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    Ah, the talent BAC brass has acquired this year is what is also making the difference. More than breathing technique. The talent level is allowing for a big step up in Ryan George’s writing. His writing was and is good, but now he gets to step on the gas. And Gino can do more of his magic. They are being turned loose. #thatwasloud
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    only if we can argue about which beer has the best-designed label or something for 5+ pages
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    Recent alumni are raving about this show, especially talent wise. Good to hear. Almost everyone will love the music! One of the most accessible shows ever.
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    So excited to see Crown's Gabriel's Oboe. That piece is so moving to me, and with Crown's brass I feel was are in for some goose bump moments!
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    Wednesday this week we can all see and hear Boston. Then again on Friday. I can’t wait until Friday for the live version, but I will certainly watch for Wednesday’s videos. The weather has been more cooperative in VT so I have no doubt much progress has been made on the show. I, like craiga, won’t get into the hype but this Boston has gotten better. Boston brass will be eye opening.
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    Glad there's no AL Nationals to endure.
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    Indeed. At one point I posted the full show title!! And somewhere I had things sinking beneath the surface in a gif 😆
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    See, I give you guys hints at various points during the off-season and you’re not even paying attention... LOL
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    I got back to Marion yesterday. Some more detail added to props, more show on the field. Believe what I saw was a change to the length of a part of the show.,I would say Bloo is staying true to themselves it def has their vibe . It’s done well; I have a few reservations GE wise, but the demand is high and the talent is there. It is a very fan friendly show. I have never been a big fan of the source music(but done well) unlike many others so it clouds me a bit
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    All I have to work with is 1) it will be accessible and 2) it will have a great studio recording... Bloo is doing "Centerfold: The Myth and Majesty of the J. Geils Band 1981-1985?"
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    Jim was fully background checked both years he was on tour. He paid for it himself.
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    I like hype. People have sure been doing it on other threads, why not get excited?
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    I predict that night I’ll be at the hotel bar
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    the studio recording of this show should be particularly amazing this year
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    i predict for the season opener, i'd rather be in a movie theater watching it as opposed to my 5th day trapped in Florida Disney money sucking headache inducing hell
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    No one expects the RickRoll in 2019. Stealth attack. Highly effective. Box 5 social media game.
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    Personal top 5 Crown ballads (in order)... Wild Horses The Abyss There's No Place Like Home Somewhere/Over the Rainbow Angel
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    Certainly it has the potential to be a Crown ballad for the ages. Might be hard to beat '09's Somewhere / Rainbow from '09; that delicate celeste moment in the middle was amazing. I don't think the audience was even breathing during that entire interlude. Anxious to hear it was well.
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    Oh they knew he was an old junior Kilt. He told some of the stories to his fellow volunteers. Definitely a cautionary tale of why we don’t wanna go back there.
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    I'm just hoping that they stay in their lane, which is currently presenting totally entertaining shows with arrangements that one might actually hear in a professional setting outside of drumcorps. I'm glad to hear that alumni feel they're fielding a talented corps this year. I'm sure people will be clapping their hands and throwing babies all summer long! I wish I could see them live this year, but that would be me living my dream! I'm sure I'll be happy to see them on the big screen though.
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    Correct, but once that Drum Corps World edition showed up in the mail in the Spring, you had a good idea of what a lot of the corps were playing. So the way corps release show info today is definitely not like it used to be.
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    I'm from San Diego....please don't!
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    There is no question BAC fans are excited. No question whatsoever. Anyone who has seen and heard them at ST especially so.
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    All the Corps we've been associated with -- Crown, Spirit, PC, Southwind, and Music City -- wanted and appreciated any help they could get. I know Crown would send volunteers out during tour for 2 weeks at a time, but if they were at a school close to you, you could drop in to help whenever you could. I'm hoping this is just a miscommunication.
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    I never felt it was my decision or about me I was curious if it was like that at other corps and if anyone thought it was wrong to help out at a Corp my son was not part of and since you seem to know everything maybe you could answer that question without being obstinate.
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    Some other videos that are of interest in addition to the fantastic one from the beginning of the topic : And they say they're going to post more if they get more likes on FB/Instagram. :O
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    Truth! (May want to get the little ones some ear plugs)
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    so nobody wins the Sanford?
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    Exactly. I know Spirit is asking for help at several of their stops on tour for even just a day. But not knowing what specific corps it is, it's really hard to say.
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    When a corps needs volunteers, and most do, the tasks volunteers are needed for vary, so a time commitment varies as well. Sometimes chunks of time are needed, like a week or two or more. Sometimes a brief helping hand is appreciated. For instance Boston is looking for prop helpers and they are asking for a minimum 2 week commitment. If you can do that, they’ll fly you in and out. I know drivers for their trucks come in for a week or so then leave and come back again. im sure any volunteer can find something. I find it odd the ask was for the whole tour. That’s hard to do for many folks.
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    I've never heard of a corps not needing help along certain stops on tour. That being said, if they've got plenty of volunteers then good on them! Maybe there is another corps that's close that could use some help? Though I can certainly understand wanting to support the corps that your son is marching in, the entire activity needs your support and I think your son would understand that. Just MHO though.
