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    I thought so as well. The replies on here by DCPers ( not all Boston Alums/ fans ) to a poster that stated he saw snare line mistakes in the 10 second nite video above really was pretty tame and mild, imo. Heck, even by any other social media outlet. It really was pretty tame, I thought. Thus, to associate DCP'ers on here in a meme with a violent Neo Nazi hate group where one of the Neo Nazi's plowed his car into others, and killed one of them, sure seems to qualify as the classic " over the top, overreach " response post to me as well. Like most other DCP'ers here, I don't see that this poster is in any danger of being "persecuted ", nor in any danger of being violently murdered by an intolerant, racist, mob of DCP'ers on here for his comment. Good grief.... lol !
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    Brain Tuna is a great name for a rock band.
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    Now boys...don’t make me pull this car over.
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    Here’s the link to the official announcement. https://regiment.org/presenting-our-2019-production/
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    What was pre DCI was great in accomplishments some years by the Boston Crusaders... and what Boston is recently accomplishing is great as well. Can't compare such disparate eras however.. unfair to both. The scoring system was so completely dissimilar in just about every respect, it renders scores and comparisons from pre DCI years to current DCI years totally meaningless, imo. That said, these marchers today in the Boston Crusaders are so talented, so hard working , so magnificent, its just exciting and pleasing of late to see them reach for the stars like this. They are making their own unique and special history in DCI competition now, and its fun to watch it all unfold, imo.
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    One of my favorites, and people bringing small children to shows better hold onto them tightly when Crown hits the field!
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    It sure as hell will 😉
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    To have healthy competition in DCI where its not always the same ol, same ol, up and down the ranks is actually quite good for both fans AND the activity itself, imo. There's lots to be thankful for on this Memorial Day. Thankful that we can still do this thing we call " Drum Corps ", because of the ultimate sacrifices of those who wore another uniform when they were young, and never got to enjoy nor complain beyond their young years here on this Earth. Without them, there is no guarantee any of us would be here today. I know I'm grateful for that selfless sacrifice they once made when the Nazi's and the Axis Powers threatened our Nation's very existence.
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    It was at the top of google image search for the jurassic park quote. Thanks google : - / edit: I have replaced the meme pic
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    I thought so too. A tad bit over the top. The photo used in that meme is from that neo nazi rally in Charlottesville where one of the protesters plowed his car through a group of people, killing one of them.
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    Simply to maybe just annoy you ? Don't let them however. The video was from the 1st few hours/ days of move ins at practice. If Corps snare lines were this perfect in May, none would need to practice. Then again, maybe as an experienced, " many years ", snare drummer, you and your former snare line were perfect and mistake free the 1st few hours/ days of move ins too..... who knows. If so, that might explain your snare line criticism/ assessment of the BAC snare line from this " lengthy and detailed " 10 second night practice video. If so I'll grant you a May Move In medal for that 10 second assessment from your computer screen, and thank you for it as well.🎖️
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    You have to use these liberally on here: 🤣😂
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    Happy Eighty Fifth, Cadets. Have a great year ahead.
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    I actually think the Board is responsible for keeping the best interests of the corps as their top priority. This would include many things, including positive PR. And ESPECIALLY in forums like this.
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    yeah I think Colin understands that
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    We've been teased by musical selections before...don't fall for the hype until we actually hear the arrangments. Red Violin comes to mind...with a noteworthy cringe.
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    Because it's the family business, they will continue to operate the bingo game and anything else that pulls in money. They will never give it up. As long as they have 3 people walking down a parade route or 1 or 2 people competing in the DCA I&E they can continue to fundraise. Its too lucrative to walk away from, it's the family business!
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    IIRC that wasn't a 'failure', Jeff. If my memory serves me right, DCA felt that they would financially risk their nest egg/financial kernel had they spent the kind of money they needed to spend to come to Rochester that year. I view that more as just prudence and caring for the long term stability of a potential competitor rather than 'Failing' them. To me 'failing' someone would be something a bit more... hmm, don't get me started down that road.
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    I ran into Gino Cipriani at Planet Fitness a couple weeks ago and he said the horn line sounds really good. 🙂
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    Say no more, say no more!
