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    Ah, the talent BAC brass has acquired this year is what is also making the difference. More than breathing technique. The talent level is allowing for a big step up in Ryan George’s writing. His writing was and is good, but now he gets to step on the gas. And Gino can do more of his magic. They are being turned loose. #thatwasloud
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    only if we can argue about which beer has the best-designed label or something for 5+ pages
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    I went to comment on The Academy's send off show tonight and realized there wasn't a thread for them. There is now. Anyway, I can't wait to see the reaction this corps gets in 2 weeks when they unveil their show. I loved what we heard and saw tonight. They have about 2/3's of the show on the field right now, and you can tell they have a lot to add into what's on the field to this point. They leave tomorrow for Page and cooler temps, and the chance to focus and finish putting the rest of the show in before starting to fine-tune the whole production. I'm no expert or anything, and I love my hometown corps. We've put a lot of blood, sweat (Heat Forged is the slogan for a reason!), tears into them over the years and I'm so pleased to see them with a show that has potential to be something amazing come August. Oh, and the mellophone book is frick'n fantastic! Go, Academy!
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    No need to worry, Bloo is in their lane.
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    Recent alumni are raving about this show, especially talent wise. Good to hear. Almost everyone will love the music! One of the most accessible shows ever.
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    I'm looking to compile a listing of pre-season exhibitions and concerts where the corps are debuting their music ahead of competition season. If you have the info for a particular corps, add a post and I will update the first post. Thanks! Blue Devils Family Day June 15, 2019 Los Medanos College 2700 East Leland Pittsburg, CA 94565 Schedule 11:30 AM Full corps meet at truck 12:00 PM Picnic Lunch - provided 3:30 PM Group pic BDC-BDB-BDA 4:00 PM All corps warm-ups 5:30 PM Gates open 7:00 PM Welcome and Nat'l Anthem 7:05 PM Procession of Corps 7:20 PM Percussion mass performance 7:30 PM Special Needs guard performs 7:45 PM Brass mass performance 8:10 PM C corps performs 8:30 PM B corps performs 9:00 PM A corps performs 9:30 PM Event ends Blue Knights Friday, June 21 6:00-8:00 pm Englewood HS 3800 S Logan St Englewood, CO 80113 Bluecoats MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2019 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM GERVASI VINEYARD 1700 55TH STREET NORTHEAST CANTON, OH, 44721 UNITED STATES Boston Crusaders Concert in the Park June 12, 2019 5:00 PM Norman B. Leventhal Park 130 Congress Street Boston, MA Spring Fling Join us on Friday June 14, 2019 for our annual Spring Fling! Come out for great food, drinks, raffles, and bid on some amazing auction items! You will also get a first look at merchandise for the upcoming season! Come hear the always entertaining Crusaders Senior Drum and Bugle Corps before the evening culminates with a performance by the 2019 Boston Crusaders! We will also induct our newest Hall of Fame members! Doors open at 7:00pm, dinner at 7:30pm. NOTE: Unless buying a reserved table seating will be GA Castleton Preview Monday, June 17 7:00 pm Castleton University Dave Wolk Stadium Free to Public Cadets Community Performance June 18, 2019 6:00 pm Ohio Northern University 525 S Main St Ada, OH 45810 Carolina Crown June 16, 2019 7:30 pm Nation Ford High School Fort Mill, SC Donation: $5/person or $10/family Cavaliers Friday, June 14 2019 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm Rosemont Theatre 5400 North River Road Rosemont, IL, 60018 VIP RSVP PURCHASERS will enjoy an exclusive reception starting at 6:00pm that features a cash bar/cocktail hour, a delicious meal, and dessert options. During the cocktail hour, VIP attendants will enjoy special guest speakers, a Meet & Greet with our 2019 Drum Majors and Junior Officers, silent auction, and much more! Reservations for the VIP access is $50 per person, with a maximum of ten guests per table. Guests may purchase a full table (10 guests) for $500. Dress is casual for the event as this will lead into the main Send-Off event, starting at 7:30pm, featuring performances by: Special needs drumline, Crystal Lake Kingpins 3-time WGI Winds Open Class Champions, Chromium Winds and Special performances individually by the world-renowned, Cavaliers Color Guard, Brass, and Percussion First look at The Cavaliers 2019 Production The night will conclude in a presentation of our 2019 Honorary Cavalier & DeGrauwe Legacy Award PLUS all attendees will have FIRST GRABS of the new 2019 merchandise. General admission (Concert ONLY) for our supporters will be $25 per person. Doors will open at 7:15pm. Crossmen Marching Music Xtravaganza June 15, 2019 7:30 pm Blossom Athletic Center San Antonio, TX $10 Adults/$5 Children Also appearing: San Antonio Chamber Winds, possibly Bayou CIty Blues and Genesis (they are not listed on the website but have appeared in the past) Madison Scouts Concert at the Capitol 2 E Main St Madison, Wisconsin 53703 Thursday, June 20th 5 PM - 6 PM Pacific Crest Community Performance June 14, 2019 7:00 pm Charter Oak HS 1430 E Covina Blvd Covina, CA 91724 SoCal Drum Corps Sneak Preview Featuring Pac Crest, Incognito, Vessel, Impulse, Watchmen, Gold 5:30 Festival & Marketplace Open 7:00 show begins Valley View High School 13135 Nason St Moreno Valley, CA 92555 Ticket price increases from $15 to $18 day of event https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-socal-drum-corps-preview-tickets-59937143610 Phantom Regiment Music in the Park June 11, 2019 7:00 pm Sinnissippi Park Band Shell Rockford, IL Santa Clara Vanguard