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    Welcome back 777. At least, with Boston, you’re consistent.
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    I'm already loving this show more than the last 2 combined, and I loved 2017 even with all its flaws. Crowns going to do some great things this summer!
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    Yes!!! BD just pulled a Kevin Durant interview moment with that opener......... "We are the Blue Devils! Y'all know who we are!" DO IT UP DEVILS!!
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    I would have to agree it's something different. Still sounds like Crown playing it, but it's definitely something new (and really good!)
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    Weather=cooperative=me happy What can I say ? There is no scratching your head wondering what this year’s show is about from the first few notes. I was quite shocked for a bit. This is a bit of a zig or zag for Bloo; iconic music but definitely with Bloo swag. I was actually expecting to hear some music I liked and somewhat confused as to a theme. Is it a contender ? I don’t know. There is a lot of usual demand you would expect. Is it accessible and very fan friendly????-Oh God yes !!! The usual -yes they sound fantastic. They are marching far more drill this year. The props are not huge, but integrated well. The music book has a ton of meat(only 12 contras this year). A big pit for Bloo (16 ?). The usual 9 snare, 4 tenor, 5 bass. I am not sure if they have a few individuals hurt-maybe saw 4 or 5 holes tonite. I am excited to see the finished product. Curious as to how they will uniform this show-excited to see. I know not much to go on here, but this slow will not disappoint this year !!!!!?
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    Standing in front of the Cadets brass arc yesterday gave me chills...have not been able to feel that from them for too long! The corps certainly has work to do; however, when they sound good, they sound really good.
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    I don't think Madison fits with this group. They just had a bad year last year. A REALLY bad year- but they will rally That being said. My vote goes to Music City. They have had one of my favorite shows at Semis the past 2 years and with their popularity and making some moves with staffing I think the sky is the limit. Given I don't know anything about color guard but I think they should have placed higher.
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    So I spent some time at Cadets yesterday. I was there almost a week ago and WOW have they gotten better in a short amount of time. Like wow. The brass is so much stronger this year - and with a much more difficult book. I think people are going to be surprised. Can’t wait to see the rest of the show on the move. PS - the closer? Straight up drum corps.
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    All these positive comments are driving me insane I need to hear something!!! 😫
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    Saying I screwed up isn't always an act of courage. I'm ok with more honesty saying we didn't choose a woman composer for "this" reason rather than caving in for political reasons. Having no backbone is a weakness!
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    Only time BD finishes 3rd is in the annual predictions thread. DO IT UP DEVILS!!!
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    I can't find the link at the moment, but after all of the Twitter rage about not using womens composers, Will Pitts released a statement about it...very open, honest, and admitting, yeah, maybe we screwed up. I'm no fan of what he's written for Phantom the last few years, but that level of openness and honesty was a breath of fresh air
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    However, all this is meaningless if the visual and music arrangements are not on par with the corps ahead of them!
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    For those of you who are reluctant to express how you feel about their having a successful season, STOP IT! Let's not be afraid to take a chance on this corps. Other corps' fans are not reluctant to express how they feel about THEIR corps. IF you feel a certain way, say it with CONFIDENCE. If you're wrong, so be it. You're not losing anything. I am hoping they come out this season ready to kick some serious you know what. Looking forward to seeing them this season.
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    Santa Clara Vanguard Bluecoats Blue Devils Boston Crusaders Carolina Crown Cadets Cavaliers Mandarins Blue Stars Phantom Blue Knights Spirit of Atlanta Colts Crossmen Madison Scouts Academy Troopers Legends Spartans Music City Gold Pacific Crest Guardians 7th Regiment Seattle Cascades River City Rhythm Genesis Jersey Surf Louisiana Stars Southwind Golden Empire Colt Cadets Shadow Raiders Heat Wave
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    Probably could say that about many other “stepping stone” corps.
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    Totally agree with both of these points. Sounds like great things are happening with Troopers this spring also, btw. And I'd love to see PC break through one of these years, though. I don't get to see them every year, but always really enjoy them when I do.
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    Jesus, Mary, & Joseph...that Kachaturian opener is the definition of raw power. That will for sure be a moment that sticks out long past the season's end. This is a really, really terrific brass book from BD this year, and that's just from those preseason snippets of it.
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    Simply amazing.
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    I would have to say E=mc2, Downsideup & Old Powerhouse Cadets would be Crown 2019 it’s something different all in itself really!!
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    Virtue signaling. Yummy. Not. I wouldn’t even dignify such drivel by responding to it. Let the identity politics grievance merchants blow their dog whistles in their own echo chambers. Thinking people shouldn’t even respond to them.
