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    They had the best golf shirts that we bought in 2014. Men and women styles. These ones.
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    This is all exactly right, other than (speaking personally) I wasn’t overly excited about Bloo scoring highest in the early going of 2017-18 or even now. I understand it is impossible to compare scores until corps meet head to head. I am excited that Bloo is doing well on their tour but I am not about to say they are better than those on the West or Midwest tours. We will all be getting a clearer picture as the tours meet up
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    I did not get to the stadium in time to see the first two groups. Sorry, Colt Cadets and River City Rhythm. Madison Scouts: The uniforms look sharp but don't elevate the theme or vibe of the show. And like when PR came out in all white or all black, a singular color head to toe really exposes dirt, and Scouts unfortunately have a lot of that. There were a couple of times that the Madison machismo seemed to appear, but the show was pretty shaky for the most part and seemed really long. I do not get a theme, not that such is everything, but it might would have helped the corps do a better job of selling the production a just that, a production. Percussion seemed quite strong. Colts: They really came out swinging. The theme is super clear and easy to follow. The best they have been in a while. Some transitions to work out and cleaning to do of course. I particularly liked the pacing and commitment to performance. Good job, Colts! Phantom Regiment: I wasn't able to make it to SoS so I was eager to see the old team. They were really really really good and I am glad to see and hear that the rumors of their disaster of a show is anything but. Some really smart choices and great staging and pacing kept me plugged in the entire time. Clean this up and I cannot see it not making finals. The beginning needs to grab us better as does the end. Crossmen: They reminded me of PR in a way. Aggressive and trying to prove a point. I have not cared for them at all for a long long time. I enjoyed tonight a lot. The narrative is not so detailed that you get caught up in it. It is pretty clear. All sections seem fairly matched in talent and performance capabilities. It seems the ending works well. So is it a matter of changing, cleaning, or a combination of both? Blue Stars: A whole notch up in performance and design from the previous groups. There is so much detail and nuance that one viewing is certainly not enough. They sound AMAZING and look about three weeks from being visually in control of this visual monster of a show. Just wow! Musical and exciting. This day and age they may end up in the same spot as last year, but with a better corps. Eager to see and hear it again and again. As always, I will stick around tomorrow for a Fourth of July that only Cedarburg can provide.
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    Two small details that I just noticed and really love: 1) The wall of props inching forward during the bari feature in the opener 2) The drumline during the big Britney hit. They squeeze into a pod and suddenly start charging stage left with their heads cocked towards the sideline. So much attitude!!
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    Why can’t more corps just do fun, yet technically awesome shows? Look at how much fun the Bluecoats kids have and how much fun the audience has watching them. Why not follow their lead? Being dark and angry doesn’t make you more artistically relevant.
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    I've watched quite a few percussion judges, not one of them has hit a corps member. Any interaction I've seen between a drum judge and the corps has been beneficial to the corps (picking up sticks, Crown's snare, etc). So yes, I'd say there's very minimal risk. How do you know judges can rank and rate percussion lines at this level properly sitting at the front sideline? Maybe right now when lines are relatively dirty sure it may be possible. How about when lines become extremely clean and the very miniscule differences between lines cannot be determined without an up close look? Percussion is unique from the hornline in that it is partially visual and partially auditory. You take away the visual, you take away a part of the adjudication process.
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    Considering all your snide comments about the intelligence of drummers, it is clear you aren't even close to objective and haven't contributed a single meaningful thing to this discussion
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    I may or may not have just had the chance to watch Surf's show, and I had a few thoughts. First, thinking back to the past few years, it was obvious they were on a downward trend. I feel like everything was working against them: design, instruction, and, even though I typically refrain from commenting on members, the talent just wasn't there. There were many times where I would watch and wonder if many of these members had ever even marched or held a horn before. This year is a total 180. First, the numbers are way down. Looks like 42 horns, ~25 guard, ~35 percussion. Let's call it roughly 100 total members. I don't know if that means they simply didn't get the audition numbers they used to or if they made the conscious decision to go with fewer, more talented members. Whatever the reason, it seems to have worked in their favor. I didn't watch them thinking that there were obvious weak links like in previous years. The smaller size actually suits them in this case, and kudos to them for making the decision to close holes early to allow more time to refine the product. The members are already truly holding their own, and that also says something about the quality of instruction. On the design side of things, the show feels fresh and doesn't follow a specific formula - it just flows nicely (hah, FantaSEA...flow...). It's not your typical in-your-face drum corps type of experience, and I salute them for that. Why play everyone else's game? It's just a really enjoyable experience from beginning to end (and still more to be added, I'm sure). There was a point not too long ago where Surf was doing better competitively and had an identity that I'm sure helped with recruiting. After the past few years, I was worried that it would start being an issue for them, but this seems like the type of show that will be capable of reigniting potential members' interest in Surf, especially so if they are able to gain some ground competitively. I'm hoping this is just the start of something wonderful for them. They've got a fan in me, for sure.