Pacific Procession Monday, June 24th, at Santa Clara High School Santa Clara, CA Tickets are available from VMPA General Admission Tickets: $15 (Children under 12 years old: $10) VIP Tickets Package: $60 SOLD OUT All VIP tickets include an exclusive behind the scenes tour with VMAPA's Executive Director, and a meet & greet with the 2019 Drum Majors. (Please arrive by 5:30 PM for the full experience!) Seating is first come, first serve. When seats in the front stands fill up, guests will be asked to sit in the back stands. Not only will audience members enjoy the incredible, brand new shows that our programs have been working on, but you'll also have a unique opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes. Come early to get a glimpse of the rehearsal process and witness first-hand the fellowship and camaraderie that is the driving spirit of our Vanguard family! Schedule: 3:30 PM - Gates Open & Event Begins 3:45 PM - Vanguard Cadets Rehearsal Run Through 4:30 PM - Santa Clara Vanguard Rehearsal Run Through 7:00 PM - Santa Clara Big Band Performance 7:45 PM - Vanguard Cadets Performance 8:10 PM - Santa Clara Vanguard Performance For those who may want to attend this event, NOTE that Santa Clara High School's field is an open type of field with low bleacher seating Spirit of Atlanta Concert in the Park June 18, 2019 6:00 pm Woodruff Arts Center Atlanta, GA
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    So excited to see Crown's Gabriel's Oboe. That piece is so moving to me, and with Crown's brass I feel was are in for some goose bump moments!
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    Wednesday this week we can all see and hear Boston. Then again on Friday. I can’t wait until Friday for the live version, but I will certainly watch for Wednesday’s videos. The weather has been more cooperative in VT so I have no doubt much progress has been made on the show. I, like craiga, won’t get into the hype but this Boston has gotten better. Boston brass will be eye opening.
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    Glad there's no AL Nationals to endure.
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    Indeed. At one point I posted the full show title!! And somewhere I had things sinking beneath the surface in a gif 😆
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    I am not going to say much lest I be accused of HYPE. For my fellow alums, I will only say this: 1967. Strap in.
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    See, I give you guys hints at various points during the off-season and you’re not even paying attention... LOL
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    I got back to Marion yesterday. Some more detail added to props, more show on the field. Believe what I saw was a change to the length of a part of the show.,I would say Bloo is staying true to themselves it def has their vibe . It’s done well; I have a few reservations GE wise, but the demand is high and the talent is there. It is a very fan friendly show. I have never been a big fan of the source music(but done well) unlike many others so it clouds me a bit
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    All I have to work with is 1) it will be accessible and 2) it will have a great studio recording... Bloo is doing "Centerfold: The Myth and Majesty of the J. Geils Band 1981-1985?"
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    I'll be there! Can't wait ... just hope the wind dies down.
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    Jim was fully background checked both years he was on tour. He paid for it himself.
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    times have changed a bit due to background checks for anyone coming in contact with the corps - it's a lot easier to manage now if you have a few unpaid and a few paid folks running the whole summer...
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    I like hype. People have sure been doing it on other threads, why not get excited?
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    I predict that night I’ll be at the hotel bar
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    Neither rain nor .... anything else will hold back CrownGuard this season! [photo credit: Jim Scooler]
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    can I buy you guys a round of beers?
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    the studio recording of this show should be particularly amazing this year
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    If you ask the students who are actually putting them on and marching, I'd bet they'd say it does mean better.
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    i predict for the season opener, i'd rather be in a movie theater watching it as opposed to my 5th day trapped in Florida Disney money sucking headache inducing hell
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    No one expects the RickRoll in 2019. Stealth attack. Highly effective. Box 5 social media game.
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    Personal top 5 Crown ballads (in order)... Wild Horses The Abyss There's No Place Like Home Somewhere/Over the Rainbow Angel
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    Certainly it has the potential to be a Crown ballad for the ages. Might be hard to beat '09's Somewhere / Rainbow from '09; that delicate celeste moment in the middle was amazing. I don't think the audience was even breathing during that entire interlude. Anxious to hear it was well.
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    In the April edition of DCI today monthly newspaper they listed almost every corps program song by song . So some corps are waiting almost 2 months later than that yawn!!
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    Oh they knew he was an old junior Kilt. He told some of the stories to his fellow volunteers. Definitely a cautionary tale of why we don’t wanna go back there.
