me. I’ve seen every Cadets corps live, at least once, every year from 1972 on.
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    House of Cards, The Cosby Show, The Catholic Church, any Movie the Weinstine Company has ever made, Disney, The Republicans Party, The Democratic Party, Boxing, Baseball, Football, MMA, Women's Gymnastics, Magic, Food Shows, FOOD, Las Vegas, The Military, The Jackson 5, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Page, Ted Nugent, Rock and Roll, Hip and Hop, RNB, DRUM CORPS! I'm not going to let this thread get High Jacked.
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    Nor am I, however, it's still such a shame. And DCI tried ESPN2 (every time I see ESPN all I can think of "ESPN 8 - The Ocho") for what....2 whole years plugged into some horrid time slot?
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    For anyone that has lived through the rot.
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    Back in my era, with all of the parades we did wearing wool pants, some Buttpaste would have been just the thing to have!
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    They sure did, Fran! When they tore off the line playing Miserlou, they had the crowd begging for more. Along with Blue Rock, Del was the most impressive corps at that show.
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    Their 1971 through 1973 corps in particular.... great stuff.
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    Vic chose to turn his company over to Zildjian before he passed away because he respected them as a family business. So he would likely understand the business decisions made by Zildjian.
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    I would suggest that the best brass players of the 1970s are just as good as the best brass players today. The difference is that the weakest players in today's lines are far better than the weakest players BITD.
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    I am trying to figure out why there are three pages of posts discussing why DCI has moved its office a few miles. I guess "offseasonitis".
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    my 2019 Jetta is vastly different than my 08....and the biggest changes? electronics
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    If I shop and they don’t have Apple Pay, I’m frustrated that I have to get out my card.
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    When the AJC posted this story a lot of people where being all melodramatic vowing to never go to the Benz again. This is good news as far as I’m concerned. It’s 2019. I seriously don’t even remember the last time I touched cash.
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    Might be tough to do 12 but I will do my best. 1. 2000 we are the future. This show is my gold standard for drum corps. I can't say enough good things about it. I honestly still think this is the best DCI show of all time. It defines an era where complicated drill was pushing it's limit but overall music and entertainment weren't sacrificed in the name of having better visuals. 2. 1985- Jeremiah. I find this to be the best and most entertaining in their threepeat. Besides... it's the championship show from the year I was born. 3. 1993- In the Spring when kings go off to war. This is just a great, entertaining, well executed show from its time. 4. 2010- Toy Souldier- I think this is where I will lose all credibility but I am just a sucker for this show! It's so endearing and fun. 5. 2011 Angels and Demons- really cool concept with great execution. I would have loved to have been on the demon side playing all of this music. 6. 1998- Stonehenge- This is one of those extremely crisp, clean Cadets shows that makes you say "wow" when you listen to and watch it. Conceptually it was a little flat though 7.2007- This I believe: I think this show should have won and didn't because of the controversial overuse of narration. This was a great performance year for the Cadets and they passionately delivered their message WITH WORDS...and like it or not this show set trends that are still commonly used in DCI. 8. 1984- West Side Story. Played a major role in defining the Cadets greatness and much less boring than it's 1983 sister show. 9. 2012- 12.25. I saw this show live from the nosebleeds at finals and thoroughly enjoyed it. Goes really well with drinking Christmas beers in July. 10. 2003- Our favorite things. Any show with Malaguena in it gets a vote from me. 11. 2016- Awakening. Although this year was quite a disaster for the Cadets the trombone opening for the pines of Rome was very robust and powerful. This was actually my husband's favorite show in 2016... because while a weird show...the musical talent and marching execution of the Cadets was still there. 12. Okay okay here it is.... 2005 the zone. I find this show to be very creepy...on so many levels...but it's undeniable how special of a group and performance this was.
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    Tis' true ... Carman's disdain for DCI was very vocal and we'll publicized ... I seem to remember a lengthy op-ed he wrote for DCN expressing his views
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