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    Nudge nudge wink wink...
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    I hope you meant tic. A tick-filled drumline would call for some immediate medical attention!
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    Which of course avoids responding to your original point which was 'this is an educational video -- the students are still learning' which is utterly and completely wrong. But hey it's all good
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    I always thought the Vic Firth videos are produced to be an educational tool. Many of them are titled “Learn the Music...” etc. You know, learning, as in not yet perfected. The video BAC posted was in preparation for a Vic Firth video. Maybe it’s part of the Learn the Music series.
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    A heart skipping a beat is a tic. 😂
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    They should push the envelope by keeping their hats on for the entire show. It would be revolutionary!
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    I love this song so much. Before I could even spell Carolina Crown I knew this song. Takes me right back to my childhood!
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    Show concept LEAKED!
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    oh i posted it within 36 hours of finals ending last August
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    Tough crowd in this thread today...lol
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    Because it's almost June and we don't have any show info, I'm dissecting the small clips of ST haha. They posted a video of their guard doing some nice doubles work with rifles, behind them you can clearly make out a ramp and what appears to be a FE arrangement that is not flush with the front sideline... Interesting.
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    this weekend from what i saw on social media from a VF member being there...and Cadets today
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    Thanks for your snare line assessment from your computer of the lack of cleanliness on a 10 second darkened tape from the 1st week of St . This is all for sheets and giggles, and I got my full measure of it with your snare line assessment of the 10 second darkened clip taken at night under the lights. So thanks for that.
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    Beat me to it!!!
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    Well that report from up there sure makes this old dog feel good all over.
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    In Castleton now....HOLY MOTHER OF GOD HORNLINE!
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    Oh yes. It does. I was just referring to my waning power over the Sun as I age. 😂
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    I miss the old (NEW DRUMS) thread.
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    hmm... maybe they can start after the sun stops blinding and frying the fans
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    it was because of all of the above...especially when Roman gave that interview where he basically showed how out of touch he really is
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    Man, I remember Memorial Day contests in the Great Lakes DBCA. All the shows were “May clean” ... well, some were “April clean.”😂
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    Bottom line, and my opinion only... as long as RB is involved with the corps, and he apparently will be forever... then Pioneer going anywhere should be a non-starter, period.
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    I think cisxelsid, above, is generally right. The kids won't put their money down to play to empty stadiums. It is inherent in the idea of the "marching arts" to drive the crowds crazy. The paying customers -- the ones on the field -- understand that part of what they're paying for is the opportunity/responsibility to please the ticket-buying public; that's part of achieving excellence. They demonstrate that responsibility by A) improving their own skills and B) choosing a corps/design they think will accomplish that goal. So, yes, the public is a customer. It is not the customer. It starts with a 19-year-old deciding whether the effort with this or that particular corps is worth her money. If the answer is no, the public will have nothing to buy. Critically, it cannot work in the opposite direction. The existence of a drum corps creates the existence of a crowd; putting a crowd into a stadium will not create the existence of a drum corps. I expect the more astute MMs understand they and their corps are part of a larger financial ecosystem. The concept is not a difficult one, even for a teenager: Put on world-class shows and people will buy tickets. But the MMs are the starter motor; the whole enterprise starts or stalls on their command. And it is their command because it is their money. it's critical to the health of the activity to keep this in proper order. When I paid my money to march 30+ years ago, I didn't want some alum from 1955 to tell me what is good, true and beautiful. My time was my time; I expected my corps to give me a program that was relevant and competitive in the current context, because by definition I could be of marching age only in the current context. Didn't the alum from 1955 enjoy the same expectation during his time? The young people paying tuition today are owed nothing less than the same consideration; anything else is arrogance. And, as Jeff points out, the growing attendance (and let's not forget audition) numbers demonstrate that DCI corps are getting it right, for the most part. The primary customer, the most important customer, is buying. To bring it back to the Madison Scouts, all this bemoaning of the artistic direction of the corps is misplaced. You might think the corps is mismanaged, but 150 young men disagree. They put their money down and committed their upcoming summer to the corps. That is the most important measure of success. All the best to them.
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    kids don't want to do that stuff
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    In two years they wouldn't even need stands!😂
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