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    Will you be stalking seeking out any Cavalier rehearsals?
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    I saw Bloo in both Lawrence and Lynn. I saw more nuances in Lynn than I saw in Lawrence. That could be due to differences in where I sat, but I believed it was due to additions to the show. I also live within walking distance of where Bloo practiced in Monday, and while I was only able to drive by and could not stop, I heard them all day and they worked. The performance had energy as seems to be the case with every show they do, but it was more fine tuned. So I would be inclined to think the weather delay hurt Bloo slightly scorewise which only makes what they accomplished more impressive. Regarding Boston Crusaders, they did not have judges feedback from Beanpot as Bloo did, but they had more rehearsal time. All the scores and comments in the world will be of no use without rehearsal. I think their score reflectscthe progress that are making, but Bloo’s show is just getting more powerful. For me, what happens on Friday: Crown v. BAC in Lexington, SC and SCV v. Bloo In Lisle, IL will be interesting.
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    OK... if Joey Chestnut got up to hit the concession stands during a corps he didn't like, that would give new meaning to the term "hot-dog corps."
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    Anyone who is truly outraged at this decision should reserve their ire for the people who made it happen, rather than taking it out on members of a discussion board who merely have a diffferent opinion. They aren't the ones who did it.
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    Far more than you give them credit for. Ever talk to the top guys? Doubtful
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    We should bottle your enthusiasm. Cavies are blessed to have you as a true fan. Your posts are fun to follow, not cynical and from the heart. Have Fun (and pizza). Hope the weather will be dry and less than 100 degrees. Good luck to your Green Machine.
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    Get about 3 or 4 T.V.'s in one room, all of them hooked up to different Blu Ray players, and play your favorite shows. 🙂
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    When I take new people to a drum corps show: I explain basically what drum corps is and why I love it. We sit watch and applaud. I take them to dinner and listen to what they got out of the experience. And, I learn.
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    Watching ESPN 30 for 30 on competition eaters and Joey Chestnut mentioned how his dad was a music teacher and they'd go to drum and bugle corps shows. They'd both eat a large pizza on those trips.
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    In a few weeks I'll be taking several family members to their very first DCI show, and I wanted to give them some tips about what to watch for in order to fully appreciate what they are seeing. I'm sure they will enjoy the performances regardless, but it's nice to be able to recognize the little details that distinguish a good corps from a great corps, and to have some sense of what the judges are looking for. If you were taking newbies to a show, what suggestions would you give them so that they could recognize accomplishments and qualities that might not be obvious to the uninitiated?
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    So basically you are a troll.
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    So happy to hear that. Their scores have been indicating a much stronger start as well!
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    Dark Sky? It's what I use and it works pretty well and has a similar feature
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    Yay! Glad they had a good run. I also like this years show even though it’s an unpopular opinion...but must say Phantom has been my favorite since I was a kid.
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    I won’t tell you how long it took me to realize Bloo was not being booed. It’s embarrassing.
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    today it is a lovely shade of Carolina blue with a very bight and heated orange orb. very light cloud cover, slight breeze, current temperature 86 but feels 91 with humidity
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    ...... that actually isn't a bad idea!
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    I understand why they stop there for warmup/practice purposes, but I so wish they would go on to the end of that section with the rest of the brass entering. The Rocky quote in the bones kills me.
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    Holy bagoly, Batman. Did you see this guy's eating records? How is this man still alive?
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    I attended a show at MetLife in 2012. It featured eight corps, the top eight from 2011. It rained and flooded the field, so it was pretty much a concert performance. What I do recall is the high price of concessions. I ordered a hamburger and they removed a frozen patty from a box of frozen burgers, the same box you might find at Costco, so I had a guess on the markup. I agree that it is too large a venue for an early season show. I also think it was pretty costly for Cadets.
