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    Bluecoats gave me my first live drum corps experience in 2009 so they have always been special to me, so seeing them ascend and take it all in 2016 was pretty awesome. That show is just explosive, it took lots of things that had been experimented with and just said f-it, we are going to do it all in one show. That show is just non stop excitement. If you just listen to it it’s pretty old school exciting high octane in your face drum corps. That show though looked like nothing else I had ever seen in DCI. The uniforms, the way they played with vertical space, the prop usage, etc. was just all done incredibly well. I’m not saying everything they did was new, but no one had done it that way all together before. So that’s my pick. Also shout out to Carolina Crown in 2013. I caught them on their way to Cali preseason and I had a pretty special feeling after that rehearsal. It was fun seeing how that show progressed since I had seen it before the season started. Some pretty special moments in that show. Was cool having some first time champions this decade.
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    Hype or excitement? Isn't this the Boston Crusader 2019 thread? I for one appreciate the support from our supporters. As I enter my 41st consecutive year with the corps I am very excited and confident. I look forward to watching the kids, going crazy and supporting as best I can. 2019 should be the best edition of the Boston Crusaders to date. Eat Em up!
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    We’re having the gang over for snacks and drinks. Stephan, Ramon, Lucas, and your host. No agenda. Stephan is calling it The Motor City Battle For The Bronze. Stephan has to put some silly title on everything, but that’s Stephan. All enjoy! See you at the movies.
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    I think The Cavaliers won tonight.... 🙂
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    I am gonna turn off my phone when I get to the theater and just enjoy the shows and then talk about them when I get home. I didn’t have a chance to do any show reviews last year, so I’m really excited to do those again this summer. Hope everyone has a fun night, can’t wait to see these shows and kick off the season.
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    I'm so glad the season is started! Lots of things to talk about, reflect on, and now there won't be any bickering on the DCP forum, just people enjoying the shows.
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    I'm sold on everything through the ballad. Everything after the ballad seems like a total mess right now, both musically and visually
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    The liner notes for the show.
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    Good luck tonight Cadets! Come out strong! Here's hoping they surprise a lot of people tonight.
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    1st, 5th, 23rd, whatever that show is in August, I don't care. They make me feel like no one else does. Incredible job tonight. Another Doug Thrower ballad that is a breath of fresh air. Truly wonderful. The whole show is but that specifically is just incredible. I could say a lot more than that but I think I need to sleep on it. Wow.
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    Bloo you definitely have a contender there. That brass could be in the running in my opinion. I was iffy on crowns show from their dress rehearsal video but I fell in love with it seeing it tonight! And Boston I’m believing the hype! Loved it! Bloo crowd favorite by a landslide in my theater.
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    Bloo definitely the crowd favorite in this theatre tonight. Overall, I enjoyed all the performances.
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    Yeah. They certainly... come together... right now...
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    Just met @BlueStarsDad! It’s always good to meet a fellow poster!
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    I predict that a lot of this NOISE will be over after tonight...for a few corps anyway...nahhh...it is just the start of it...it's only June after all... BUT then certain folks that will say...WAIT til the 1st regional before we know for sure where all the corps stand...oh and those who remind us all to NOT compare previous years scores...and those who remind us to NOT compare different shows on the same night...and don't forget if corps in your supposed TIER are not competing...well the show results will be skewed...did I miss anything?...LOL This season is the resurgence of FULL PANEL judging in June...hooray for at least that...that is about the only thing I can really predict with any certainty...
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    I'm 57 and feel like a little kid waiting to come downstairs for Christmas waiting to get to the theater tonight!! LOL Chamblee, Ga.
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    Well, I'll go with the opinion of a qualified panel of judges.
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    Loved Crowns show! Way better than last year. I was a bit worried when I saw the preview video, but seeing it in the theater sold me. I think the preview recording didn't do it justice. Tonight the energy was amazing, as was the brass. Felt the percussion was on fire too. Guard melts too much into the show but has some good moments, much improved from last year. I'm not sold on the uniforms, concept is cool, but think they need more color. I watched in a theater in Concord NC, they were audience favorite, but I guess they were a bit biased. IMO, blue coats over use of amplification and electronics detracts from a great show. At some points, the electronic bass was nearly as loud as the brass. Just my opinion.
