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    What is this peculiar thing that is happening. They are playing and moving at the same time, in a clearly intentional form. It’s breathtaking. What should we call this bold new phenomenon...
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    The Blue Stars sure do like marching and playing at the same time.
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    Imho, Crown's is the show to beat this season.
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    Crown is spectacular. If anyone is going to knock SCV or BD out of the top 2 it is going to be Crown. Just sensational.
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    Get the crowd to do it during the field exit. But instead of "Hey, Jude" make it "Hey Blooo".
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    Crown: “Lets throw a little side to side shimmy in there!” Blue Devils: “We have that copyrighted. You owe us $5,000” Crown: “Totally worth it”
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    crossmen will be smoking by august can't believe i'm saying this, but i'm really enjoying the musicianship of the bassist. really adds to the show.
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    Jesus the ads are ear splitting. I need the earasers for the ads.
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    My Prediction for tonight 1Bluecoats-78.65 2Boston Crusaders-77.00 3Cadets (win drums)-73.90 4Music City-61.80 Actual scores 1 Bluecoats 78.650 2 Boston Crusaders 77.000 3 The Cadets 73.600 4 Music City 62.550
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    Crown has it all this year. What a great show. May be very close to an 80 tonight.
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    Crown is really amazing this year! So good for this early in the season...
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    Crown's ballad is one of my favorite moments of the season. Just wonderful. They had a great performance tonight.
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    I can say with confidence that Crown has one fantastic brassline.
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    Good God Blue Stars have a fantastic drill this year.
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    Massive missed opportunity to have actual dogs on the field.
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    Thank You Isabel, I got my little drum corps fix for the night!
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    I think I’m too old to get Spirit’s Show. i think I’m too young to get Madison’s. Colts are gonna Colt. Regiment to me was very hit or miss. Some nice moments, but it didn’t really flow well to me.
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    They’re still pretty rough around the edges, and have a lot more to add and refine, but I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom like I’ve been reading. I still see them as having a very good chance of making Finals. I also think it’s an improvement over last year.
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    Boston would like you to know that they are still not throwing away their shot. Great classic visual writing and execution. They are getting credit for it. Guard is very effective.
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    And I’m watching Ensemble right now. Sky’s the limit for 2019 Cavaliers.
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    I have Crown in 13th right now. There show is great, wonderful design, but there is no way they are beating the Bluecoats who have much more sparkle. Because we all know Sparkle = GE. And GE wins championships. Based on the fact that all of these bandos like their show, and the fact that they are two points behind Blue tonight, and a full point and a half behind BAC, there is no way their lack of Sparkle can recover from that. SCV, BD, BAC, all of the B’s, Crossmen, even BD “C”, they all have Sparkle. All Crown has is shower curtains, No Sparkle, no ring.
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    Talk to me after the San Antonio Show
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    This is a great thing they do here with the band campers. 👏👏👏👏👏👏
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    Honestly gang, I wrote Crown off after seeing the corps at their April Camp. I thought they were a 6th place corps this season. But man, these kids are mature and surprise me every time I see them.
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    Wow crown... Way to go! That was amazing
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    I liked Blue Stars more than I have in the past few years. Same for a Crown. (Come to think of it... this goes for pretty much everyone this year.) Should be an entertaining summer.
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    I have no idea what Crown's show is about, but I don't care. I love it.
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    Some of you might hate me for saying this, but Will Pitts murdered that arraignment Fire of Eternal Glory.
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    You rear-ended me. We agreed to leave insurance out of it if you just send me a check for $10,000.
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    It has been an incredible few days of long rehearsal days and clinics for Crown this week. Last night's run through in Muncie was exciting and energetic with many of the "moments" coming through with emotion and clarity. Very excited to see the performance they unleash tonight in front of one of the best crowds of the season. Seeing this live left me saying one word... WOW! It's a SHOW DAY! LET'S GO Crown!
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    Negative. All Cavalier threads are happy threads.
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    The lady behind me thinks the Cavaliers have the most exciting show. Another guy says they improve a lot from last week
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    Cavies won crowd reaction. Regardless of score. That was a HOT run live. Always nice to have a standing O midshow. 🙂
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    Well, we can always hope that maybe they’ll have it next Thursday when the sun goes down. (That joke will never get old to me.)
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    In a different state, different show, and different judges yeah
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    This show makes me happy. Please win.
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    A week ago I didn't think anyone but BD or SCV had a chance to win this year. Add Crown.
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    I know it's probably not the real ending but that front to the crown set is already pretty high charged!
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    Woooooo! 78.65 and Bloo sweeping everything but guard and VP ... but still winning Visual!
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    June 28 and this ballad already has me tearing up. I'm a be a mess finals night for this. I just love this piece and this arrangement is really really well done.
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    Excuse me while I turn up the volume for Gabriel's Oboe. This is gonna be "the moment" for me all year musically I think.
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    Drill in general is very dynamic. I like this show.
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    As a meteorologist, the fact that the Colts have 7 stage props bothers me. Ice crystals are hexagons -- they should have stopped at 6.
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    Pretty excited to see Crown take off after this break. Get ready...Here We Go!
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