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    This article about a DCI PB&J eating comp says that he also played trumpet in marching band https://majorleagueeating.com/contests/189
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    honestly looking at some of the props, that's the next injury to happen. We see reports of it in rehearsal, so it's only a matter of time til it happens in a show
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    Parking: A+ (slightly confusing for newcomers because the State Fair is also occurring in part of the parking lot; did not charge for parking) Tickets: B (unsure why they don't allow for "print at home" tickets instead of having to go to "will call" window) Seats: A (padded seats, padded backs; somewhat tight squeeze) Visual: A+ (my section was lowest level and centered on 50 yard line, but visual lines seem fine in all sections that were open) Acoustics: A- (during the encore - the ONLY unplugged portion of the evening - you could hear a decent reverberation after release; though planes landing at Newark could be frequently seen flying over, they weren't very obtrusive audibly Concessions: C+ (standard stadium fare (water, seltzer, soda, beer, coffee, and various greasy food items) all at exorbitant prices, but with fairly short lines. But frankly, that's still probably preferable to most people than the extremely long lines and uncertain quality you get from a parent booster group from the local high school running concessions - though you'd rather your dollars go to them than MetLife). Bathrooms A: (large enough for a pro football game, so plenty big enough for a DCI show, and generally clean, though I noted soap dispensers seemed empty) Host Facilities: A (it's an excellent facility for the host corps, which rolled in around 5:30 am and spent the day there. They got floor time; use of the visitor locker rooms for showers and changing; a segregated parking and set-up area inside the gates, as opposed to outside in the main parking lot like everyone else, and a pro-level turf field to rehearse on all day; only real hiccup is that they ordered lunch through the stadium caterers (in part because they also had a few score of high schoolers there for a Music is Cool camp) and the lunch was not there when it was supposed to be, but it came within an hour). Negatives: the inherent sense of emptiness in an 82,500 seat venue, especially at an early season event within only 3 Finalist corps. Cost to the Cadets? No idea. They probably work a package deal with the USBands use of the stadium during Autumn. They would certainly have a greater return at the gate later in the season when a better crowd is more likely to come - a TOC show would be ideal., but they already host Chester, PA during the late season swing.
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    I'm beginning to truly love the Bluecoats show. I feel like I am watching a well choreographed concert. I must give credit for the use of costumes that are not consistent. The fact that no two are the same hides the inconsistent choreography well. I'll go hide in my corner now.
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    Keep it up! You've got this!
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    They only had 1 large pizza each on the trip? Sign me up for the competition
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    That Cadet's percussion score though...
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    PamahoNow, As an historical matter of fact, the 06-30 delta was 2.65. The 07-01 delta should be ignored. There were only 5 judges, not 8, the result of which was that instead of having the normal GE/Visual/Music structure of 40-30-30, a structure of 40-20-40 resulted. I believe the next opportunity for a head-to-head comparison will come in Lisle, IL at the Cavalier's home show. As for the Mesa show, I was there and I would give the edge to SCV >CAV. Re the Cav's encore, I was standing behind the Academy MMs who were lined up on the track a couple of feet from the Cav ensemble and can attest to the energy and emotion generated, particularly when they played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in tribute to Mr. Warren.
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    I haven't seen the show live but I've seen every performance except Mesa online. They are getting a mid show standing ovation for the ballad, which is rare to see.
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    well show dynamics. when they judge out there, they are judging the corps at that show. They aren't judging the corps here. So when you get a larger show with more corps, then ranking and rating can be altered as a judge tries to get everyone in the right place.
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    It’s completely true. While others received a “respect ovation”, here on the west coast, the Cavaliers actually brought the people out of their seats. If GE scores were truly based off of crowd general effect then they would be in the lead. last night people in the seats around me said the Cavaliers had their favorite show. There is no doubt that SCV is amazing and has incredible talent but this show design is not Babylon. It’s not having the appeal that 2018 did.
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    Got to the show late, unfortunately, and missed Spartans, who were excellent in Lawrence. Everyone else gave rousing performances. Have not been a big Bluecoats fan in the past, but that changed last night. Looked and sounded wonderful, and 100% entertainment. Still some visual cleaning necessary, but watch out. Love the rhythm that underlies and propels the show forward. Man, the battery really flies around the field. Cadets getting better. Still need many fixes. Enjoyed both Music City and 7th Regiment much more than in Lawrence. All in all, a very enjoyable show. Congrats to St. Mary’s Cardinals Alumni once again. They always produce a well run show. By the way, even with Boston missing, the stands were packed.
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    Arsenal and Phenom were scheduled to debut in AZ last night, were they there? This week these corps will compete for the first time in 2019: River City Rhythm (7/2), Battalion (7/5), Legends (7/5), Columbians (7/5), and Heat Wave (7/6) Next week: Louisiana Stars (7/8), Southwind (7/8), Shadow (7/12), Guardians (7/13), Week after: Les Stentors (7/17) Good luck to all!
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    Troopers!! What lovely show this season. And an incredibly hot brass section. Those kids can play. While I don't think this excellent design will catapult the corps all the way into Finals, I think the designers have found the corps' wheelhouse moving forward --- gorgeous brass books. That "To the Stars" ballad is BEAUTIFUL, and while I realize it's from a film score and not traditional classical music, I think it would be nice to see Troop take up the mantle of good music on the field. That would would be a nice move forward from their Western identity, which has clearly already happened this year, and would allow them to stay more current. Really love the music and the show overall this season!!
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    Precious Roy: You should smile more. Peyton:
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    Drum Major Peyton Grunzke 📷 PC: Isaac Dennis
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    Dear Lord I think judges know what 2 yards is. You’re always going on about how professional percussion judges are but they can’t figure out two yards? drummers
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