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    OMG, the BAC guard! HEAVEN!
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    I'm off... to dream happy blue thoughts. Have a good night all!
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    I'm so chill I could use a Blue Stars uniform to warm up!
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    .... I liked their Bob the builder idea....
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    The devil called. He demands that you at least shovel the snow off his driveway.
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    Calm down girlfriend. You're coming across as a bando. You can't argue the fact that today's shows are completely homogenized.
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    My top 5..... 1978 SCV, 1979 BD, 1983 Garfield, 1988 Scouts, and 1989 SCV.
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    I’m wearing a Cadets polo shirt at work today. Can’t wait for the theater tonight! Can’t wait to hear/see some of the reactions!!!
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    Crown/BD/Blue were splitting performance captions all finals week, with Santa Clara snagging percussion. Crown got the overall average on brass, guard, and visual performance. GE often wins the day when performance captions are that tight. Blue's show was the "GE moment" and never stopped...they were consensus winner in GE all three nights and we know how that played out. Crown went soft on GE with the "mercy" play at the end...not saying that made the difference (but an extra death or two worked for Phantom in 2008). When in doubt...(if the performance level is already there) always go with the gratuitous GE.
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    Thank you for finding me! I've been on a desert island with only one drum corps CD and a boombox but curiously an electrical outlet in my grass hut, before leaving to return to civilization you would find a mix CD: 1986 Blue Devils 1987 Cadets 1988 Madison
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    Phantom is the new Madison.
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    I can't though! I gotta back just one and go nuts over them! Lmao.
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    Thanks Terri! 78 SCV - my favorite, most -listened to show EVER.
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    Cadets did a Jethro Tull show in ‘04. It was weird.
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    Scores mean nothing until they get to Texas.
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    WOW! That was a moment towards the end
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    Boston definitely has medal potential. Dont care for all the narration, but man oh man. That guard has the content for another win this season. The drill, music, everything is incredible.
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    I don’t think it is expecting too much, but as always, YMMV.
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    Yeah, it’s another beautiful day here, too. 😬
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    I am glad that the season is not starting in Texas right now. We have a heat index of 112 degrees in Houston today. 😕
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    Housing keeps becoming a bigger issue, see Cavies in California right now for example. Hypothetical: Fast forward 5 years. Current trends continue. The sleeping in a gym model dries up, if not completely than enough to impact multiple competitions. Despite best efforts, days before a contest with at least a half dozen world class corps, multiple corps either do not have housing despite best efforts, and/or previously secured housing is lost. Show promoters (perhaps DCI itself) has already spent lots of $. Tickets sold. Cost of hotels for multiple World Class corps and staff would be budget busters, if enough rooms could even be secured on such short notice. The kids have to eat/sleep/practice somewhere, but all options have been exhausted. In this not-so-farfetched scenario, what is the endgame? Cancellation of the event? If enough events are impacted, cancellation of the tour? What? Is there a "perfect storm" scenario in DCI guidelines for cases where housing just cannot be acquired? Where does responsibility fall on DCI vs the event promoter? Just thinking out loud about what tour may be like in a few years if schools, camps, and other adequate housing options cannot be found.
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    I wasn't even going to go there. You won't find a winning show in my all time top 5 list and my two favorite winning shows TIED another show for 1st. I don't have any right to say who should have won- I have only seen finals live in person in 2012 and my seats were hardly favorable for judging all the components of the show. Then you have shows that just hold up better over time even though in the moment you were more impressed by another show (for me this is 2015... Inferno was a monster live but I keep going back to Kinetic Noise). So a lot of factors there.
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    Are the Scouts allowed to perform later because it is their home show? I thought appearance order was randomly determined within groups of three. The Colts are in the 13-15 group and should be performing after the Scouts.
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    I cant believe I'm the first one to mention this show but Star of Indiana 1993 Ahead of its time and still holds up today. SCV 1998 - I grew up on VHS Recordings from 97 and 98 just watched those years so much.
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    I thought there was going to be a riot in Indy that night!
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