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    I'm just hoping that they stay in their lane, which is currently presenting totally entertaining shows with arrangements that one might actually hear in a professional setting outside of drumcorps. I'm glad to hear that alumni feel they're fielding a talented corps this year. I'm sure people will be clapping their hands and throwing babies all summer long! I wish I could see them live this year, but that would be me living my dream! I'm sure I'll be happy to see them on the big screen though.
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    I'm from San Diego....please don't!
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    There is no question BAC fans are excited. No question whatsoever. Anyone who has seen and heard them at ST especially so.
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    I never felt that the drum corps / performance experience was about me. But everything about the safety of my kids is my business. You don’t have to cede that ground to the corps staff. Volunteer to drive a truck, flip burgers, sew uniforms or build props. If I were you I would do whatever you have to do to get inside the organization and get to know the people who you are entrusting your young people with for 3+ months. The really great corps will welcome you with open arms. If they don’t, I would recommend you look for another corps that does. We have and have been happy with the outcome. There are plenty of bad news stories to go around, and believe me there are still some bad apples out there in the activity. Keep your eyes open.
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    Truth! (May want to get the little ones some ear plugs)
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    I've never heard of a corps not needing help along certain stops on tour. That being said, if they've got plenty of volunteers then good on them! Maybe there is another corps that's close that could use some help? Though I can certainly understand wanting to support the corps that your son is marching in, the entire activity needs your support and I think your son would understand that. Just MHO though.
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    Donation: $5/person or $10/family All proceeds go to the Nation Ford HS MB Newspaper coverage: https://www.fortmillsun.com/2019/05/30/crown-preview-show-is-set-for-june-16-at-nafo-stadium/
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    So when the Crown staff retires (apparently in 20 more years!) they will all be found driving the monorail at WDW 🐭
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    My friend, it's a complete waste of time. Virtually everyone here has tried and failed. My recommendation - just block the posts.
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    Should have a red stripe down the outside of each sock
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    I am not sure you are being serious. Are you trolling? Correct me if I am misreading your post, BUT, if one follows the logic of your opinion, uniforms/costumes do not matter. Phantom could wear neon green tuxes this summer while doing a show about Joan of Arc. Last year's SCV could have worn bunny rabbit costumes, long pink ears and white puffy tail included. SOS could have shown us 150 nuns ship wrecked on a island, and Troopers could simply have done their show in ripped jeans and second hand store old beer brand T-shirts. You can argue that back in the day the corps wore uniforms that linked them only to their corps and not to any music choice or show theme. Yes, this is true. But dressing special characters in productions was soon followed by show-themed costumes for the guard, and now uniforms/costumes for the brass and percussion- all carefully crafted to bring the effect of the show to a higher level than uniforms that are not linked to the music, style, vibe, theme at all. I assume every competent GE judge, certainly early in the season or upon first viewing, comments and considers the scoring value of the uniforms/costumes, head gear, lack of head gear, flag designs, prop designs, every color they see, etc.
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    Fresh back from Castelton. Golaith will be GIANT with the fans! Brilliant book and design. Kids are jazzed and firing on all cylinders. ( thunderous horn line) Can't wait to see them again!
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    Well that was fun! I just caught Bluecoats ensemble rehearsal at Indiana Wesleyan University. The weather was almost perfect except it was a little windy. This show is so much fun! The music is extremely accessible—and hummable. I can’t stop smiling. Bloo has part 4 out of 5 on the field as of tonight. Horns are outrageously talented and despite the accessibility, they have some very meaty parts, especially in the mellophones. The front ensemble is expanded and sounds good to me. Battery is staged up front for their hardest licks—I think they want to strut their stuff for the judges. Whether they win, lose or draw, I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this show.
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    The Cadets are really good right now...I will leave it at that.
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    In the end, 6 was enough. But there were a couple drops.
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    Get rid of this "It's Only About The Team" mentality, bring back and expand I&E, then make rock stars out of them. Brandon, CBS News in the stadium... Rock Star!
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    Is that when you make a sandwich with two slices of bread from the same loaf?
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    I can't get past imagining the sort of criteria Sir Mix-a-lot might apply.
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    Weather=cooperative=me happy What can I say ? There is no scratching your head wondering what this year’s show is about from the first few notes. I was quite shocked for a bit. This is a bit of a zig or zag for Bloo; iconic music but definitely with Bloo swag. I was actually expecting to hear some music I liked and somewhat confused as to a theme. Is it a contender ? I don’t know. There is a lot of usual demand you would expect. Is it accessible and very fan friendly????-Oh God yes !!! The usual -yes they sound fantastic. They are marching far more drill this year. The props are not huge, but integrated well. The music book has a ton of meat(only 12 contras this year). A big pit for Bloo (16 ?). The usual 9 snare, 4 tenor, 5 bass. I am not sure if they have a few individuals hurt-maybe saw 4 or 5 holes tonite. I am excited to see the finished product. Curious as to how they will uniform this show-excited to see. I know not much to go on here, but this slow will not disappoint this year !!!!!?
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