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    From the calendar on YEA.org: ST begins Friday... Move in and Spring Training starts Friday - May 17th -- in Salem PA for the weekend Monday May 20th ST continues as the corps moves to Oxford, PA for 12 days through the end of May Cadets will then move on to Ada, OH for the remaining 20 days of ST June 18th Cadets will host a "community preview day" Cadets 2019 will make their competitive debut in Detroit MI at DCI's Premiere Event (also in theaters) The Tour Event in Theaters is a Fathom Event, starts at 8:30pm eastern time zone featuring The Cadets, Carolina Crown, Boston Crusaders, Blue Stars & Bluecoats - what a great line up! The next day is labeled as a "rehearsal day" in Youngstown, OH The following day (June 22nd) is the big Innovations in Brass show in North Canton, OH (available on FloMarching live stream) and features Phantom Regiment joining the fray >> Last year The Cadets were a bit behind at their first event, so it will be interesting to see how well-prepared the 2019 addition arrives on tour >> Will they debut with a smaller (or larger?) point gap with the corps ahead of them? Go Cadets!
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    Honestly, I just want to be on the edge of my seat and scream again, like before I marched.
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    Maybe I should put this in a the prediction thread, but I predict it ain’t going to happen.
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    Crown is going into Season 3. It's quite good - a lot better than GOT IMO GOT I enjoyed the first couple seasons - then it became very repetitive and I moved on... Back to drum corps - I'm hoping Cadets show offers an immediate "sit up in your seat and take notice" "hook moment" The toilet bowl revolving front into a block with a big horn move they've started a couple late 90s shows with really grabbed the audience. Such a wow The past several Cadets productions have sort of dithered around too long I know this year's show starts with a fanfare and big hit. Hoping visually that big hit comes front and center with an "awe inspiring" type visual manever to really announce Cadets 2019 arrival No more dithering around. Like television shows - too much dithering and you lose the audience I think back to 92 Cadets To Tame the Perilous Skies production which started with a bird formation and a massive hit at beat one Really grabbed us and then the show never let go.
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    gonna be another long season on DCP, I can feel it
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    Great points. Any number of "Hello, WE'RE HERE!!!" moments in drum corps through the years. Cadets have had them, as you mentioned.... plus others, like Scouts' monster back-sideline opening hit in 1975...Spirit and their knock-a-wall-down openers circa 1979-80... Blue Devils' horn line just nailing their opening LOUD notes on the front sideline in 1996... and so forth. All of them memorable... all of them established a tone of "Hey... we are in the game, folks!!!" It would be cool for the Cadets to give us another great moment like these.
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    I am hopeful, regardless of being old Madison, new Madison whatever Madison. Just be good
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    DCP will not be ready for any "official" BD announcement until Cappybara is back on board. Meanwhile, everything else is temporary fillings.
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    going on early didn't seem to hurt Mandarins last year or Academy the year they made it in
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    I think we just need to give the new creative team a chance.
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    Trust me Jeff, you are missing out. I don't "geek out" over much, but this show is very very very well done and the music in the past 3 seasons has been grammy/emmy worthy.
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    Please point out the “partisan politics” in Cadets’ show announcement. Is it the whole equality/empowerment thing? Since when are those considered partisan issues?
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    It sounds incredible to me. But I’m what the kids call a dinosaur. I love the no props. 👏👏👏👏
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    Maybe if they're hired to transport other groups to various locations during the off season. SCV's Winter Guard, out of state casino's?
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    Thanks, Tekk! These quieter off-seasons have put a bit of a damper on my DCP posting. Thinking things will pick up again once the season gets under way.
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    I don’t like to see any corps fold, though in light of some recent situations, I might alter that to say I don’t like to see any corps that does it’s best and provides a quality experience to marching members fold. A great deal also depends on the connection to the corps. I thought Suncoast Sound was a fine corps, but it was not top on my list and I viewed it more as a loss for drum corps and a respected competitor than as a personal loss. My feelings were different for corps I loved such as 27th, North Star, and Bridgemen. Many people mourned the loss of Star, others saw the departure as sour grapes over not winning in 1993. At one time when a corps folded, someone else took it’s place. That has not been the case for close to 40 years, perhaps more. I was watching a Glassmen video a few days ago. The show was good, not one of their more memorable shows, but it reminded me, when we lose a corps, it is not replaced.