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    Let’s go Bloooo! 2018 was such a great year! Let’s have another one of those in 2019.
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    Don’t recall the Bluecots disappointing the fans in the past.
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    There is quite a bit of good buzz about Music City. They had over 450 kids try out for their horn line, which I hear is much improved. I see them battling for a top 12 spot this coming year.
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    I would agree that the book this year is much better. It's hard to describe, but this isn't the same Crown we've seen the past couple of years. As for an update, the corps is much further along this year than the past two seasons (thanks to the very small amount of rain we've had here in the Carolinas). The corps finished putting movement 2 on the field this weekend and should be close to getting the full show on the field by the preview show. I don't know when they're planning to announce the show but would guess it will be soon!
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    it means wah it's not 1975 anymore
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    Santa Clara Vanguard Bluecoats Blue Devils Boston Crusaders Carolina Crown Cavaliers Cadets Mandarins Blue Stars Blue Knights Crosssmen Spirit Phantom Colts Madison Scouts Academy
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    Mandarins 2019 repertoire: https://www.mandarins.org/2019/05/31/mandarins-2019-production-subterra/ (Note: The composer of “On the Shoulders of Giants” should be Peter Graham, not Thomas Dossour)
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    This is the most accurate post in this thread lol
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    I agree with those who say Madison does not belong here since they found themselves in 16th after an off year. I do think we will see a more stable Madison this year. What that means for placement remains to be seen. I’d also add Troopers to this category since they have placed above 15th multiple times. This is a year of transition for Troopers with a new director on board. We’ve seen cases where dust needs to settle, and cases where new faces bring new momentum. We also need to keep in mind for a corps to rise, another corps needs to fall. Have not heard much from Academy which means little. People are enthused about Colts program. Spirit is edging closer and there are no signs I know of that the momentum is fading. I’ve personally felt Crossmen need a bit of a shot in the arm though this does not mean falling from finals or the Top 15. Phantom has received a great deal of negative comments on DCP but that does not mean falling from finals. It has been said by some making finals the second year is harder than the first, but I expect to see Mandarins in finals. Without knowing who will fall out of the Top 15 it’s hard to predict who will rise, but I do think Music City will be a corps to watch this summer.
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    cf. answer to post further on. This thread may have to be re-routed soon to "Historical Junior Corps" with these posts from Dinos and Dino-noobies.
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    Just imagine where the corps might be if all that top tier talent they develop would stick around.
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    Can confirm, my son feels the same and he’s in the hornline. They know how to develop talent; SCV’s trumpet section leader this year is a 2015-2018 Blue Stars vet.
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    i'd move it up a week or two, but I wouldn't add it to DCI week. they'd literally be the ######## step children in a week already packed
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    I ain’t Fibin’!
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    If E=mc2 and Beast had a love child, you would get Crown 2019.
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    Have not been able to get the Cadets music out of my head since I left them last night! Music is really growing on me now that the visual aspect is being added. The staging of this show is on a different level than recent years...in a good way. Visually, this is some of the coolest stuff I have seen the Cadets do in years. Trying to keep realistic expectations about how they will place this season; however, when I watch this edition of the Cadets (which has been a lot in the past 2 weeks), I actually think they may have some upward mobility when it comes to placement this season. Either way, this season will be a breath of fresh air for the Cadets and their fans.
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    The Hawthorne Caballeros are excited to host their first marching band clinic in Vernon, NJ! Students of Sussex County will learn from the award-winning staff at Cabs to develop the fundamentals of marching in a fun, relaxed setting. Seasoned marcher? No problem! This clinic will offer individualized attention, giving you or your student actionable insights […] View the full article
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    They march really really fast
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    Good to hear! And great avatar btw!
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    One of my buddies lives within walking distance of the spring training site for the Scouts - I asked if he could hear them rehearsing and he said he can, and that they sound great. Just thought I’d pass along some insight 🙂
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    My 5 too early predictions: 1. I wouldn’t bet against svc repeating! 2. The Cadets and Boston will be pushing up to the medal fight (or closer to it) with smart designs and huge momentum. 3. Madison gets back to basics and returns to finals. 4. Cavies won’t use tripping tarps again, preventing falls and injuries 5. We will see less X-large props being used
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    Hi All, I marched HS band (Trumpet/Tuba)and I saw DCI west in Riverside CA some 20 (coughs) years ago and I have been a fan ever since. I am a Cavaliers and Bluecoats fan. I also bow to the altar known as Carolina Crowns hornline.I just want to chat about it because I love it. I am also a vocalist/choir nerd and now with the changing climate of DCI maybe I can add a different perspective. Anyway.... Any summer is a great summer for Corps. Blooooo Sploooie.
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