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    Far from it I believe. Have never heard/read where a corps only want folks to commit for the whole tour. Corps know the majority of mm parents are probably still working and may have other children. They are happy to have volunteers to sign up whenever they are available.
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    I’ve been sayin’. Plus, I like surprises.
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    Does this thread have any uniform pictures? If so, please help me. How many pages do I have to skip back to see one? Thanks!
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    i found something even worse than the worst dci uniform (and please, let's turn those frowns upside down)
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    I predict lots of contras!
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    I meant that we didn't know until we got to a show and bought a program, or we eventually bought a subscription to Drum Corps World.
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    So when the Crown staff retires (apparently in 20 more years!) they will all be found driving the monorail at WDW 🐭
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    My friend, it's a complete waste of time. Virtually everyone here has tried and failed. My recommendation - just block the posts.
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    I commend Crown for sticking to a tight musical book this year by picking only 4 pieces. So many groups pick upwards of 7 songs and it sometimes leads to an incoherent final product. (Beast)
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    Also in Castleton....had goosebumps and tears during the runthrough. Holy Hornline...where did THAT come from? Guard picked up from where they left off and the GOLIATH 10 man snareline is throwin DOWN!
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    Fresh back from Castelton. Golaith will be GIANT with the fans! Brilliant book and design. Kids are jazzed and firing on all cylinders. ( thunderous horn line) Can't wait to see them again!
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    Well that was fun! I just caught Bluecoats ensemble rehearsal at Indiana Wesleyan University. The weather was almost perfect except it was a little windy. This show is so much fun! The music is extremely accessible—and hummable. I can’t stop smiling. Bloo has part 4 out of 5 on the field as of tonight. Horns are outrageously talented and despite the accessibility, they have some very meaty parts, especially in the mellophones. The front ensemble is expanded and sounds good to me. Battery is staged up front for their hardest licks—I think they want to strut their stuff for the judges. Whether they win, lose or draw, I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this show.
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    In the end, 6 was enough. But there were a couple drops.
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    Well it isn’t anything to lose your head over! Just toss consistent 7s!
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    Get rid of this "It's Only About The Team" mentality, bring back and expand I&E, then make rock stars out of them. Brandon, CBS News in the stadium... Rock Star!
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    only going forward... ok.... >>> (Didn't Cadets use that fast forward icon?) I think there is room for lighting - it has been used a bit - but if a corps could find a way to really use serious stage lighting it could be a really neat effect -- everything from spots to strobes to orchestrated leds on the members and equipment -- that could be cool -- I think we will see the use of projection (as in high intensity video/image projection) I like the idea of a video on a transparent screen with the corps moving in front/behind (think Amber Waves Star of Indiana) mic'ing/sound re enforcement will only continue to improve with technology -- I think the competitive aspects could be refined -- more objective scoring -- possibly quantitative measurements in areas such as hornline tuning or accuracy -- similar for battery - throw down some beats, we'll run it through an algorithm and assign a point value -- why not use technology to measure? This could also be used to measure how much sound enhancement is happening - possibly penalizing a corps that relies on a lot of synth to fill out the sound? or rewarding for corps that do it in a sensitive/balanced way -- In marching/movement, corps could continue to incorporate dance but could also be more creative in other styles of movement. Japanese marching bands are doing a lot of really fun creative movement, Japanese synchronized walking is also an area corps could explore. Finally in costuming, we are at an exciting time because of the low cost of manufacturing and purchasing costuming. Corps should continue to come out with costuming appropriate to the theme of the show each year - this could be pushed even further with an element creative branding so you know as a fan, even though the costume is different year to year, you know who you are seeing because of a unique, distinctive, innovative trademark -- maybe it's a certain visual/body movement or marching style, maybe it's a sound logo - ala the Intel (computer chips) sound used in their ads - but something that subtly tells the audience - "ahh haaa.... yep. Vanguard." or.. "There it is! Boston." It shouldn't, however, be so obscure that only the most hard corps (people like us) can recognize the branding technique. I am optimistic that there will always be insanely creative designers and incredibly talented MMs to continue putting an exciting production on the field.
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    Weather=cooperative=me happy What can I say ? There is no scratching your head wondering what this year’s show is about from the first few notes. I was quite shocked for a bit. This is a bit of a zig or zag for Bloo; iconic music but definitely with Bloo swag. I was actually expecting to hear some music I liked and somewhat confused as to a theme. Is it a contender ? I don’t know. There is a lot of usual demand you would expect. Is it accessible and very fan friendly????-Oh God yes !!! The usual -yes they sound fantastic. They are marching far more drill this year. The props are not huge, but integrated well. The music book has a ton of meat(only 12 contras this year). A big pit for Bloo (16 ?). The usual 9 snare, 4 tenor, 5 bass. I am not sure if they have a few individuals hurt-maybe saw 4 or 5 holes tonite. I am excited to see the finished product. Curious as to how they will uniform this show-excited to see. I know not much to go on here, but this slow will not disappoint this year !!!!!?
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    Looks like it. Or tending the roses at Cindy's castle. Or polishing the Walt and Mickey statue. The Wife and I got to ride in the front car of the monorail for our Anniversary a number of years back. They don't let folks do that anymore. Sigh!
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