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    They’ve gone in that direction.
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    That is an interesting take on things from an alum on an old school show vs keeping up with the others. I'm with Terri. Old school/new school, if it works, do it. Would I like to hear Slaughter off the line with 80+ horns? Oh yeah. But, I won't and that's OK too. Slightly off topic for us uninformed - are DCA shows themed and take an advanced degree to make sense of?
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    I've come around, and have started to do that. I am mostly concerned with how guard recruiting/talent are. Reports are strong for percussion, and with Chuck Naffier on brass/design, I'm confident there. Granted Michael Turner has been around a long time and has been a great instructor/judge, I just am very concerned with that part of the corps.
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    And I think this puts into better context my original reply of "why would you want to?" I'm a pretty nostalgic cat consisering that I'm only 47....or 48...I forget which but I'm one of those ages. But there are so many moving parts to consider (fans old and new, expectations of alumni of the former reiteration of the corps, uniforms, legal considerations with the name, etc.) I guess it comes down to the reason of "why." If it's a nostalgia thing, I get it. But is nostalgia of a name worth all of background considerations? I'm not one to tell anyone what to do. Its not my monkey or my circus. I'm just curious as to the "why" behind the "what if."
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    With Scott coming back from Japan, I feel like this week is the week of the show announcement. So be on standby because it can drop any time now.
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    There are many, many thoughts on it on my end. The main thing that would be beyond horrible....would be if they ended up doing the same British theme every year and Holst, Vaughan Williams, Grainger, and Elgar everyone to death like another group that comes to mind. The other issue... What the heck kind of uniforms would they wear now? Vanguard for instance was able to make changes that they succeeded with... but I have a guess there would be a certain aesthetic demand that couldn't be met. it would take a heckuva costume designer to make that happen where people didn't freak out.
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    Hello incognito open class dbc has a very unique role for this upcoming season. Anyone who loves the activity and wants to march but Not sure what to do. Looking for anyone interested in performing during dci marching only! Will be extra bodies for drill and characters no playing or equipment work at all. Will help interact and push props during show. Currently our ensemble has grown in an explosive rate doubling in size and looking for this unique position to tour in ca during season for an extremely discounted price $300 out of pocket and $200 fundraised. Includes uniform transportation and meals!
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    I thought I covered that ... she is the queen in Cadets’ show this year.
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    Bluecoats announce Hall of Fame, Bloo Ribbon and Unsung Hero recipients for 2019 https://bluecoats.com/news/2019/5/10/hall-of-fame-bloo-ribbon-unsung-hero
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    o laaawd jesus it’s not even june
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    I agree. Honestly (as a conservative) I deeply embrace the ideal of equality and leveraging ALL among us - celebrating their successes and contributions. That's all I got from the "press release" I also find it interesting how seemingly ANYTHING Cadets brings out so much vitriol Their most-successful single day of fundraising ever and some folks are caught up in the show description wording lol We only have to look back to the show description released last year by SCV or Cavaliers to see how they are a design guide - not something to be forced upon the audience word by word I guess the reaction to phrases like "glass ceiling" says more about the reader than the writer... To me it's just a silly phrase to get a point across.
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    Funny how some people seem to be triggered by phrases like "glass ceiling".
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    I am. I didn't know Starbucks was around all those centuries ago.😋
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5CU8lz4LHI posted as a link because 1st a 403 error and then this message when trying to fix it: This comment can no longer be edited. It may have been moved or deleted, or too much time may have passed since it was posted for it to be edited. Hey it worked after logging out and then logging back in!! So I'm guessing the error has something to do with the DCP cookie data.
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    Welcome back @chaddyt !! Valid concerns, and I have some concerns as well. I think I'm gonna try to keep an open mind until I see the show. Hopefully it makes me a fan.
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    Thank you, Jesus.
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    If you win the crowd, you've won. Sometimes I think show designers forget that. It doesn't have to be in your face old school. I just want people to see the show and no matter where it places think "i want to be part of that".
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    I hope not, but that description could be used for most of the corps, unfortunately, except for the insertion of "blue".
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    I got the inside scoop: it’s gonna be snippets of heavily mic’d unrecognizable songs muddled by thunderous goo, accompanied by lots of nonsensical props and dancing. With the word “blue” in there somewhere.
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